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Elisa Mar 2017
All it took was a glance
And a single choice in time
A moment that would linger
An emerging paradigm

All it took was a taste
Reality crumbled at my feet
I had never known a drug
To be so bitter and so sweet

All it took was a touch
And I forgot my name
Words dissolved on my toungue
With only you to blame

You left a mark
Like a fossil in my soul
For I'm forever changed
Not broken, but not quite whole
Elisa Mar 2017
Apologies are tricky
Trying to tell if someone's sincere
See, an apology is just words
Unless there's emotions kept someplace near.
Elisa Mar 2017
I lay myself upon the paper,
my bones infused with each line.
My brain splattered upon the page
Drenching the words with my mind.

These stories drip with my blood,
whose rhythm is synced to my heart.
Ink sealed by my kiss.
My soul in the form of art.
Elisa Mar 2017
I don't need more.
They tell me I do.
More likes, more money
more friends too.

Society thinks
I'll be happy then,
More clothes, more shoes
More power, more men.

But more often than not
The more you aquire,
The more you'll realize
The more you desire.
Elisa Mar 2017
What used to make me happy,
Has died and left me here.
What once was always with me,
Is no longer near.

The memory of vibrance,
I saw within his eyes,
Is still in my head
but fades as time flies.

I remember back to when I saw
the smile upon his face.
When the world was in his hands,
Now he's gone without a trace.

The earth claimed him for her own,
Just a body hallowed out
Nothing's left of him now
A memory, a shadow, a doubt.

I too am fading,
Slowly slipping away.
The feeling of letting go,
I do not want to stay.

He paved a path for me,
Easy and clear before my eyes.
I know where it goes,
And in front of me it lies.

How easy it would be,
To take this clear cut route.
I'd follow in his footsteps,
Be a girl all hallowed out.
Elisa Mar 2017
I didn't think
it would be
like this
wandering waiting
pacing and impatiently stating
I'm not supposed to be here.

My hands
stopped trembling
years ago.
from the rest
Its for the best
they say
as they force the pills
down every day
I'm not supposed to be here.

Every word
my inability to conform
Imprisoned physically
for in-dependency
my mind
does not need
hypocritical parasitical
way of thought.
*I'm not supposed to be here.
Elisa Mar 2017
Melting all around you,
Blissfully sinking in.
Past and future forgotten,
And a change occurs within.

The peace of simply being
Existing here and now,
The troubles melt away,
If only you'll allow.
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