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ISHA Feb 14
“Does it depress you to know how alone you really are“
It does, it really does.
ISHA Jan 17
They say I give to much, and take too little.
I don’t see it that way.
I want love so I give love and yes expect it in return.
But no matter how hard I’ve tried, I’m
always left behind.
Chasing paper,plastic, and silicone.

I’ll still wait for love, even if it never comes.
I don’t deserve picture perfect.

I want your flaws and your struggles too.
To them your worthless, to me you want less, which means your worth it.
I’m not obsessed just lonely.
  Dec 2018 ISHA
September Rose
A little box
Without a key
You hold an air
Of mystery
To sit and glare
Right up there
Flashing red in front of me

I am the one who fills it
And I fill it with myself
No one would guess what's in you
Sitting up atop my shelf

I have thought of your discovery
The pros
And all the cons
But looking at my history
All candidates are wrong

So I suppose you'll stay a secret
I'll keep you to myself
Painted red,
Flashing dread
Little box on my shelf
Please forget you saw this
Yall feel free to tell me why you guys all like this poem so much. Curious
  Nov 2018 ISHA
Nobody listens to what I say, nobody wants to help. I can't even sit here for fear of silence and pray. I want to cry and want to scream but I can't. I cut again and again but still I don't feel the same. Make this pain go away, all the anger just let it swirl and flame. I don't know what to do with myself, I have no fame no friends no wealth. I'm alone and nobody can save me. Nobody. Nobody can take away this pain, nobody can take away this anger. I'm alone and nobody cares. If I died nobody would care. Nobody. Just like im. A nobody
  Oct 2018 ISHA
Nina Nguyen
Some days I am invisible
Some days I am seen
Some days my friends don’t notice me
And some days they are mean

Some days people look at me
When I say something weird
Some days they don’t listen
And some days they don’t hear

Some days people judge me
On everything I wear
Some days they don’t look
Because they don’t even care

Some days people say
That I need mental help
But I bet that they won’t stress
After I’ve killed myself
So if you’ve noticed that I’ve been writing a lot of suicidal poems lately, don’t worry. They are not about me and I don’t personally feel those things. But I have many friends that do so I write these poems to try and understand what their thought process is. I am completely fine.
ISHA Sep 2018
I'm tired and nobody sees that I'm trying here.
But I dont know how to help myself
No body taught me that. Nobody thought to I guess.

I've accepted that no one cares, and no one ever will.
I come here when times are rough. And I'm sorry.
I come to pour those tears I've been holding for years. And I'm sorry.
You've seen blood, and felt pain. And I'm sorry.
I stand here to scream my apologies. Because even If you cant see me, I know you can hear me.
I'm sorry.
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