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Latiaaa 5d
Grab my hand tight as we travel the galaxy
Zoned and in-tuned,
But the feeling feels right,
Especially when you’re close.
I met you at this party, and I was irresistibly consumed.  
I want to show you the world you’ve been missing all this time.
I’ll be your tour guide,
Lead you to the depth of what goes on inside 5am on a dark summer night.
It’s a different feeling.
If our worlds collided I wouldn't dare close my eyes,
Latiaaa 6d
You said you'd be home, where are you?

There's warm bread in the oven,
Cooked collard greens on the ***,
Roasted sweet corn and stewed pork meat.
Sweet peas on the side, just how you like it.

I threw in dry wood so that the fireplace stays in heat.


I've waited two whole hours, the candles have burned out. I placed the cheesecake back in the fridge and drunk the last bit of red wine.

Surely, one day, you'll return.
And when you do, there'll be a hot meal waiting for you.
Latiaaa 6d
I weep and told you I always said I was the reflection of you.
God wanted me to breathe the air you breathed.
I cried for us to be together.
Don't do it for our parents, do it for us.
We were here to agree to disagree.
Latiaaa May 15
I'm scared,
but I am giving this a chance.
I'm worried,
but you said not to be this time.
I'm weary,
but you said trust my soul.
And I said it was hard because of my past,
and you said it was hard because of your past too.
I'm overthinking,
but you say to not think so far ahead into something that doesn't exist.
There's a riot in my head,
a riot.
You cool my head down with uplifting words,
I still hear all the negative rioting.
It's not you,
It's me.
The what ifs...
The maybes....
The I don't knows...
Hug me so we can stop this constant,
love routine,
Latiaaa Mar 12
He asked me,
"Has anyone made love to you before"
And from there on,
Internal sensation.
The way he touched me,
Looked at me,
He revived what died inside me long ago.
He was so toxic for me,
But I wanted more.
Behind closed doors,
I was introduced to a new world of intimacy.
That sweet taboo.
We'd risk a lot for our little secret.
Till we meet again.
Latiaaa Mar 11
To the Libra who sparked a bit of happiness in my path.
That person came to me on a spontaneous act.
We connected,
Chopped it up as if we knew each other for years.
We're libras.
We clicked,
Had things in common.
They made me feel good while also fearful.
I knew they weren't mine,
But I couldn't get enough.
I would have my suspicions,
They were outweighed by the bond we formed the more we spent time alone...
Latiaaa Jan 10
~Sometimes I just want to run away with the love of my life.~

Take my hand as we escape the pain and confusion.
I'll listen to you like lyrics to a song.
I put my trust in you.
Your hand on the steering wheel,
the other in mine,
Just kiss me right now as if today was your last.
Kiss me as if this will never last.
The windows are down and I can feel the breeze fly through the night.
You're singing to me,
it makes my, once cold body, warm.
There's a light at the end,
only we can see.
This is the day after forever...
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