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Eliana Dec 2014
I chose to deny I was running
in a circle - around now
I'll start ignoring the ground

under my feet is red and
still damp enough to preserve
my lone footprints over the many
I brought with me before -

under my feet is full of
bones and broken shields and
furrows like scars in the earth
where my fingers fit perfectly -

under my feet is a number
and it's one, and so am I staring
across too many skulls for one

I walk straightened, slowly and
forward, and I know.
Eliana Nov 2014
I'm just a book
that's been sitting out
too long, now
the shelf's filled up with
unfamiliar hardbacks,
where do I fit?
Eliana Jun 2014
darling, i'm
digging eggshells out
of my soles

with a knife
(it's not as sharp)

and shopping for hobnailed boots
darling, i
wish i was
Eliana May 2014
Two mosquitoes fly buzzingly
around my head with
perpetually aggravating grace.

One of them is you.
The other is an errant
thought, an unwanted
distraction, a piece
of myself.

A mistake in the pattern.
I crush one of them
under my hand.
Eliana May 2014
No thank you,

I don't have time for an existential crisis
today. I recommend trying
tomorrow, perhaps

I may be more amenable, less
upright, more lonely,
less alive,

whatever you find convenient, I am
sure you will have it some
day, but for

now, goodbye.
Written May 18, 2014
Eliana May 2014
Occasionally I manage
to glimpse someone
I can never know

in the odd tilt of
one word or
the reflections on your glasses

and I wonder.
Eliana May 2014
feeling broken is
looking at everything

you wish you could want
to do and realizing

you are not good
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