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Feb 15 · 77
eF Feb 15
I hate myself for what I did to you.
I never wanted to leave.
I’m sorry that I couldn’t make you happy.
I’m sorry that I wasn’t enough.
You brighten up the room more than a camera flash at the Cheesecake Factory.
You brighten up my soul more than that.
I question how I’ve made it this far without you by my side.
I was trying to change.
Nothing I say will fix anything.
I just hope you’re happy now.
I don’t think I’ll ever be.
I love you more than life itself,
And I’d give it up to relive the past.
I think about if often.
I’m hurting.
Since 13 life has been a dream.
Feb 13 · 405
I miss you.
eF Feb 13
I miss your laugh,
I miss your touch,
I miss your face,
I miss your embrace.
I broke a part of you
I never can replace.
Wounds once where
Scars have taken place.
You have my soul
All control.
Send me to hell
My forever home.
Sep 2020 · 444
eF Sep 2020
The tears make it hard to see
Like driving in the rain with no wipers.
I don’t know where this message will go
Like my hands are off the wheel.
I’m swerving out of control
And I’m almost happy you’re not here.
I miss you so much.
You mean more to me than a nice paintjob and that’s saying a lot.
I wish tears could clean a car.
I hope you know you mean the absolute world to me forever.
You are so perfect.
May 2020 · 529
eF May 2020
You are
The air to my lungs,
The blood in my veins,
The pulse to my heart.
You are the reason I’m alive
And I love you more
Than words could ever describe.

It’s been a while.
Sorry I ****.
Oct 2019 · 1.2k
eF Oct 2019
They’ll paint pictures of you without knowing your true colors.
I’ve dealt with this my whole life but it’s never effected me like it has now.
No matter what, I feel like I will always be misunderstood/misjudged/mislabeled.
Sorry this isn’t even poetry.
Apr 2019 · 519
eF Apr 2019
I wished to die every day this year,
And every single day my wish never came true.
Happy Birthday to me I guess.
I really don’t want to be here anymore.
Feb 2019 · 476
eF Feb 2019
I gave you the shirt off my back,
And I watched you buy a coat.
You told me it was cold,
And left me naked in the snow.
I just want my shirt back. It’s the least you could do.
Feb 2019 · 758
eF Feb 2019
Feels monotonous
Searching for glimmers of light
In such a dark world.
I’m a ray of sunshine,
Surrounded by dark.
Spreading light,
Hoping it’ll reflect.
Only leaving,
Me upset.
Feb 2019 · 1.2k
eF Feb 2019
I give myself,
I give it all.
You never notice,
No one ever does.
It’s like the more I give,
The more you’ll take.
The more I love,
The more you hate.
I’ll most likely delete this. It’s not my norm.
It seems like pointless rambling. Just need to stop bottling it up before I explode.
Sorry. Hope you enjoy.
Feb 2019 · 428
eF Feb 2019
I’m misunderstood
Like torn and scattered pages
From a lengthy book.
I’m not sure if everyone is just vanilla.
Or if I see the world too openly.
But I’m constantly getting put into boxes I don’t feel I ever belonged to be in.
Jan 2019 · 541
eF Jan 2019
Your eyes, they stop time.
Wondering if it happens
When you look at mine.
One day I’ll write more than 3 lines.
Dec 2018 · 1.8k
eF Dec 2018
Christmas is pointless
Since they misinterpreted
Presence for presents.
You can’t buy time.
No matter how hard you try.
Dec 2018 · 503
eF Dec 2018
I wish that I could go back,
Erase the pain I felt.
Everyday seems like a mission,
With the cards that I’ve been dealt.
We all live in pain baby,
Just admit it for yourself.
Despite my current attitude,
That’s hanging on the shelf.
Um yeah.
Nov 2018 · 470
eF Nov 2018
Why do I bother
Being the nice guy when we
Always finish last.
Life ***** lately.
No matter how much light I spread into the world it gets drowned out by darkness.
I try to do everything right.
And I always get wronged.
Sep 2018 · 12.1k
eF Sep 2018
“You’re not good enough”
Is the one sentence you should
Never tell yourself.
Hi. I’ve been struggling with this my whole life. It’s like I’ll never be able to convince myself. I feel like my poetry is at a decline. I feel as if nothing I write is good. I couldn’t tell you the amount of “drafts” &  private poems I have on here just because I’m afraid.
Afraid of ridicule.
Afraid of hating myself more.
Afraid of everything.
Aug 2018 · 506
eF Aug 2018
No matter by whom.
I will always be the pawn.
In your next move.
Jul 2018 · 702
eF Jul 2018
Please don’t leave me alone.
Be my shelter from the snow.
Hold me in and pull me close,
Tell me that you won’t let go.
I love you all.
Jul 2018 · 469
eF Jul 2018
Bending over backwards for you,
Only hurt my back and left me
Broken hearted.
Jul 2018 · 833
I wish.
eF Jul 2018
I wish you knew how hard I’m trying.
How hard it is to get out of bed.
How hard it is to be around people.
How hard it is to crack a smile and pretend.
I wish you knew how much I loved you.
I wish you knew it’s not your fault.
I wish
Jun 2018 · 1.8k
eF Jun 2018
I ran out of breath,
Trying to chase
I hate trying to consider myself a poet/writer.
Apr 2018 · 597
eF Apr 2018
They all want to know
What my story is but don't
Take time to read it.
Calling yourself a friend only helps YOU sleep at night.
Mar 2018 · 508
eF Mar 2018
Crowded yet alone.
Searching for a place called home,
Forever to roam.
Ever feel like you just don't belong?
Mar 2018 · 390
eF Mar 2018
Always scared to speak.
Feels easier to blend in,
Than to be unique.
Mar 2018 · 326
eF Mar 2018
A man of few words,
Whose thoughts often get misheard.
Loving the absurd.
Not everyone is the same.
And that's ok.
That's a positive thing.
Yet most frown upon it.
Mar 2018 · 307
eF Mar 2018
Found comfort in pain.
Self-Sabotaging until,
It's felt once again.
Feb 2018 · 338
eF Feb 2018
The entire world could love you,
But if you don't love yourself.
You will always feel alone.
Jan 2018 · 352
eF Jan 2018
Broken and battered,
Pieces of me lay scattered.
Where I once called* *home.
I'm sorry.
Jan 2018 · 379
eF Jan 2018
You want me to leave,
But you tell me to stay.
Tell me to pack my things,
But don't want me to runaway.
Tell me the things I do you hate,
But appreciate them
When it's too* *late.
Dec 2017 · 273
eF Dec 2017
A* bad taste.
A waste of space.
A** *mothers disgrace.
Nov 2017 · 273
eF Nov 2017
Playing as a pawn
Not realizing that I was
A* king *this whole time.
Nov 2017 · 380
eF Nov 2017
Sometimes you make me
Feel the lowest of the* low.
*No deeper to go.
Just another sad haiku
Oct 2017 · 384
eF Oct 2017
She's not a Girl Scout,
But she can tie my stomach
In the tightest* *knot.
Blah. I've been so inactive. At a loss for words lately.
Sep 2017 · 368
eF Sep 2017
Drowning* *in a sea
Of bad thoughts, all hope is lost.
Searching for the cause.
Today was tough.
Sep 2017 · 3.6k
eF Sep 2017
When I am a ghost.
Those that weren't around, will say
They were there the most.
Where were you when I needed you most?
Only around for the good times.
the champagne,
And the toast.
Sep 2017 · 485
eF Sep 2017
You hang around clowns,
Wondering why your life looks
Like it's a* *circus.
Wasting time.
Sep 2017 · 349
eF Sep 2017
I miss you so* much.
I can still hear you saying
*"Things will never change."
Times change
And so do the people we spend our time with
Sep 2017 · 366
eF Sep 2017
Crying till I sleep.
Tear soaked* sheets, *depression feeds.
Comes but never leaves.
Wow. Realized my syllables were off in the first line. Edited it.
Sep 2017 · 433
eF Sep 2017
What is a* life *worth having,
If the life you have isn't worth living?
I  feel like a college student that can't hang out with his friends  because he's too busy studying.
And I'm not even in college...
Aug 2017 · 388
eF Aug 2017
My journal entries
Have turned into descriptive
Self hatred* *novels.
Aug 2017 · 297
eF Aug 2017
I'd burn every bridge
To avoid driving down that
Road ever* *again.
Aug 2017 · 592
eF Aug 2017
It's like I've grown* blind.
*I'm trying, but I can't see
The point anymore.
Aug 2017 · 248
eF Aug 2017
I could have the map
In my hands and I'd still feel
Absolutely* *lost.
Like I'm just wandering around life aimlessly.
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