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Akhila Jul 2017
I'm happy when I play my keyboard
There is so much that I love
I'm happy when I see you smile
You're the most beautiful boy
I'm happy when I score good marks
My father will be proud
But sometimes I am sad
In those moments
I always come back to you
My dear paper and pen
My poetry is my escape
When I can't breathe and have no one around to hold my hand
I hold my pen
Akhila Jul 2017
I'm exhausted
Of all the things I see
All the dreams in me
All the kinds of people that I meet
I'm exhausted
Of loving alone
This feeling of missing home
The things I do, they don't give me what I need
I'm exhausted
I'm exhausted
And I just want to sleep
I love sleeping.
Akhila Mar 2017
The howling of the vicious wolves makes the night more peaceful somehow,
The chirping of the crickets is music to my ears.
All the lights are switched off,
I always liked the room when dim.
The darkness might not be happy and cheerful as the day,
By it calms my soul and frees me to say what I want to say.
From the heaven above,
To the earth below,
When the blue sky says goodbye,
The black sky says hello.
  Feb 2017 Akhila
Gregory Dun Aer
I want to:
die in a breath,
live in a heartbeat,
chase a sunrise
like the wind
under a butterfly's wing,
smile like the fishes
aren't watching,
hear the cricket croak,
soak in vivid poems,
become lost in the stars,
chase the cars
that I can't afford,
raise the hairs on my neck
from the affection of a kiss,
teach a kid that
heartache is natural,
witness a meteor shower
and its ashes,
hear a pigeon
give a soliloquy
and watch a rose
frozen in mid July.
I want to touch dreams
and dance in nightmares
Too much wishing and waiting,
Too much wishing and wanting.
Akhila Feb 2017
Too close our hearts are,
Too close to breaking.

Too high our dreams are,
Too high to keep us on the ground.

Too far our friends are,
Too far to even call them our friends.

Too cruel our hearts are,
But maybe not too cruel for the world we live in.
Akhila Feb 2017
Maybe this isn't the end of me,
Maybe this is just the beginning.
Maybe a broken heart can be fixed,
Maybe a lost road can take me back home.

Maybe, everything is just another dream.
But maybe, dreams do come true.
Maybe, I'm just a fool who believes it.
But maybe, only fools are the ones who succeed.

The days are short and the nights get longer,
The memories of the past keep me awake.
I look up at the sky and listen to the sounds that say,
That maybe the night sky is brighter than the day,
And maybe tomorrow will be better than yesterday.
I wrote it back in school. Enjoy.
Akhila Feb 2017
I think I'm winning but I realise,
I'm running in the wrong direction.
I've already made too many mistakes,
When will I be right again?
Always running from the truth,
I'm skydiving with no parachute.
An accurate depiction of my life ATM.
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