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Elana Galen Aug 25
If you think you have her all figured out,
then think again

Her eyes hold their universe of secrets,
and mystery is her friend

She may seem completely harmless
but she can break your heart in two

She shines brighter than all of the sunsets
but she can be worse than a rainy mood

She is a keeper,
but she has never been kept

People always leave her,
but she never once left

There are times when she can
barely hold herself together

But believe me when I say
you'll never find someone else like her

To my best friend
Elana Galen Aug 18
I didn't ask to be born this way so why do you
blame me for my existence?

Every day I put on a smile but the pain will
never continue to lessen
Tell me what it takes for me to become
worthy of your attention

Overthinking has become a habit of
hoping for your affection
Don't place the blame on me for my mind
is my biggest enemy

Every night this merry-go-round of thoughts
are killing me softly
Elana Galen Aug 17
If only rainbows could
appear without the rain,
If only happiness could
be achieved without the pain

If only moments could
always last forever,
If only time would
allow us to be together

If only I had locked my
heart and thrown the key
If only you had stayed
away and ignored me

If only I was dumb
enough to stay
If only you were patient
enough to wait

If only I didn't fall
in love with you
If only you didn't say
"I loved you too."

If only. . .
For you.
Elana Galen Aug 16
I have accepted it a long time ago
I am different and it will always show

Every time I try to fix this mess
Blood will always be spilled in the process

Other kids are smiling so easily
But speaking is already an obstacle for me

They ask me why I'm always quiet
If you were me, wouldn't you also be silent?

I grew up coping with this alone
Talking has been easier over the phone

You won't really understand what I'm saying
If seeing red wasn't your daily thing

Hunching over the sink for hours is ruthless
Wondering if I will ever make any progress

It became so bad that I dread eating my meals
If I continue to pray, will I still be able to heal?
. . .
Elana Galen Aug 15
Hanggang kailan ko nga ba sisisihin ang sarili?
Hanggang kailan ko babalikan ang mga sandali?
Ang mga sandaling hindi ko na mararanasan muli
Dahil sa isang pagkakamali

Ang pagkamaling nagmahal kahit bawal pa
Pinilit kontrolin ang sarili ngunit sa emosyon ay nadala
Ngayon sino ang matatawag nating 'tanga'?
Napakatanga dahil sa huli, nasaktan pa kita

Pasensya na sapagkat hindi ko sinasadya na ika'y masaktan
Nangako sa'yo ngunit sa huli, ako pala ang mang-iiwan
Sana'y bato nalang ako para wala nakong maramdaman
Hanggang ngayon, ikaw parin ang laman ng puso't isipan

Lagi kong pinagdadasal na sana ikaw ay mainam
Kahit ano mang sabihin ng iba, wala akong pakialam
Tanging hiling ko lang na mabuti ang iyong pakiramdam
Salamat dahil ikaw ang naging munting kasiyahan. . .

Mahal, paalam.
Elana Galen Aug 15
Your eyes are too bright to be
crying every night

Your smile is too sweet to be
turned upside down after a fight

Your mind is too smart to be
putting up with his lies

Your laugh is too charming to be
rained down by dark skies

Your worth is not defined by every
mistake you make

Your feelings will always be valid
whatever anyone may say

You are far stronger than what your
mind claims you to be

You are a secret garden with an
undeniable beauty
Don't stay in a situation where you aren't being treated according to your worth, learn to let go and let yourself bloom :)

— The End —