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Feb 2014 · 338
Loving wrong.
Eldavinn Feb 2014
Like this, not like that.
You're too soon and my too soon sort of look alike,
especially when you tilt your head at 45 degrees to the left.

Only roads traveled are truly seen,
but I didn't get my yellow fever shot.

There is something different, in your eye.

These are the things I protect my heart from.
The fear, the pain and hurt of loving wrong.
written from deep within the friend-zone.
Feb 2014 · 786
Little sad man
Eldavinn Feb 2014
I'm just a little sad man,
sitting in the corner looking obscure.
There's something you like but,
you're not really sure.

Focused on nothing and everything at the same time.
Asking at a drink all night,
for a something special,
with lime.

I'm just a little sad man,
sitting on my own.
Don't bother yourself with conversation,
I'd rather be alone.

I'm just a little sad man,
nothing here to see.
I'll forget your name tomorrow,
and then you'll be mad at me.
don't think twice
don't wish,
don' might,
my destiny is coming
even if it is a long long time after tonight.
Feb 2014 · 2.3k
Two smitten love birds
Eldavinn Feb 2014
and she said.
You look like a man that I once wanted to know.
You gave me your heart and I gifted my soul.
But both of us know,
That was a long time ago.

So many things could have been different
You’d be a mother and I’d have children.
What is more than a world we didn’t know
As two smitten love birds a long time ago.

we were young.
And less things called for attention as much as love.
But now I’m old.
And you’re all grown.
And we’re no longer two smitten lovebirds,
not anymore.

— The End —