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 Oct 2016 eli
 Oct 2016 eli
I wouldn't want to do life with anyone else.
 Apr 2016 eli
the amount of overwhelming guilt
that floods my body each day
has me questioning
whether or not
I am well enough
to love somebody
who seems to be too well
for me
 Jan 2016 eli
 Jan 2016 eli
Tattoo the words
I am not good enough
Into my skin
So I will never trick myself
Into thinking otherwise
Because when I think perhaps
I am
My pride falls out of my chest
And drags on the ground
Leaving behind each broken piece
That I'll never be able to find
To put myself
Back together
So please
Save me the embarrassment
Carve the words into my skin yourself
So I won't have to
 Jan 2016 eli
The only one
 Jan 2016 eli
He is the only one who I truly need.
The one whose arms shield and protect me as a castle does a queen.
When I am sad his are the only hands which can wipe away my tears,
And he wields the only smile that can sooth my soul and rid my fears.
His eyes, oh how his beautifully cliche eyes see me. All of me.
It takes a fool to fall in love
And a fool to run from it.

I know one day he'll break my heart
And there'll be nobody to blame.
He'll be worth the pain when we part
And no one else will be the same.
He is the only one.

— The End —