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Elah Naldo Dec 2018
it's ironic how love is a fleeble thing yet it feels so heavy when it comes to you. i love you in sighs heaving out on my lips. i love you in glances i take when you're out the door. i love you as i swallow lumps that form in my throat. i love you the most in the smallest gestures of your actions, when you absently thread your fingers between your hair, when your tongue ran over from one corner of your lips to the other, when you squint your eyes when you read details in small font. i love you silently. i love you with distance i will never know how to minimize. i love you in ways in which you don't pay attention, in moments when your thoughts wander as you stare into an empty space. maybe that's why even though you're close, you're still so far away because i keep saying that i love you in inaudible whispers until they form a love letter in the back of my mind, hoping you could read it someday.
Elah Naldo Apr 2017
sunkissed skin and vibrant skies,
warm season was always the same
but when i met those summer dazed eyes,
i knew that trouble just came

he had lips that kissed wetter than the ocean
he had arms like waves that swallowed me
he filled my summer with cuddly flirtations
he filled thousands of sunflowers within me

but just like how summer came to an end,
he left and autumn arrived with tears to shed
and just like how abandoned flowers would be,
they slowly died inside together with me

that summer was more than fifty shades of love
but all turned into an endless waves of misery
just wishing upon the tangerine sky above
that tides will bring him back to me
an entry to a summer themed poem writing competition
Elah Naldo Apr 2016
to the window
to the wall
to my heart
where you belong
for belinda? yea i think. :/
Elah Naldo Apr 2016
a thousand years has passed
yet i am still
madly and hopelessly
in love with you

a thousand years has passed
i lost everything and nothing have left
but you remained in my heart
just like a tattoo

a thousand years has passed
and you've died happily with genuine smile
while i've died all alone
loving you
Elah Naldo Apr 2016
don’t you think it’s crazy,
how perfect I think you are?
with flaws and failures that define you,
you’re still my beautiful bizarre.

and don’t you think it’s insane,
how I fall in love with you even more?
when you’re the reason to my madly tears,
and my heart that eventually tore.
Elah Naldo Apr 2016
mourning and crying
over the past
for the memories that vanished
and time that has passed

wanting to satisfy the crave
for the broken promises that i broke
for the wasted time that i wasted
for the chances that i lost
*darling, it’s just hard to start again

— The End —