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Feb 15 · 24
the sun.
Eleete j Muir Feb 15
cut off from god as heavens
guard parries the eastern sky
and the nearest star rouses
like a seraphs sword inflaming
the insurrection of men
even to death, the day overwhelming
such divine law and its transgression
against trespass; enlightening sin.

Jan 9 · 61
Time true of ages triumpeth the secrets of faery
With Hazael's ivory tusk espying insight thus even
Solomon was not arrayed like the lily in the field, Eve,
Whose Tears filled the Aryeh Fountain that watered
Iduna's golden apple tree of discord, the source of the gods
Youth and health yet still not death preventing;
Continuance mightier thus we lose what is certain whilst
Seeking that which is uncertain under ye such as
Life and the volitant green silk with men and woman
On the right hand and spirits on the left as if a
Beatific vision were penetrated and the sun in the sky
Become blackened by the Rukh bird and like a lion
Satan stalks the saints, likeness in our echoing for the
Fairest in love and war for the matrimony of
Heaven and Hell.

Eleete J Muir
Nov 2020 · 141
Eleete j Muir Nov 2020

Aug 2020 · 79
Eleete j Muir Aug 2020
The eventide chimericalness of
The gad word of life's confutation
Cutting the gordian knot
Knowing one's onions depending
The lassitude of pusillanimous
Eminence grises harvesting
Monkhood disenchantingly
From jumbie dragon teeth
Disbodying corrival federacies
Of the lout Annunaki's japery
To raise cain dolorously at the
Gate of Heaven quibbling with
The un-named angel
Impelling the memory of nature
Kist of whistles.

Apr 2020 · 106
Soul Mates
Eleete j Muir Apr 2020
I will meet with you beyond
The colour of this world
Where reality sits between
The light and the dark
When we are but spectres
And our hearts dimension concludes
All we ever thought we were
Or imagined ourselves to be
At a time that nothing will matter
And we won't mind
Travelling the ether wholly found
Within all the reasons finally lost.

Nov 2019 · 102
Crossing The Threshold
Eleete j Muir Nov 2019
Celebrate my death non-dolorously
On the day of my graduation when
It is my hour to act as the supernal
Trumpet sounds a single blast and
Thus the scourge of the day of darkness
Smites me where the power of darkness rules;
That day the dread fortuitous event shall come
To pass- the punishment of a fateful day
When I will whistle in the eventide
As the church ***** plays and the
Dew of my unnamed Angels tears settle
On the Lady's mantle where there is but knowing
And not knowing, understanding and lack
Of understanding at Janus' gate to know the
Divinity which is within, that you may know the
Divine One, of which your soul is a ray.
Ah life! what such a conquest; a Cadmean victory
To only darken the room and draw the curtains
Too swear by almighty God and meet supreme
Immortality within the hereafter, his natural
Milieu where but on that day none will punish
As he will punish, nor will any bind
With chains like his to keep it dark.

Sep 2019 · 123
Azazel's Sermon
Eleete j Muir Sep 2019
"A Heavenly exile exists until Light returns unbroken to its source. There is no Light without Darkness, and no Darkness without Light. At every step we take there are worlds upon worlds before us, every journey has a secret destination of which the traveller is unaware; right work and diligence will bring out the hidden reward. Never seek to imitate the spiritual path of another. Forgetfulness is exile, remembrance is redemption fore true knowledge comes from the heart; see oneself with all your heart, with both your impulses seek peace within. Have you a scripture that promises you whatever you choose, and having died once shall die no more. That you shall have what you yourselves ordain''.
Spake the invisible fallen angel, the ruler of those who give that gain by giving, whose appearance would **** most with fright.
"With Song we can open the gates of Heaven, cleaving to God-
Here I am, I am present and just as the celestial stream flows on forever without ceasing, so must one see that his own river and spring shall not cease in the world and that a prayer without devotion is not prayer''.
Continued, Eblis the jinnee, with a breath of awareness upon the tip of a flaming xipoid tongue. The same of which he was made and used also to question the Almighty Maker, having before the fall asked,
''Me thou hast created of smokeless fire, And shall I reverence a creature made of dust?''.
But of this most men have no knowledge and a curse that is causeless does not alight with devil's luck or diabolism's sortilege no matter what one wishes.

Aug 2019 · 256
Anima mundi
Eleete j Muir Aug 2019
An enamoring dowsabel at Ib's eve
Zion proclaiming 'hosanna'
A peri lifting the anathematization off
The recusant hand of the eternal by
Dinn of God; within a whirligig of death
Rearing the abscence of perfection,
The misforgiving serpent fangs,
The Herald star. The father of lies
Circumscribed: a Dybbuk
By a ghostly tear, the revealer of truth
Upon the brilliance of the inner most
Flame in the mist of the fire entering
The ecosphere subsistent as a profession
Of the faith; to work out ones
Salvation clothed in pain, to console
A mourning soul within the sovereign
Lady to know thyself.
Life a flame of fortune!

Aug 2019 · 120
Dies Non
Eleete j Muir Aug 2019
All thought must be offered up as a sacrifice
The sacrifice of the human will, but after this
The judgement as it is appointed unto men
Once to die as the hue and cry of Rhadamanthus
gavel falls netherwards fore death is the epitome
Of sins penalty; the epitome of sins liability is
Therefore the holy wrath of the First Cause,
Dispensing the empyreal quiddity of eternities
Wisdom as into the fire all things are cast due
To the hardness of the featherless bi-peds nescient
Hearts on that most ancient battle field where
Free-will and Destinies depravity bewrays the
Impenitent categorical imperative that all truth
Is worshipful and the wind blows where it listeth
Since by man came the mire of death, by man also
The resurrection of the dead; and the weights
Of life and the measures of death, (the general
revelation), under the karmic laws for which All
Are to have to pay in time to come are vinadicatory
Of God, the author of all things, whose drink for
The good of all beings is always compassion thus
Serving only to render men without excuse as
Either Elysium or Sheol await, because man
Does not cease to exist in the land of silence
As the region of darkness it is not non-existence;
But it is not life when both life and death
Concern the whole man to lift up thy heart.

Jul 2019 · 725
Joi de Vivre
Eleete j Muir Jul 2019
A great gift is awareness
and the first man, himself as a collective unity,
a principal, the lord and master of the Earth
And woman, as a symbolic image of
man's mother and companion,
everything that is fruitful and formative
were driven from the garden lest they
eat from the tree of life and live forever
And so all paramount woes of humanity began
Yet the sky blue like an angels robe
enlightening the world as well as mankind's
liberty born of the psyche is key
to the mystery of the intuitive mind
and all and any trials can be endured from the
viewpoint of instincts pursuit...
for the knowledge of good and evil befell
from that mistaken fruit
that begot freewill
and expelled the pair from Eden.

Jun 2019 · 128
The Venom Is In The Tail
Eleete j Muir Jun 2019
The plenipotentiary Three Sisters
Urbanities upwelling fate
Never ending, still beginning
Never done but ever ongoing
Like the Web of Penelope;
Succouring the leftmost invulnerable
Vanguardist, Seirizzim, hermeneutically
Succinct sowing the longitudinal
Herald wind of talaria auguring
Newly the rogatory long finger
Of cephalomancy reaping
Harmatiology's whirlwind-
Word for word and letter for letter.

Feb 2019 · 169
It Is What It Is
Eleete j Muir Feb 2019
In Heaven and throughout Hell
there are no secrets on Earth
And the truth exists omnipotent
in the moment and once a moment
has occurred it shall forever exist
In time eternal.

Jan 2019 · 603
Deity Love In A Mist.
Eleete j Muir Jan 2019
The two muliebrity cater-cousin chalices of
Devil in a Bush and Love in a Puzzle;
Down there and Down below,
To keep the wolf from the door of a draconian code!
The heavenly twins on the pull to
Say ditto each losing one's heart to a
Love that dare not speak its name of
Passion and Desire drinking Pheobe's philtre-
Weltering the bride cake of the Middle
Gardens connubial consanguinity.

Oct 2018 · 358
Eleete j Muir Oct 2018
O' Poetry,
Or is it words instead I should pose the question toward?,
Perhaps it is just me! Maybe I myself am the answer!
O' Poetry,
Expression unfathomable, consuming my every thought,
Harrowing linguistically the vexed argument I implore...
O' Poetry,
Without rhyme or reason I struggle to write
My inspiration, my insight, insecure;
The pages remaining white and those feint lines

Aug 2018 · 168
Eleete j Muir Aug 2018
The dead never rest there is no sleep on the other side
That is a ****** function just like breathing and eating
Beyond the veil they watch us, they scream, they devour
Each and one another to be heard by us and understood by
Themselves yearning for what we have that they have lost
To be felt and in this mortal world man is an angel
That can also be a demon, yet the living know no such
Things of horror nor torment for to monsters their
Exists no such thing as God and Heaven and Hell are both
Becoming of our world if only we could reach the abyss,
Climb the stairs, find the door.
Oh how many souls will it take?
Oh how many lives must be lost?
Before the threshold cries foul and the
Fires and the flood beckons eternity and we are relinquished.

Aug 2018 · 119
Eleete j Muir Aug 2018
Momentarily we all are
As none is upon the
Spheric frozen cogs of time;
Now trow thou understanding
And ***** infinite conception,
Wishing, supernal creature-
Thrice fallen, expunging
Salvations scars deeper
Than the eternal hurt
Redeeming Gods altar;
The eventual solatium
Of oscillate lucifuguos death
Declaring defeat bearing the
Cross of extension for life's
End will never reveal
Peace to lost souls.

Jul 2018 · 2.1k
Eleete j Muir Jul 2018
An eye for the Mother
An eye for the Abba
The eye for thy self
body soul
spirit mind
wrath what does
seek what thee do
an eye for an eye
a tooth for the truth
respect whofore thou art
sheep for sinners
lambs for saints
religion for all
gods shut the gates
until love is the one
and death can never be won
Running a race
escaping fate
destiny is a trial
Gaia will disgrace
home is the ground
sky high we fall
to hell and back
a misus event
doomed creation
the virus will
will try and prevent
salvation prosperity
life is key
each to their own
for you and ME....

May 2018 · 4.0k
The Lake
Eleete j Muir May 2018
Health department signs litter the grass areas,
"Do not make contact with the water;
Swimming forbidden".
Less than twenty years ago I learnt to swim here
And fish too, once i even drowned!
Sometimes my friends and I would
Catch Eels then sell them
To the local Chinese restaurant.
I treasure those memories of my childhood.

This fresh water lake surrounded
By trees taller than buildings
My beautiful haven from the city, hidden
Between main roads and highways
that only the locals know.

Sitting on sandstone rocks
I see my reflection amongst the lily pads.
Beyond the depths an entanglement of
Roots, seaweed and *******.
Natural mandalas made by tadpoles
Ripple across the murky brown surface
Whilst a rather large water dragon
Sun bakes on the riverbank
And ducks glide by reminding me
Of the canoes we used to capsize
And I appreciate how simple life
Used to be.

This poem was written back in September 2003
May 2018 · 279
Eleete j Muir May 2018
today i was better than
better than who you will be tomorrow
yesterday we were nobodies that ever met
today i told you the truth
yesterday the truth did not exist
tomorrow it could possibly be true
but today i was better than
better than who you will be tomorrow
today i spoke the truth
tomorrow you will tell everybody i lied
yesterday never existed
i am nobody
we all want to be somebody
but the truth to you is a lie
maybe a lie is just something we have never lived
maybe a lie is something we have gone through
but can never truthfully tell
maybe yesterday is the only reason we are who we are today
perhaps tomorrow can awaken us from our own nightmares
to find to find us who we are
perhaps today is the only day we have not to exist
perhaps today is the only day we have to live
perhaps we deny our own realities because the truth is too great
or maybe our lies to powerful
today i was better than you
better than you will be tomorrow
maybe yesterday was all we had
and tomorrow we die
and then we realize we never were
anybody something anything
but our truths and our lies
rolled into the day and the life of
our nothingness
today i was better than
better than the world ever knew
and more than you ever accepted
Mar 2018 · 486
Blind Love
Eleete j Muir Mar 2018
I looked upon love once
but love did not see me
I cried out her name
I do believe she heard me
but love did not turn in my
favor instead she looked
past me through me
without a second glance
love did not see me
she did not know what
she was hearing
so I listened for loves
soft call
yet love did not reply
I looked upon love once
but love did not see me
I cried out her name
I do believe she heard me
but methinks perhaps
my cry was deafening
so I watched love and waited
waited for love to recognize
my voice although myself
having never heard loves soft
whisper did not know proper
the song to sing
I looked upon love once
she was gracious and kind
she held sway the beauty I
admired and endeared to
call my own yet I was not love
she was love love was hers alone
to this day still I wait for her
I wait for the echo of my shrill heart
to be received however I am afraid
I looked upon love once
but love had no wish like mine
to love for love did not turn in my
favor instead she looked
past me through me
as I must have been
her opposite hate
I cried out to love once
only to have it be in vain
and now the blood in both
our veins is tainted
with the hurt of lust
Oh how love was not meant
to ever be my own.

Feb 2018 · 289
Carnal Wish.
Eleete j Muir Feb 2018
Come! O' love! Come here!
Hug the shore; make assurance
Doubly sure, yield to temptation,
The cockles of one's heart;
Come near! As luck would have it
To point a moral and adorn a tale.

Come! O' love! Come here!
Rush-head foremost to
Work the oracle and feather ones
Nest to take will for deed;
Come near! on the tip-toe of expectation
To sit on a pedestal the flower of the flock
And swear by all the saints of the calendar.

Come! O' love! Come here!
And call heaven to witness
Bring home to bear out and
Have a tender heart
yielding as wax;
Come near! To court the flow
Of soul and hunt in couples.

Come! O' love! Come here!
Stop clipping the Queens English
And hang upon the lips of the
Wind and weather permitting
A ready pen, to ones heart content.

Come near! Come across!
Fall in with! O' love
Come! Come here!
Bright as noonday to
Ventilate a question of
The meanest capacity
O' love! Come near!

Jan 2018 · 324
Ashen Life Span
Eleete j Muir Jan 2018
The periapt otiose stone helotage that the tactiturn builders
Rejected at Golgotha, bode the heart of Heaven has now
Become the corner-stone henting the regal worm of worms
With temerity of the spire of spires; And they look ignominious
Upon the necromancer that they pierced testifying a vision of
Living beings, a saviour, an insuperable scorned man,
The maxim of kings, the miracle man of blood and water
Invidiously feeling despised crying out loud;
''Eloi, Eloi, Lema Sabachthani'',
Whom the ill-starred crucified and divided purloin his robes
At the rolling of dice. Yet still God raised from death much alike
The Nazarene himself had disintered Lazarus, resurrecting after
Four days his friend buried at Bethany; alike too Tabitha
Which (Simon), Peter, presented before the widows and believers
commanding alive in the name of the Almighty Holy Lord
From the clutches of the darkened Sun, clinging to the
Dark side of the moon within a star-less sky
Annointed the way to the Father.

Dec 2017 · 353
Scotchescent Plutonium
Eleete j Muir Dec 2017
Repetend gerent war ashes
Laspe humanity plume the
White heat lyre of Benu and
Sin actuates titonomachia quarrelling
Over the actinic lymph mother, Gaia
Succumbing unto the familiar solstice
Of Pandora's box wist' nights
Ricketiness randan morn' curtail
The nebulous clouds of lauded occidere
Homeric laughter to stick in ones gizzard
Sans the wraith brazen head to steal
A march upon forty feeding like one
On the vegetable lamb of Tartary
Ridding annulment.

Dec 2017 · 310
Eleete j Muir Dec 2017
Alive and kicking, to walk the Earth
At the eleventh hour; already, yet,
At length, at last, the body politic
Coming as events cast their shadows before
Destinies illume myrtle lectionary as
Moribund as Erebus to consign the odour
Of sanctity; the sword of the spirit,- non est
To remove the curtain of dissolution thread
And thrum the ***** that gives quietus like
Clockwork to all mortality, rank and file
Ne plus ultra; purviewing avast the lief ebb
Parousia of the dickens sombrous soli upon
The Stygian shore of Thanatos, whom none but
Himself could parallel and therby hangs twice
A tale told pure and simple, to come into the world,
Root and branch, fore and aft:-
The Sheydim-Tantz; written economical
With five-wits, ad finem by the kalamos Gallows
On this side of the grave to shut the door
Upon eternity shorn of its midnight
Dark beams of truth.

Eleete j Muir Dec 2017
It is true, without falsehood, and most certain.
2. What is below is like that which is above; and what is above is like that which is below: to accomplish the miracle of one thing.
3. As all things were formed from one, by the thought of one, so all things are born from this one thing, by choice.
4. Its father is the sun, Its mother the moon, the wind carries it in its belly, Its nurse is the Earth.
5. It is the author of all perfection through-out the world.
6. The power is strong when changed into Earth.
7. Seperate the Earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, gently and with care.
8. Ascend from the Earth to Heaven, and descend again to Earth, to unite the power of the higher and lower things; thus you will obtain the glory of the whole world, and the shadows will leave you.
9. This has more strength than strength itself, for it overcomes all subtle things and penetrates every solid.
10. Thus the world was framed.
11. Hence proceed wonders, which means are here.
12. Therefore I am Hermes Trismegistus, Having the three parts of world philosophy.
13. That which I had to say of the operation of the sun is perfected.

''Spiritual Alchemy''
Dec 2017 · 146
Eleete j Muir Dec 2017
Gods expectorant unfrocking priests
Heavens elixir epitomising the broken lamp of truth
Purging the liasing humours of bane angels
Enlightening deaths harbinger conjuring berevity
Under colour of nothingness as shadows birth
Unabated yonder the gate of unfoldenment
Billowing illuminous damnation as
Black as thunder unforetold expelling
Transgressions red-letter day, conquested
Deciduously in the teeth of the wind
Extinguishing hand over fist corrupt valedictorianism
Delving hell for levity eluding the copious
Breaking butterflies on the wheel
Of righteousness conspiring as sure as
God made little apples to show
The vale cloven hoof woe betide
The tope of man friday
Dec 2017 · 415
Cloven Meadows ( G.O.A.T )
Eleete j Muir Dec 2017
As the parch eternal light
Waves logue stolid homage
After death to exhort a ubiquitous warrigal
Inherit yet to suckle sole
Fickle penury lightening squares terse
Malcontent eugenics dragoon, limitless
To depose upon clouds of fire the mammoth
Patrician lynchpin heard to glower farther
Sovereignty; spate renascence soliloquies ravage
And winkle out Almathea to give
Deus sentence weoponry
Nov 2017 · 182
Armegeddon, the last.
Eleete j Muir Nov 2017
rodomontade homoiousian majeure;
force projet necissitously
sportiveness chagrin Mahdi
zing dighted away
and night become day
blackness apocalyptic
and hell itself went to heaven
God back home
Jul 2017 · 295
Eleete j Muir Jul 2017
Do we fall
Before they grow old or
Were ever even born to be felled?
The stock still Tellurian laud
In mode of passion
Specific not yet pacific;
Or are we pushed? whilst
Love is left to rot and the
Vast xoanon pap unmanifest
To cede within the catacombs
Cooking carrots and peas in the same ***
Like a Hymn of Ascent
As you cannot shake hands with
A clenched fist or Angels breath
Upon purities ruination,-
Hells favourite fable
A fairy-tale admist humanity
A nursery rhyme at will
Memorized by demons
Of the helved simony
Forsakenly told of
The souls nexus and an
Enchanted book writ in heaven
Owned by God.

Jun 2017 · 423
Kaleidoscopic Thole
Eleete j Muir Jun 2017
God made the country,
Unbeknowst to hope are we all as
Great oaks from little acorns grow;
So many countries gilt,
So many cultures, alack
unblemished feathers of eternal service
Scabbard in sheaths quilling Gods glossary
And man made the town, pilgrimiges and suffrages;
A foredoomed geniture of the Evil Ones chaology
Hewn to bell the cat.
The worst of Heavens vengeful justice is not
Always rightous as in faithfullnesses eschewal.
The Heirophants pen a tolling knell
Without any hope; least said
Heaven twice, soon mended-
As words in mode of passion are
Material manifestations and
Manners make the man whilst the
Hand that rocks the cradle cannot
Put brains into statues; but,
Yet, rule the bilge when the
Angels doxology enunciates war on
The world as the Devil espies all
And God ensconces but the few!

Nov 2016 · 523
Eleete j Muir Nov 2016
Love subdues, time subsides
Every lover knows the
Nights alone they cried
Hearts beat, love is the melody of song;
People everywhere doing others wrong.
A mans fist, A woman's courage, a babies cry
We live this life until we die.
Loves subdues, time subsides
Every person knows the
Truth to their lies
Hearts beat, love is the melody of song;
People everywhere trying to live right
Suffering together this human plight.

Aug 2016 · 365
Eleete j Muir Aug 2016
Loyalty Dies with Dishonesty and that is the Truth! Cruel World O the Pain Everyone Suffers till they Dead!! Secrets Cry upon our pillows and the Dogs Dig their beds- Horses Heads!!! Broken Promises, Empty Dreams, Friendship Screams it is Over and Lovers Separate; Nothing is More= True to Oneself, the Door Closes... Shattered Trust we turn to Dust whilst the Ashes Kindle and People Cease to mingle.

Aug 2016 · 798
The Poets Dream
Eleete j Muir Aug 2016
As I sit and stare at paper pen in hand
I dream and yearn to write something people understand
Listening, awaiting the voice of a reader
fame echoes; beckons even upon the spoken word-
Yet money does not come without notoriety
And words, words, they are all I have.
Friendships lost; family deceased
They do not know this mind of mine
They do not appreciate poetry
They do not love me as and like I have promised to love you...
As I sit here typing onto the blank white screen
My eyes filter the light and the shadows,
Of everything I have ever seen.
Music is poetry's best friend
And I am dancing; the world is dancing
whilst our favourite stars sing
My words shake the dance floor...
Dreaming of an awakening consciousness is a phantom-
Dream poetry, scream if you must
Let the people hear
Let the people feel
Make the people think and
Let the world know;
Let the world know,
Of one persons dream of becoming a poet.

May 2016 · 377
Freedoms Attainment
Eleete j Muir May 2016
Meteors compared to falling stars,
the fire flung by pacific angels
against evil spirits when they
approach creation and
annihilation covered by smoke
to near the gates of Heaven;
The casuistic piffle of laughter
and fears the mussiness of
demons detached  from
Gods creation according
to their newly venal
violent nature; devotees
for material benefit.
The enjoyers of sacrifice,
the renaissance passion
of faithfullness- the highest
occupational work as chosen
souls of the book of faith
made of eternity are
drawn like water from a well;
verities senescence,  fidelities
essence of everything
troth superior to renunciation
via hermetic knowledge and
sense control onus of
life's attachment.

May 2016 · 584
Lucifer's Angel Oil
Eleete j Muir May 2016
The dissolution of days
Acquiring the malison of knowledge
Mollifying the darksome house
of mortal clay supprest in
The rack of night,
The punishment of the
tree of prohibition
Commissioned from up high,
Beer-barrel dust the souls alms!
Whilst the Maker'****** mourn
In earnest whom he
Hast vanquished as the
Seraphic Hymn, Heaven's
sacred song hews
the blue-blankets ingress
Before the gates of the
irrefrangibility of faith;
Agaze, an angeliferous black-job-
Edifications beatific vision
Held in the nest of Abraham's *****
peeling the bells of heaven
ricocheting throughout Hell
nigh the lands of time.

Apr 2016 · 502
Honours of War
Eleete j Muir Apr 2016
The ambiguity of death
biting at scars, etched
from swooshing bullets
blurring past remembrance.
Swallowing pain, long forgotten
in the passim of distant lands-
holding relentless men
cutting at peace's attire;
sealing wounds with
letters like bandages
warring memories of
the gentlemen's song;
gulping tears, shed of blood
fearing never to be home.
Lost in the forgiving arms
of a brothers hope and
a tender woman's dream,
but babes in the abyss,
poppies of the field!

Jan 2016 · 308
Eleete j Muir Jan 2016
There was never a care
people entered and exited
I liked being alone
until I met you
you yes you
I was to busy for love
and other such nonsense
sure there was fun to be had
and time to waste
I however was preoccupied
it just wasn't something to concern myself with
until I looked into your eyes
and fell under your spell
you know the one that
made me feel like something was missing...
and since that day something has been missing
a part of myself the part of myself
that only a lover could know
the part of myself that I saw reflected in your smile
now I pretend not to have a care
and the door which people entered and exited via is locked
I still like being alone even if now it is
so I can dream of what I wish we were
it keeps me busy now you know this nonsense
but what more can I do
I guess you feel much about love now
how I did that day we first met
and it breaks my heart
your silence screams at me
and all I really know is
I am never going to be the same again
and love love like I originally believed
only belongs in fairy-tales!

Sep 2015 · 379
Eleete j Muir Sep 2015
I slipped beneath the depths of your eyes,
Drowning in the ocean of my soul;
My heart shivered in the shadow of your aura,
My mind corrupted by inappropriate thoughts
I loved at first sight. I do not know how to swim!
Breathless unable to conjure a word
You neglected my silence without a care
And ever since you've been resuscitating me in my dreams.

Jun 2015 · 629
Eleete j Muir Jun 2015
Harrowing the supernal race
Imbrueing  young immortality
Rudimentary of stellular law.
The clouded recall of
Induced pandemonium
Readying twilights
Blanketed just eloquence;
Music, verse, philosophy
O' yes writing-
Shush melodies,
The inkless lyrical
Of didactic study;
The amaranthine autylosis
Of times soul, Gods tears
Dreams peace as the
Wings of the devil silence
The ethereal winds.

Jun 2015 · 552
Edens' Horcrux.
Eleete j Muir Jun 2015
Within the fires are the spirits
The gong upon our anvil
As such arms can only be made in Heaven.

Of various persons each known to his part
Distinct are the Poet and the Dreamer
And so I was Gods ape,
Piety so chaste
I hold it half a sin
Entering the cold broken world
Thus Adam lamented to himself aloud.

"No coward soul is mine
What will come at last too soon
For honour bit-wize travels
Unwinking on this fair ship 'Life'".

But there was resistance involved
The swift blazing flag of regiment
As bare as a birds tail
To make a clean breast
The iron entered my soul.

I pray you
The earthly bribble-brabble
A veil for the glory of Angels
Lest evil tidings to utter
To turn and face them
And see ones self
Not to be lost but by the makers hand.

Jan 2015 · 821
The Sabbath Melody
Eleete j Muir Jan 2015
The driven accent of
The orison which
Suffering seraphim cajole
Yields to time and
Time is period
Till judgement breaks
And those lyrics remit
A weeping invocation of
Eternities requiem
Fore all beauty is a
Mirage to sordid souls
And graces respite is
Found in paradise;
O' death- the master juror
Resounding the short-shrift of
Heavens immortal scripture
Amidst earthly violence
Singing humanities
Everlasting hymn.

Jan 2015 · 749
A Line A Dozen
Eleete j Muir Jan 2015
In dark tempestuous night
One that held acquaintance with the stars
And the waxing gibbuos moon
Alone with good angels
On the wide landscape
But to scribble poetry
Beneath the wide heaven
And mend my rhyme
Upon the surface of the universal earth
In the deep wide seed of misery
As in that trance of wonderous thought I lay,
Will it come with a blessing or a curse?
After so many deaths I live and write
Till that divine idea takes a shrine
Go! write your lovely sketches
From dull oblivion
The restlessness of pain,
Eighteen lines! A statement of life-
Hush! Fail I alone in words and deeds
What does it all mean poet?
The verses, the ciphers and twiddlings
Thou art tired; best be still
Ah! the sacred silence of a blank untarnished page
And the requiem of the wordsmiths pen.
Am I but a sad name?

Jan 2015 · 578
Beelzebub's Paradise
Eleete j Muir Jan 2015
Pennated souls conform themselves
By gesture unto the penitent crack of doom,
Truths sombrous tintinnabular dissolution
Like to it; crossing the rubicon
Entering the sanctum sanctorum of Mors.
The wraith gerant priest of the
Higher world weighing trammelled
Empty bottles with the funereal
Sword of Damocles, gilding
Thread and thrum eternities moribund lily.
The hollow glass of mortality
Destinies lake of fire;
First purging the dickens dead men,
Living creatures on the wrong tack
Tarred with the same brush
To an igneous second death
Pent to illume the myrtle charnel house
Of the devils bones.

Sep 2014 · 2.0k
Judica Sunday
Eleete j Muir Sep 2014
The stellular supernal of
Translation exalting the
Absurdist rudimentary
Vale of tears; the place
Death was born blanketed
In twilight's eternal
Oblivion, breaking
The propitiative law
of Medes and Persians
From time out of mind,
'Whom the Gods love die young';
The amaranthine race to
Drink from the retentionist
Cup filled by Medea's ichor
Imbrued kettle readying for
The harrowing of Hell.

Eleete J Muir.
Aug 2014 · 680
Eleete j Muir Aug 2014
In sleep I dream, illusions of being awake
From the first moment to the last, of their plot.
Of it being perfect to it becoming perfection;
Eden in its own serenity- chaos,
Eden in its own confusion- bliss.
Anger clouded by love,
Passion pervaded with bitterness;
The fruitfulness of creation, their desire to destroy.
Pandemonium throughout millenniums,
The reckoning of reason throughout the centuries.
Sifting through thoughts, riding the zephyr of forgotten memories.
The taste of oceanic air, induces thee
The scent of roses upon thy skin reduces me!
The autylosis of flesh in the wilderness,
An arbituar, a crematorium- my garden.
Eden all decaying; seen, smelt and felt
Yet I still recall
Remembering fields of Asphodels
And a dream of a flower that too long ago was our ancient emblem,
Somewhere inside I am touched by this flower
And my relentless dream to feel again, what was
Before the death of Heaven.
Heaven before the conflagration; Heaven before the stench,
A Heaven of basking in fields.
Yet I am null and void of what is,
Null and void of emotion and what was
As that Heaven still subsides in me.
Elysium, the beautiful abode of the after world
Elysium with fields of sepulchre,
A Heaven of sceptre carrying angels
A recollection of a deadly nightmare
A recollection of a Heaven with Asphodel's;
The Heaven that once existed
A Heaven of which I do dream;
The Heaven of which I originally inhabited,
The Elysium in which Heaven and Hell co-existed

Eleete J Muir 1998
Mar 2014 · 644
Sweet Dreams
Eleete j Muir Mar 2014
Betwixt the crest
Of midnight and
Prime, the sopped
Tears of St. Lawrence
Fire like Cupid's arrows
Breaking deftly upon
The declivity of
Flamberge's wave
Sparking first things
First, purviewing a
A few things besides
Loves agony as Eos
Razes the unconcerned
Thurible of dawn like
A ghoulish sacring bell.

Eleete J Muir
Feb 2014 · 662
The Funeral Of Dawn
Eleete j Muir Feb 2014
Benign baleful dreams
pervading sense awaken arousal,
destructive in fruitful essence
of times eternal ocean of silence;
a majestic magnitude of heavens legions
felled as stars blossom like roses
in the night sky.
Amorous passion playing
with shadows; climbing
the stairs of heavens turmoil
like a ladder descending upon
a vast forest of emotions,
the angelic spirit of deception;
swarming like maggots untoward
the sulpherous adamantine
gates of a new order,
dropping like flies unto
the volcanic ash of chaos.
Efficacious mezmerisation
comprising invunerable exaltation,
numinous effacement
corrupting the truth of
unimaginable fear,
torterous pity bore by
innocense; lost denouncing
their creator.
Succumbing, a subdued debauch
ambassador of hope;
proscribed as the moon replaces the sun,
defiant; belief vanquished-
desire unrequited.

Feb 2014 · 1.8k
Crematory Conveyance.
Eleete j Muir Feb 2014
Naught the mages
Elm yellows plough
feigning eternities
dream of man;
the cradle of time
the realm of night,
Scathing Hekates
piacular restitution
heralded papally
upon Seven Hills
cradling  Hades
tau cross-roads;
Eliciting with the iron
seminal sickle,
gifting the servants
of the servants of God
and slaves of slaves alike;
dismembering the boughs
of war- elsewhere,
Building broken bridges
Carving the lullabies
of humanity grafting
a sprig of Yggdrasil.

Jan 2014 · 858
Attainted Diffidence.
Eleete j Muir Jan 2014
The brimstone quorum of
Salvationism a dying paragon :
Jettison of the Holy Cities
Amiable concordance in
Harness of attic faith salving
Creations apostasy,
Sealing Hells predestine fate,
Witnessing Sins forfeitable
Baptismal omni-shambles
Clandestine of punic Earths
Calvalcade beliefs; moving
Adamantine Heaven Godwards
And humanity froward
Evolutionarily bona-fide
Of credo.

Jan 2014 · 808
Eleete j Muir Jan 2014
To think we are our own worst enemies!
satan unto self; individual natures!,
that would die unto each other-
the living matter of annihilation?
casting extinction alternate to exsistance,
parallel of duality.
Perverse animals, the ultimatum of creatures!...
subject beings, suckling
on eternities infinity!.

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