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They said "let's have a war"
Blame it on the other side
People will blame them more
Their real purpose they'll hide

While they keep watching rockets
Blasting at the opposite soil
They will secretly line their pockets
By stealing all of the oil

But they just never will learn
Because there are too many that cry
Watching as the children burn
When it is only innocents that die
Copyright Chris Smith 2014
 Aug 2014 Eliza Jane
 Aug 2014 Eliza Jane
Watching him enjoy something
Something he knows
No matter what it is
Is such an honor
Of the highest degree
The way he glows
Beams and smiles
Knowing every word
I am beyond blessed
To see that side
That no one else gets to
My pride my joy
My best my love
Thank you
For sharing with me
Without using words
 Aug 2014 Eliza Jane
 Aug 2014 Eliza Jane
Oh lord
My loving lord
Aside from you
And the love you provide
I am beyond speechless
Beyond my words
I thank you so passionately
That he is mine
forgive me for my silence
the healing I must do
I do in quiet
(C) Maxwell 2014
 Mar 2014 Eliza Jane
Listening is a complex activity
But I can't help myself
From staring out this window
At the birds, the flowers and trees
Gently being guided by the wind
On a sweetly flavored day
Right on the tip of spring
Pushing the thoughts of winter
Far far away
 Feb 2014 Eliza Jane
In a tomb by the sounding sea
That’s where he waits for me
His lover long lost
Never to be beside again
Moans and wails and shrieks of horror
As that wickedly turning sea
Gracefully and steadily, it regurgitates me
His lover returning
But not quite the same
Gagging and choking and coughing up salt
Slimy skin from the waters embrace
A twisted grin of joy on his face
His out stretched arms
I stand at the shore line
With a glowing smile enticing
Laughing and crying he stumbles forwards
Water logged eyes shining bright
Knowing to him, I’m a glorious sight
Stopping just before my gentle touch
His smile fades as his mind catches up
Why won’t he come closer to me?
Hesitating and questioning his bride before him
His gut screams no but his heart pushes on
A whisper escapes ‘but you were meant to be gone’
I smile graciously as I reach for his hand
‘My sweet love, but I’m here now, follow me’
Holding and locking our fingers together
Turning to face the calmed, silent sea
Swallowing us whole to the depths to be free
In a tomb together, my lover and me
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