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If I was a ship on the violent sea
You would be my anchor

If I was lost in a dreamless sleep
You would be my savior

If I was the moon and you were the stars
We’d run away together
edwill makamu Mar 17
Have you ever wonder why you don't see tears on my face?
You don't see me smiling, or you ever will?                    That

Someone else is wiping away my sorrows and pains, or you'll keep your stubbornness, but only then that you don't know my heart is fiiled with the thoughts of how much i love you.

But keep playing hard to get.
I always and in always, wished for the day
To come and passes by with joy in my heart
No thoughts, no self-questioning
does she care or will she? Only then I think,
spare her sometime, she’ll come around

I lived my life wrongfully with those………
Waiting for the day when my heart would reach out to your soul
Only then that my sorrows and my pains will fade
My happiness will fly high up the sky and falls down pouring; like rain
To wash away your doubts and hidden fears, hopelessness and

Restores an everlasting joy, hope and faith into your soul

I want to make a vow; I will never hurt you
I will never forsake you, I will never live you out in a cold
For my life with you is complete in a way that I cannot tell
For my life will never be the same without you

I’m not a prophet but:
For eternity I will keep trust in you
You are the sole reason that I breath
My soul is yours, hopes and desires too
You are everything I could ever need and more, you are my baby

Many cries loud out there, looking for love
For tender care, desires and hopes
But you are my angel, my miracle you all I need everyday
Today, tomorrow and for future you are the one.

Is that too much to appreciate?
  Feb 24 edwill makamu
Poems aren't written,
they're found,
Somewhere in your head the words are waiting,
They're sprawled across the floor,
You just need to pick them up,
Make a path with them,
Let your path guide observers,
And if you can't write,
Walk down somebody's else's path first,
First poem I've written, to anybody who reads this is hope you enjoyed it and it made you day a little better
edwill makamu Feb 19
It's a great pleasure to spare you every  minute of my life
Because nothing in my life is as special,
not even my work that I'm always committed to
I would love to open my heart,
So you could see clearly, i dedicate it to you
Because believe it or not, your name is printed through

And i know you won't tear it apart, i know it by now;
You are already my woman and sure you are
And this what a lady can do (make her man smile even when you did nothing)
Your appearance, your actions rather your attitude says it all
I think of you even on my deepest sleep, sleepless nights aren't a friend no more
A peaceful sleep everyday because my head is filled with the thought of
****! I'm in love, because i know clearly you are my woman and so; no worries

You are perfectly made,
You an angel, my angel my queen
My integrity would never go to waste; i know it by now
I'll utilize every bit of it to express what you mean to me

Those girls in my past, those i use to obsess
Was just a thought (i love you)
All was just a passport to your wourld
I never knew you but i knew I'll find you
My instincts could always tell you are out there breathing

But it's a pleasure i finally found you my other half
Letting you part ways would be like giving up breathing
A day, one or two on a distance would be like hell in reality of
                        I miss you
Because i would never get tired of you, instead
I'll carry you through, I'll love you through thick and thin

I know it by now.
I don't even know if this still a poem but just  words that expresses all the feelings or just how i love her and how she got to give it back. A love that would never die.
edwill makamu Feb 18
Oh! How i know i wouldn't be nothing,
I wouldn't be a man enough if i couldn't  spot something irrestable upon you.

But I'm a man with painted smiles each day everyday of my life. A passing day without you beside me is like an empty gazol tank, the journey stops. Sorrows and loneliness takes place.


I found love when i found you and i wouldn't ask for anything more if my heart is loaded with joy and excitements together with satisfaction you bring into my life.

I  found love.
edwill makamu Feb 2019
He the one who leap you up, from zero to the angel you are recently.
He the one who made you look not alike the image of this world,
You were born here but nothing describes your look.
He the one who made you look like electrons, you attract any living being,
near or far.
You are so alluring; your smile makes the world blind.
We all created of the same image, but you are a miracle,
a creature that never to touch the earth is absolutely a sin.
I swear you were supposed to be at the atmosphere,
Where people can only imagine of having you down but never to happen,
You never been an angel, meanwhile you are,
nevertheless, there’s no argument there.
He the one who provided you with the unique glance,
I’m not talking of Brazilian hair, extended eyelashes, painted eyebrows,
But I’m talking of a creature who’s amazing as fossils,
A creature who appears like you were made by of the peace of
The moon, the sun and the stars.
If I am to name all what he did to you, then it’ll take the clock to stop ticking,
So I can pitch all what he did to you that mold you to break the law unintentionally.
Well let me tell you because you don’t know,
You don’t know that you made me mad and you don’t know that you killed me emotionally.
But here I am right in front of you, trying to plant an oath
And I assure you, I’ll be your candle that barely smelt and be no more, just to give light.
And I’ll provide for you, so you don’t have to run around the world
I’m afraid you can lose all this,
But, but he provides for you everyday
He gives you light everyday
He protects you everyday
He conquers you, he gives you strength everyday
Even when you fault and fail him, he forgives you and multiply your integrity
For he knows your righteousness and your faithfulness right in you.
But me, me I’m only here making all this promises,
I’m only here trying to be someone I can’t even imitate
I’m only here trying to be someone I can never be.
I can never be you LORD.
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