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Elle Harris Sep 25
Whether you’ve been faithful or not
Won’t change the ambition I’ve got.
I don’t care that you cheated on me.
It doesn’t change who I will be.

I’ll dry my eyes and pick up my shoulders.
I’ll walk with my head high as you hold her.
I won’t let you stop me from what I’ll do.
I didn’t **** up. That was you.

I’ll reach my goal. I’ll be a writer.
In case you forgot, I’m a fighter.
Your biggest mistake was thinking you’re needed.
You tried to break me, but you haven’t succeeded.
The post-breakup mope is over. The bad ***** is back.
Elle Harris Aug 2
This place is not a home; It is merely a house
In which my lions’ heart has the voice of a small mouse
This isn’t four walls, a warm bed, and a fireplace
It’s cold chains that bind me and bitterly laugh in my face
I could leave a home, though I wouldn’t want to
But I’m trapped in this house, with no doors to walk through

There’s a single window, but it’s too high
And, though I can’t reach it, I jump and I try
My fingers skim the ledge, but I can’t get a grip
And as I fall, I see my freedom slip
Brought to you by another anxiety attack
Elle Harris Jul 1
I’m terrified to admit I love you because I fear you won’t feel the same
But you call me “my love” more than you call me my own name
I’m scared that when our hands touch you dont feel anything more
But I’ve felt your heart race as you whispered I’m all you could ask for
I’m afraid I’ll open up to you and you’ll think im too much to handle
But you’ve already trusted me enough to tell me your every scandal
I’m petrified you don’t mean what you say and all the promises are void
But I know how concerned you get when I’m sad, anxious, or annoyed
I’m horrified this trust I’ve built will crumble from cheating or lies
But the sadness in your voice is real during our “goodbyes”
I’m fearful of falling in love because I’m paranoid you’ll leave me
But if I never take the chance, I’ll never know all we can be
Elle Harris Jun 4
My teeth chatter and my leg shakes
As i think of the forms cheating takes
A snap every day, seeing each other here
“I couldn’t help it. Blame it on the beer”

“You’re all I want. It was just a mistake”
Was it really or are you a snake?
You say all the right words, so how could it be
That you were always lying to me
Elle Harris May 15
Every time I start to move on
You try and lure me back in
You’re a siren and I'm drawn
To the water on your skin

I am safe on the land
With a caring man by my side
He’ll keep me on the sand
And try to keep me dried

I try and combat your song
Which promises me wishes
we both know it’s wrong
You'll leave me swimming with the fishes

But I'll wave the land bye
When she drags me down
I don’t want to stay dry
I want to drown
Elle Harris Apr 2
I want someone to notice
I want someone to help
I don’t want anyone to know
I don’t want anyone to worry
I don’t want to disappoint you
I've already disappointed myself
I don't want to hurt you
I've already hurt myself
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