elise Sep 23

It happened again

And I don't know what to do

Because this time

I can't tell you

I wish I could
But you've told me I can't
elise Sep 9

Should I listen to you
I don't have to
Why should I
You don't really know what's happening
You can't fix it

But neither can I

so maybe i will

maybe i won't
elise Sep 6

I need help
This isn't me
This isn't who I am
Who I want to be
Fix me
Someone show me
What is real
What is fake
Why I live
Who I live for

I need to change
elise Aug 30

I tell them I'm fine
I hope they know I'm not

It's worse than they think
It's harder than you know

But they don't really care
  Aug 29 elise
Caleb Collins

Used, Abused, and Injured
Drink it all away until your words are slurred
Dig a blade into your skin
Until your blood starts to run thin

Shut every emotion off
When someone ask just scoff
Let every insecurity eat you alive
Until you have lost your will to survive

Overthink all little things
Until your chest hurts and stings
Black out in the shower
Pass out like a collapsing tower

Wake up weak and half dead
Where you can’t move like you’re full of lead
Wonder why no one wants you
Think about them as you turn blue

See your vision start to fade
Know your choice was just made
Leave behind the world that hates you
Its grey and white hue

Now you’re dead and there is no going back
All you see is black
Your funeral is held and people do go
People that love you start to show

Your friends from school
Your Family, people you barely knew
Because you thought you were alone
Like you just were sinking like stone

But you pushed people away
People never got you to sway
You never let them stay
Just shut them out of our day

They wanted to help you more than ever
But now they blame themselves.
When they found your body
Everyone bent over on one knee

Because they can’t breathe without you.


People Really Love you
  Aug 28 elise
Denel Kessler

in the dark
compass spinning
wanton wind
howling, wailing
brittle arms
in concert waving
emerald waters
whipped and raging

sky crushed velvet
sequins sewn tight
to the shattered
span of night
a million times
each time as new
with stardust eyes
with gratitude

  Aug 27 elise

you weren't around much
i wasn't worth your time
you left and said we'd stay in touch
but the days we spent together began to decline
you stopped coming around
you didn't even call
but as I got older I found
that my tears weren't worth it at all
you always said you loved me
but we both know that was a lie
you weren't built to raise a family
you didn't really try
your actions spoke louder than your words
which isn't saying much
your actions showed us you were a jerk
considering you left in such a rush
you made it seem like you always put your kids first
when in reality you treated us the worst
i don't really consider you my dad
only because almost every memory I have of you is bad
this is the side of you, that you always hid from me
from now on the only thing I can call you is a deadbeat

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