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Elissa Deauvall Dec 2018
you'll never hold my heart
the way you hold my hand
i'll love you forever anyway
Elissa Deauvall Nov 2018
I want to build
a cardboard castle with you
It won’t last long
but neither will we
Elissa Deauvall Nov 2018
you deserve nothing but the world
you deserve to be in a place
where the only thing you feel is
and support
you deserve to have people in you life
who make you feel like
everything will be okay
you deserve to feel like you can be
the most genuine version of yourself
and not give a ****
about what anyone else thinks
Elissa Deauvall Oct 2018
A picture is worth a thousand words
and a picture can freeze a moment in time.

My pictures do just that.

Because every picture hold the memories
of our late night conversations
our road trips
the days we listened to music too loud
and the days we laughed until our stomachs hurt.

I can't photograph every moment
but I'll take pictures of you taking pictures
every chance I get.
Elissa Deauvall Jul 2018
Cities and people
I have never seen;
I’m in love with them

I want to be touched
By the ocean breeze
And by lovers’ hands

Kiss me, keep me warm
The same as the sun

Under the moonlight
Just wear a smile
Elissa Deauvall May 2018
16 years of a bad relationship with my father.
2 years of agony while my mom was in love with a bad man.
2 years of questioning my sexuality and being in love with my best friend (until we drifted apart and never spoke to each other again).
18 years of trust issues.
Too many years of hating myself.
Despite all of this, I'm learning to love me a little more and fell for another.
Elissa Deauvall Jan 2018
I’m letting go
By letting God
Do what must be done
Because by grace
And through faith
Our words,
And love
Will be for nothing
But the good
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