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925 Aug 28
The steady decline of the sun on the sand
The blue purple hues of a lonely ocean
The waves constrict and resist
They pull apart everything and bring it
Together again just like that
I'm tired, I tell my mom
I'm tired and I want to go home.
  Aug 27 925
I close my eyes and you’re dancing.
Dizzy girls on a dizzy stage and you’re glowing.
Flesh-colored roses in your pantyhose.

I close my eyes and I see the garden where it happened.
You’re dancing for the worms.
Flower buds and ****** lips.

I open my eyes and I see the club sunbeams.
Where we happened and where it was dizzy.
Flower petals and smeared lipstick.

It blinds me and I can’t see anything at all.
  Aug 27 925
x factor
Touch me here, between the ribs
A little to the left
Up, where my chest rumbles. Mio cardio.
Can you feel it?
The fear I've got, the anxiety that doesn't let me sleep in nights like this one.
Sometimes, when everything is still,
I like to think about the veins that run through my body.
It ain't always a good idea: I like silence and I walk the day looking for it, crawling in search of the oasis that is stillness,
the satiating thing of being alone.
But I'm never completely alone, my body is one of those cities that never sleep.
You don't know what I mean? Do you think they are suicidal thoughts?
Come on
Put it on a general plane, picture the whole picture.
You think you are alone but in reality how alone you can be in a 4x4 room, I don't know you tell me.
Tell me, tell me how you can find peace in the rapid rise of your chest at 3 am when everyone is already sleeping
Tell me how you manage to keep all those words that burst from your half open eyes when the light that keeps your body going, fades.
Tell me why you keep doing that
If you have paper in front of you, if you have a lifetime in front of you.
Tell me why you keep things, why do you do it?
Yes, you think that nobody listens anymore, that people have stopped caring
But thousands of souls on this planet think the same.
Can you imagine if we all sat down to talk sometime?
No one would ever feel alone again.
justif. An experiment.
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