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Eleanor B Jul 2017
1 word.
7 letters.
7 underrated letters.
7 deadly letters.
Without any early alert.

'Goodbye' is a word i hate.
It's final.
Without any going back.
'Goodbye' can never be good.
You, 6 feet under the ground can never be good.
Eleanor B Jun 2017
It is raining right now.
And i am reminded by all of our moments in the rain and  how we always forgot to bring umbrellas and we would freeze in some abandoned place for hours, laughing.
And after 3 months, since... the incident happened..
I think of you and i smile.
Eleanor B May 2017
I saw you today,
And i hugged you,
And for a minute
Eleanor B Apr 2017
Depression is a contagious disease.
            Once it finished you,
    it came to me.
Eleanor B Apr 2017
How did we become ...this?

Eleanor B Mar 2017
I picture you,
     Going to the bathroom,
You locked the door,
     *Took a blade,

Deciding there is no way back.
All i can see is red,
And your empty face,
       That only yesterday
                   was full with grace.

I can hear the screams
         Of your parents,
My own scream,
    When they told me that
You are gone.
I can hear the voices in your head.
I want it to stop.
I want to stop crying.
I want to stop crying.
I want to stop crying.
I want to stop replaying all these moments in my head,
Again and
And again.*
Please stop this movie!
Stop it.. stop it!
Please! ,
Before i, on my own will break.
I miss you.
I want you to come back.
Please come back.

I need you.
To my friend.
  Mar 2017 Eleanor B
always anxious
You ask me, what anorexia is like.

It's like slipping or twisting your ancle without anyone seeing, no one to help you up.
You sit until someone comes by, they help you up, but after a while you slip again.
This time your sitting in mud and slowly sinking into it.
And when you're two feet into that hole, a person comes by and tries to help you since your anvle is hurt.
But you're afraid they'll fall too so you ask them to leave.
You start to crawl out and finally get up, but slip again.
You fall down in that hole again, and this time you beoke your entire leg.
It starts raining and the hole grows deeper.
It's 5 feet deep now.
One of your well known friends comes by and tries to help you, but ends up throwing you a shovel.
But actually you start to like your hole, you take contact to people, who also fell into a hole.
There are sites on the internet, some shows how to get the deepesr mist perfect hole.
Other shows how to get up.
But you're sad, and you like your hole, so you try to get that deepesr one.
You want to win this, you wanna show everyone who called you weak that you can get the deepest hole in the world.
But when you're 20 feet under ground, and everyone starts to notice your hole.
Everyone is willing to help you.
And suddenly you have 20 shovels, and 20 stairs.
But you can't decide wich one is better.
*That's what being anorexic is like
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