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ts Feb 22
(do you still miss me?)
my heart hurts and i want to be there for you
melt your troubles with my arms around your waist
i don't think you'd want me to try
(more than i should)
you still have my whole heart, just not the way we'd planned
ts Feb 21
your name has power
and you know it, but you dont realize its yours
correct them without thought or humiliation
dont let them modify it to fit their tongue
it hurts but it will feel so much better
the pronunciation of my name was the first trust issue i remember having
ts Feb 19
an angel gave me his eyes and it ruined me
baby blue, with a sugary smile
attentive and excited
made me miss his hands
but he was no more an angel than you
his skin stretched thin over anger and assumption
so why were his eyes so sweet?
ts Feb 19
sprawled on the bed, laughing into the dark
with every beat, my heart lifts me off the sheets
the back of my skull is rotting from where you touched it
teeth still knocked out of place from where they melted with yours
ts Feb 19
you have my heart, and i
i have the memory of your summer-sweet smile
cooling on my lips
ts May 2018
some of the softest glows:
fairy lights
the moon at exactly 11:32pm
radio lights on the car dashboard in the dark
skin after a facemask
the lettering on the goodnight texts you send back
you, when you laugh
ts May 2018
eyes closed, head tipped in favor of the sky
a smile on his face to parallel icarus,
the angel that was not meant to be
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