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Elena Clair May 2015
I stare at the lips
Belonging to strangers on the train
None of them draw me in
The way that yours do
Elena Clair Aug 2014
Your presence falls on me
Like  heavy rain
On the dry terrain

After months of drought
Causing a mass blooming of colourful emotions
I never thought I would feel again
Elena Clair Jun 2014
She possessed a contagious smile
And peace that the world couldn't comprehend
A pretty collection of sunglasses
And generosity which never ends

She touches souls
Allows us to begin again
Elena Clair May 2014
Your love is like an ocean
It never ends
From the surface, it dazzles
It is wide, but calm
It reflects light and warmth
A frightening and exciting adventure
Which is ever-changing
It is deep, filled with so many mysteries
Yet left for me to discover
It is eternal, from the day the world began
to the day it ends
Just like the ebb and flow
Of the waves

So let your waters inspire me, envelop me
Let me swim deeper into the depths
And learn to find your secret places
And on the day I have to leave this world
Let me drown, content and at peace
In the wonders of your incredible love
Elena Clair May 2014
Today the Singaporean sun shines
Down, to the commuters at the bus stop
Each with unique human storylines
It casts their shadows long, past coffee shops

Through, the window panes of old high-rise flats
And trees: branches, flowers, leaves. Shades shifting
Freely, on abandoned park benches and alley cats
Comfortably, filling forms consistently prancing

Beautifully, as it turns the sky pink
And the urban landscape is coated in gold
Simply, more so, than one would think
From the days of our youth, to the time we grow old
Elena Clair Mar 2014
Sweet child of mine
You break my heart with every word you say
I fall through your careless lines
Deeper into a void, every single day
Dragging me down, every single time
Continuing in your selfish ways
Refusing to acknowledge that we are not 'fine'
I never thought you'd do this to me
Leave me in devastation as you walk away
O, sweet child of mine
to someone who means the world to me, but doesn't feel the same way as I do
Elena Clair Feb 2014
Once I met a girl named heaven
Who contained the saddest words in her pen
And the secrets of the world written
in the lines of her hands

She saw the world through her own bambi eyes
as if the world were something to wonder about
She searched for a beacon of truth and life
And felt the compulsion to sort it all out

She sat in corners and observed
Hoping to blend into the dull walls
But her sweet disposition transcended the patterns
And made itself known to all

I'll never forget those eyes
The notebook of secrets, or that smile
Whenever she leaves, she leaves an impression
Which would linger in my heart for awhile
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