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Apr 2019 · 399
As I check the evenness of my afro in the reflections of storefront windows while walking by
Smiling about whether the eyes watching
Are scared of where blackness has been
I am proud
Apr 2019 · 305
I decided to do a race today
Nobody finished
Apr 2019 · 436
nibbling her neck
The space I am creating for her
The self I want to give to her
When she wants it
The space I want her to have to grow
To be her best self with me
When she is with me
The stars crumble into topaz crystals
Butterflies blast out of (Latin name for coccoon)
diamond antennae no mercy for the birds
Slicing every edible chance
nibbling her neck and the thin golden chains
Down the inside of her neck
Down into the depth of possibilities
I don’t want to control something with this much power
It would wear me out
Lose myself and she loses herself
Nothing left but the selfish self
Enforced on us after leaving the comfort behind
Those first lips we went through
out of the womb
out of the lips of ******’s sighs and yells
Out of the vaginal lips into the world
no going back now severed
Hearts resonate from anywhere
Even though this space seems in between
I appreciate her focus on what she is doing
It is a **** space that is happening
Reserve builds up the power of the heart

The reserve is the quality of life
My perspective on life
Is the background of the fires I have made
violence itself is like killing the dead
The jazz I come from is steroids for the soul
Communication is invincible !
Exorcising whiteness
Going through years of my poetry for a publisher
I almost called the police on myself for being too black
Every time I write a poem
I think the world is going to end right before I finish it
Is this healthy
Understanding how much power you have harnessed
from being so close to death so many times
I asked death to dance
On the shiny crowded dance floor
We got down all night
I was trying to make eye contact
As she was telling me about herself
But I couldn’t help thinking
Does she know there are people
Investing in the most efficient ways
To get rid of us
Definitely me and my brutal black mind
I nodded still
Apr 2019 · 316
exorcism of colonialism
Every time I write a poem
I think the world is going to end right before I finish it
Is this healthy?!
Apr 2019 · 2.7k
Violet Revolt
She accidentally looked back into eternity and it is telling her things. Constantly questioning whether it could have been on purpose. She wishes it had told her about the day that she went missing for too long. She is still missing. Missing so many things that happen and those as close as possible. She is missing them too.

She existed to be this close to missing everyone forever. Everyone missing her forever. Missing her orange kisses and purple thoughts. He left messages in blue in her thoughts. To see if it could make a shady spot in the bright yellow sun.  This is where they would sit and possibly lay down. There were so many shimmering waves in the grass that loose clothing rippled. Her dress was waving to clouds being emptied by the sunshine.

If they were to lay in bent grass blades could it be the last time. The last time the blades bent back and the feeling of beauty penetrating hearts couldn’t let go. The last thing they could ever want. No turning back. Time is bending the blanket.

Time decided to take some space to itself. To get back to nature and living with things we cannot stop. Life kept being left in the street with holes made in it by fear and hatred that is white. Life kept being told by whiteness that is was not real.

In this space that time took to itself the institution of white needed to become colorful like rainbows and hadn’t documented in its constitution that it needs to become different shapes and sounds that may be hard for it to resonate with while investing in such militant social systems of oppression overflowed from slavery in order to become a space other than time allows for a short duration yet brutally eternal and ending now as today unfolds and life proves it is real as time rips it apart openly and its institution of white judges itself into the panic of being so insensitive that vengeance has no other shapes, colors or sounds to choose other than violet revolt.

Violet made handprints in clay as a small child while reserving words for family that were taken from her. She smiled into the abyss of pleading that is too late for forgiveness. A silence of the white institution that could no longer be a burden in space for time to want anything to do with it ever again. Violet was intimate with the space that time took to itself. She nourished it with colors, intelligence, senses, shapes, love, merciless unforgiving power and purple thoughts were always encouraged.

Violet’s orange kisses burned into the early morning making the institution of whiteness a kind of blue. All that was left of it was confused and squinting at the colors of its new shape. It was demanding to know how long the spell had been on them and what to do now. Violent explained in senses and climate changing shapes of darkness and bright red lava and flashing pink clouds that there is no now.

part 2

I hope you like my shape of communication. I hope you can appreciate the brutality of the beauty in decomposing the unnecessary manifestation of apocalypse. The writer wants you to know its him. The narrator wants you to know its her. The sentence is time taking space to itself. Grammar is more of a blue than purple. The shape is the sense of confusion which is also the ****** of realizing eternity. The details are up to your imagination not mine or the author or writer or {[(black/white)[(black women/white women) + during slavery and after] + (Americans) (to make the *** trade of slavery possible) (political intellectually engineered institution)] [(mixed race) (native)(black African) (the rest of the world not isolating themselves in the social construction of whiteness)]} = having to create my own language because I don’t exist like I need to in the institution of whiteness (I have to feel it more than it feels me) that has a completely different meaning and purpose of imagined structure or patterns or symbols that outnumbers mathematics that are statistical boundaries invested in with the language that power is behind it somewhere that can only be found by using it.

Its uncomfortable for me to write the things I feel without feeling the need to prove their value to you. To build a relationship and undo it before we get to comfortable with each other. I know that you will never forget this during all your desperate imagination of reading and life. A thread that is undeniable through shapes colors and sounds but grammarless rhythm with more sensual texture than colonial organization and its friend decolonization making love instead of war most of the time.

So this again is why time has taken space to itself. The shapes of objectification in our solar system layering our consciousness with objectifying existence in space unimaginably vast and then gone all of the sudden. Actually assumptions are our specialty so we are intimate with them and emotive beyond anything real.

Vibrations sound like waves and look like shapes. She surfed on the shape of waves. She lives on the shape of waves balancing them with focus and intent. Of course she is going to use the most obscene language of the oppressor to react and demand the same brutal trauma is being redirected by her with exponential adaptivity as aggressively as colonialism on the institution of whiteness that changes little details of its shape to suit its foundation as the need for free labor based on her skin color and also the genes of her skin color to by association allow enslavement of light skin hims.  

Section 3

The flowers sat at the drum set to communicate spring. Some felt uncomfortable and decided to advocate for the drums.

“The drums are symbolic not just the symbols. Why should the symbols get the credit as being symbolic?”

As a gesture of listening, acceptance, and understanding. Guns turned to hyacinth flowers with jasmine bullets. The fragrance took violence over with a brutal ferociousness no one knew flowers had.

That same sunny day I became 6 shades darker in the growing power of the sun. That morning the same perspectives of my identity changed twice. In the morning the institution of whiteness (IOW) declared a false sense of solidarity with how I looked to them. That evening they ignored me like that never happened. They were squinting with confusion and nodding at each other.

The IOW was making a habit out of black identity. Settling with the concept that being black is having holes from their police and being silenced on streets or in the passenger seats of cars with their families. The IOW was making it a custom to advertise being black as dying.

A Rwandan orchid blossomed right at that moment. The IOW abruptly spit out their coffee and stood up together in disbelief. The sheer unexpected beauty became an unbearable pressure on their hearts.

The heart? Since this Orchid blossomed the shape of the IOS did not allow anyone but themselves to have a heart. This realization that the others had hearts was a serious need for a group huddle.

“These others with hearts we must assimilate with them as soon as possible!”

It might have been the deep fragrance of hyacinth and Jasmine, she thought aloud, or maybe the purple thoughts, but then again Violet played a huge part in paving the way for the blossoming Orchid. Cushioned by bent grass blades and a timeless blanket they intertwined in the shade of the bright yellow sun.
Apr 2019 · 214
Rwandan Orchid
Rwandan orchid
I will not let reality
Take over my positive imagination
In all seriousness
Logic and peace
We must rebel
Against our own desires
Of manufactured comfort
With smiles
Budding sweet tears
Affirmative genocide
Apathetic anonymous
Apr 2019 · 131
eye contact dance
Keep reading this poem
Stay focused and you will be okay
Safe from possible eye contact
With a possible assumption
Of the meaning of your eyes
A misinterpretation
Plotting momentum
surrounded by loving militant apathy
Possible beginning of interactions
Leading to heartbreak
Conversations lost to the ether
Removed from the immortality
Of the poem
Come join us
at the international
Writer’s opposite of a retreat
Where we convene to write
in the places that have the least amount of peace
On the front lines of genocide
At home and abroad
Exposing through writing
The urgency of our work

our message to the complacent retreat
Join us as we forever
For all to see
Unravel imperialism contest
Protect the innocent  from unnecessary suffering
With paper pens cell phones I pads computers
no entry fee needed
Three awards for the best poetry
Non fiction and fiction
first and last prize is life and a future
Apr 2019 · 78
aristocratic nightmare
my message is not as easily dismissed
Minimized and catagorized
Like the stereo type of black profanity
Black music rap hip hop
I refuse to be isolated and sent off to the prison
Of white elitism trickled down into poor white persons
Pure White Island boasting made up origins
Aristocratic dream
Having only an absolute ending
My words come from light skin
The honors class war on insides of white institution
My words come from within the confines
The razor wire fences of whiteness
beyond premeditated
Pre-infiltrated always looking for the harshest
Most efficient
Most direct ways to declare
Unflinchingly whipped and slaughtered and *****
in any order
domesticated international doom
I find myself constantly surprised
By the reserve and compassion of criticizing whiteness
Even in weapon yielding
Mild and peaceful by comparison
Black think tanks beyond slave based Ivy League colleges
Centralized Africa dissolving the black made white efficient
To sustain slavery
Or the after effects genocide on bravery
those depths of imperialism
where outsourcing of labor massacres
Starves and destroys humanity
All of the sudden
With enough funding to make whiteness
By design
language history engineering sociology philosophy business
To make American whiteness the underdog
Not enslaved like blackness has been
Not the priority without its historical purity
Not the reason for existence
Or the beneficiary of human harvest
Malevolent adventure story that captured
The imagination and focus of leisure
Taking advantage of poor light skinned ethnicities
white American Feminist
in a sweatshop with women making her clothing
Apr 2019 · 56
Next time you say you are white

become the fascist
Forcing ethnicity into a clean slate
Don’t hold back
Even one bit
No common cure
For this mental illness
So **** it
Miseducate youth
Imprison the sick
With diminished resources
Redistribute wealth
Stay out of the sun
Unless vacationing wildly
Don’t let your parents
Or your ancestors
Mix their ethnicities
Make a white brick wall
In your mind
When we try to get in
Drag you out into
The black reality
Black Death
Not the intellectual
Not objectified kind
Not the white body
constitutional agreement
Empty beauty for the indulgence of lust
Insisted on emptied ethnicity
deported hero forgotten
A new race to find those words
The combinations that tip apathy over
Spill it over undercover white fascists
Drowning in empathy
Desperate to change immediately
Apr 2019 · 139
White fragility
**** the fragility of whiteness
I’m investing in the power of everything else
Ethnicity never sleeps
When my skin is light
I have to find other ways
To make white peoples uncomfortable
Apr 2019 · 75
God is decolonization
God is decomposition
God has never been
Never will be White
God is not a social construction
God is anti imperialism
God is by any means necessary
God infiltrated whiteness
Apr 2019 · 190
Making up
She loves her reflection
In my eyes
She loves the way I risk
She loves my investment
In revolution
She loves my resistance
Irresistible to her
She loves organic intelligence
My stories made up
And real as making up
Can be
She loves me
Feb 2019 · 144
So I fell in love
Talking bout race politics
Minority acceptance
My parent had consensual ***
Black and white
Your dilemma doesn’t exist to me
It is me
But being born
Is different than your understanding
Of race war and genocide
No matter how smiley
The words
Or how silencing bombs
Shaking the ground apart
Killing me
Diagnosing exclusivitys
Since Revolution begun
As if this human reunion
Is all of the sudden peaceful
So I fell in love with you
Feb 2019 · 165
I love my disjointed blackness
Torn from roots
Manipulated stereotyped
Proud like Africans in Africa
Interbred pillage *****
Beauty on a white template
Scared and overwhelmed
Charging through founders of genocide
The struggle is feeling
Dope cool radical
Normalized heroism
Feb 2019 · 116
Skier racerisms
What it’s like to be mixed snowboard
In all my angst
I just want to ask snow cats
To bring me up
The practice
I could not afford
Auto correct knows
I’m not white like
Genocidal perception
Percentage of gravity
Skier races of racism
It’s getting used to organic intelligence
Filling message quick
Don’t fail humanity
Feb 2019 · 171
Searching for words to write
Is purity
Traveling light years
In and out of
Then they smash through
Your eyes
Into infinity
Your logic gives up
And surrender
is no longer just a game
It is for real this time
Feb 2019 · 128
Bibliography bullies
From domesticated genocide
Judicial branches
Standing dead wood
Burning keep warm
Social justice intoxicated
Fleeting eye contact
Sugar ******
Eye contact in liquor stores
Touch starved
While smothered by bodies
Fleeting what is common
Preaching domesticated genocide
Through word of mouth
Autographed accounting
Bibliography bully
Of desperate
Domesticated genocide
Plagiarized status quo
Extensions of corruption
Woven web
Insecticide companies
Invest in domesticated genocide
Deep ecology grinding its gears
Intensifying it’s failure
The side business
Oil and gasoline
Highly flammable
Like minds longing
For the names of betrayal
Where it lives all over imperialism
Social mediums psychic
Feb 2019 · 92
Gluten free
I don’t know how
She makes me feel this way
All buttery melting
Through the holes
Of my toasted sourdough
Licking my fingers
******* my face clean
Faceless ecstasy
In between
her body and emotions
Hiding from escape
Feb 2019 · 100
Nervous system
the destruction of reality
So be gentle
your communication
Feb 2019 · 125
Making love to the snow
Slippery moist
Edgy smooth bottomed
Voluptuous mounds
Jumping sending
Curvy curves
High speed
Adrenaline funkies
Feb 2019 · 122
Dear natives
Dear natives
Please come back to your land
I have seen through
The genocidal construction
Of whiteness
Into this world we are born
I am soaked with forgiveness
Dripping gratitude tears of joy
In all struggle to become human
I have found you
Howling in the night
Surrounding me
Guiding ancestors
Visions in my sleep
Awakening to relentless
The harm of many alone I can undo
Healing you is healing me
Dec 2018 · 148
Cards for humanity
Cards for humanity
Go stare at your screen
While people starve
Telling children of the right age
Santa wasn’t actually white
he was black and native
Grow excess food for each other
“Give all land back to natives
Stop pretending you are the ****
Cause you have light skin
And can call yourself white”
Tweets mixed race trump
Ignorant means cowardly
Watch more people **** each other
Over resources for indulgence
Bark ferociously at a pet on a leash
Eat dog food on YouTube
Super imagine if starving people got the money in food
That are making there goods
Spoof super size me
For a couple weeks maybe
You should never not know how to produce your food
You should know fire
Society changes like fire
Not like politics
Or statistics
Composed by intellectual agreements
Inclusive to a few
Organic decomposition
Unravels fierce
Friction fire
Moments like these are special
The force necessary to maintain
Must be spontaneous
Public and proud
Dec 2018 · 180
Loose materials
All it takes us one glimpse
Of resistance
To take all focus away
Dec 2018 · 105
You want to look good
While colonialism
Shakes it’s fist
Shakes it’s tail
The coolest colonist
High five take a shot
Blended to the top
Feel good colonial *******
Leaving humanity behind
Stylish like fathomless
Surprising non stop
Never predicted
Happy new year
Old old ****** up colonists
You will feel it
In the end
Then destroy it all
Dec 2018 · 155
The last moment
At the last moment
In between
Absolute indulgence
And Acknowledging
irreversible mistakes
by means of this mistake
Referred to as Purpose
That is accidentally short sighted
Confidence radiates
In the last moments
They demand
We forget where we are
Lavish who we are with
With apathetic love
Who is it to show?
At the last moment
To feel what it is like
To be a human
On purpose  
Thorough and forever
Without relentless fear
Doubt or guilt
To ravage the earth
Proudly mistaken
Possibly covered
In the blood of apathy
Helping to finally
Fully let go
Form of artificial intelligence
Organic decomposition
At the last moment
It’s worst ever
Making a violent comeback
In the name of peace
Like it could ever put us back together again
Without chains and cages
Without lying about who we are
At the last moment
Without ocean and ships
Indulging in vengeance
At the last moment
Only seeing betrayal
Dec 2018 · 100
Because the snow is soft
The heart is thinking
The flakes are shimmering
The sound of worry muffled
Doubt is quiet
The heart is silently beating
Stylish stalagmites
Decomposition sleeps
To create space
For momentum
To thrive
Dec 2018 · 115
God is a native
God is a native
Obsessed with decomposition
Pressure experiences
United States of being
What beliefs
Does decomposition
Hold true
Does an innocent smile
Still exist
Dec 2018 · 111
I have light skin
I was merely trying
To relate
When in Rome
When in white
I know I’m pretending
Taking advantage
Of suffering
Do you?
Militant accumulation
My father
stayed away from
Others to bleed
Fingers guitar
Instead of trigger
Grammy nominee
My family slaughtered
Education to forget
Where children came from
Missionary positions
****** innocence
Human dignity
Transgender mixed race foreigner
Dec 2018 · 130
The natives knew
how to only ****
certain things
Now everyone
is going to ****
each other
this is metaphor
And literal
Dec 2018 · 93
Baggy genes
I have light skin in the winter
But I’m blacker than the worst stereotypes still
I stare blankly for too long at dark skinned people
Hoping they will question me
I stare at light skinned people
Who might call themselves white
Hoping they feel uncomfortable
About this black soul
Staring at them
There’s the answer we were missing
We weren’t just kissing
It was more than that
So we took over the world
Then gave it black
Dec 2018 · 85
When I was finally free
Of the fangs of white supremacy
I would not have chose
To blend in fumbling inside
Artificial intelligence
Confidence in dissociation
Momentous flesh
I would have found the natives
Free from liberty to keep
The abuse of our private parts
In legally privacy
Licking lips of lust of liberty
*** trading liberty
I would have thrived happily
Blissful with natives
Holding humanity down in freedom
Underground Railroad
Pockets of freedom
Slicing through the blood thirst
I would have never mated
With the illusion of innocence
Hidden in the hell
Of white supremacy
I would have kept the dignity
Of organic intelligence
Breathing on fire
If you touch your own heart
The answers are inside
too much of
which Ivy league school
politician did this
places to travel to
what is urgent
how much vengeance
has accumulated
what happens when desperation
combines with intelligence
how much time to indulge in cowardice
before evolution retakes its course
the most important new field of study
why militance is unsustainable
against exponential vengeance
the convergence of domestic
and international vengeance
The prestigious institute of
Imperialism and the culture of vengeance
how the **** is sustainability possible
after attempting genocide
of the people who knew the land
and stealing people from other places
to create the worst
identity crises ever imagined
Nov 2018 · 118
Hypodecent hypocrite
White extinction
As gentle as genocide allows
These words to mate
With your mind
Slipping through moist eyes
Organic soul
please pause rejection
It is possible to go extinct
Without taking humanity
Into a consensus
Started in 1790
Stripping ethnicities club
Hypodecent hypocrites
Impossible to be inclusive
Hell on earth
White flag surrender
Absence of color please reflect
Humans are color
All of them
Vengeance asks gently
One last time
To mate with your mind
A fairy tale of apocalypse
The world cannot sustain
Modified cruise ships
Enslaving extinct whiteness
Caucasus imagined
Rebuilding native Africa
Asian orders power
Central African bank
Gentle regenocide
Leading humanity
Away from extinction
Gentle genocide is not sacred
Nov 2018 · 194
Intricate failure
The intricate ways
That humans dissociate
From nativity
The harder it becomes
To give it back
To ourselves and them
The endless sound of mosquitoes
Draining me
The pressure
The journey
The adventure
Of becoming
Begging for forgiveness
Sorry I have been gone
For so long
Nov 2018 · 183
The shape of experience
if you do not put 
equal force and pressure
on the surroundings
the world around you
It will get inside of you
it will force you to do what it wants
if you can exert more force and pressure
than the world can on you 
you can do with it what you want
Nov 2018 · 95
I need to be enough
As is
Overwhelmingly enough
I won’t be the society of genocide
I won’t dissociate from humanity
I won’t fall in love
Inside of genocide
I will not smile within genocide
Play in it and laugh with you
I do not enjoy the sounds it makes
I know how to restore us
I know how to destroy
While having fun and being free
I love Beauty but it is in me
Letting go
Before reincarnation turns me down
Nov 2018 · 90
since blackness was stolen

all of it influences are not influences

they were stolen

the sound and the smile

the dimples and the smirk

the organic intelligence

that burned racism to the ground

its families and it property

its confidence shattered

whiteness gives in

as the president is killed

by the the ghost of the real

first black president

before the states united to fail
Nov 2018 · 173
When in genocide
Nature is lavishing
Toxicity spoils to death
When In genocide
A Cafe for studying genocide
On point solutions
For a failing society
A non profit
Indigenous revolution
From all of earth
Nov 2018 · 110
Happiness is furious
Happiness is furious
With how it’s represented
Competition of dissociative
Laughing smiles
Rubbing it in
Lavishing leisure
afforded from genocide
Small talk and celebrate
Coercive society
Happiness is furious
That we can find beauty
In its destruction
That we throw so much
Away into decomposition
While starvation decomposes
While we compose synthesize
Ourselves to act normal
Radical structure of intimacy
On a genocidal basement
Happiness is furiously
Unraveling corruption
Nov 2018 · 82
Tick tock
My life crumbled back into time
For this experience
How many senses can I handle at once
Keeping ahead of objectified intelligence
A wave consuming
I saw it break

I love the questions she asks
With her unquestionable beauty
Nov 2018 · 70
You mean to tell me this happened
And this is what people are doing?
Native on the loose
Brutality in identifying with nativity
Ethnic frustration
How to make it contagious
Nov 2018 · 54
The distance of
It’s terrifying that I could
Listen to you forever
Without making a sound
Not another breathe
The distance of
How loudness possible
We are
Sound of genocide
Stomachs are for the weak
**** that
I am too deep for your shallow
Nov 2018 · 107
It’s important to make up words
Like life or death
Colonial spelling
Grammar sounds
Slave punk rock
Didn’t want me to write this
Is genocide
Artificial intelligence
Is genocide
Nov 2018 · 68
Creatureless habit
You are your best audience
You are your only audience
Stay creative
Creatureless habit
No seriousness
Can touch your laughter
Listen beautiful difference
Private ledge
To jump from
No bottom to land
Become used wisely
Our thoughts
Given to make
I’m in love
Nov 2018 · 72
Fuck you genocide
******* genocide
Brutal I’m more than you
Strewn across
Choices bare
Ugliness crackle
Wood burning
Fire glows
Soul yearning
Mountains grow
Nov 2018 · 129
Oct 2018 · 132
nativity of God
because I have a love affair with trees
the risk is intimate
each one standing
I remember
each chunk
each piece I remember
I feel
the dust in my eyes burning
the razor sharp chain
spinning in my hands
I push them where I want them to go
they are forgiving because its me
they love me and I love them
I do it for them
They are my master
the ground
their roots make me take action
to relish in their lifetimes
longer than mine
It is for the natives
these trees they would have had cut
for a long time
so I intimately interact with these trees
so that I may replenish
what was taken
and restore what evolution
organic intelligence is
how long did you think
you could keep us dissociating
the nativity of God
Oct 2018 · 120
catch me alive
never catch me alive
in so many ways
I have tried to lose my old selves
to leave them behind
shedding skin
I’ve tried to get it ****** up
leave it behind
on the dance floor
I’ve tried secretly
pawing off
my old selves
to innocent bystanders
with the lost night
it comes back in my sleep
in my dreams
it says I am still here
nice try
you’ll never catch me alive
regenerative self destruction
shows up again
old self
like everything is cool
of course I laugh and snuggle it
like familiar fire
I saw you conspiring
with my old selves
against me new
so I got rid of you too
never catch me alive
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