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Edward Laine Oct 2012
When I was younger & the idea of personal transport was still a novelty,
me & my friends would drive around town & shout 'nice things' out of car windows at strangers,
''you look lovely'' etc.
In later years I walked around late at night,
writing similar notes on scraps of paper & putting them in telephone boxes
& on benches for people to find.
Around the same time, my friend Charlie wrote,
''It's nice to be nice'' on a wall near the local college
in permanent marker
Edward Laine Jun 2012
I don't think I'm a very nice person.
Dead people can have *******.
The weirdest part of this morning was the tropical bird that was road ****, but I thought was a bag of salt and vinegar crisps, in London.
Always ******* up, ******* up all ways.
I'm your green grocer.
Mental collapse is quite close.
**** my ****.
A gale of wind.
Sitting by a canal in the sun with a coffee at 7am.
My time is now.

That isn't sarcastic, it's brilliant.
I saw a werewolf drinking a Piña Colada .
Need an adventure.
like peas in a pub.
Edward Laine Jun 2012
Since I last saw you,
You appear to have joined a motorcycle gang
You have signed a record deal
You have ''come out of the closet''
You are living on some sort of commune
You got engaged to a troglodyte/knuckle dragger
You got married to some sort of inflatable doll
You have gained weight
You have traveled the world
You have lost your appeal
You have done too many drugs
You look older, worn out
You haven't changed at all
You disgust me
You became a nudist
You started selling things ''off the back of a lorry''
You died
You started dating a guy twice your age
You got thrown out of your band
You might as well be a stranger.
Edward Laine May 2012
All the trees with polythene leaves like ghosties trapped in branches.

Dancing drunk with headphones on//& you are the taste in my mouth.

My only ambition is to one day, some how, if only for a moment, be completely angelic.

I dreamt that my eye lids were reflective thoughts on the balcony.

I guess it just boils down to one final rule - EVERYBODY HAS GOT TO **** SOMETHING.

Walking home with Satchmo.

It’s never too late, fall down the stairs.

If I had a car I wouldn’t have to pay rent.

The lights on the buildings shut off when they see me coming.

Walk by the river until there’s blood in my shoes.

You dress like a jumble sale & hide your teeth when you smile.

Two left feet & two right shoes.

Go outside. Drink if you want to - (HM).
Edward Laine Apr 2012
Tiger stripe- midnight counting down the hours until i can see again
& on the way home(alone...yes)I swear I saw something in the hedgerow//rhyme//shudder
something, something, SOMETHING BIG
it was moving, it was watching me & licking its lips
it knew my name, my real name
it said
they're right you know
it sounded like Miles Davis on those recordings when you hear him say something off mic to the engineer
it said
is that what you wanted
are you happy
what do you want
what do you want
what do you want
i was running
it was chasing
it was tethered to my boot heel
it was on wheels
it howled like a BETCH
the lights of passed houses lighted up
the wife was saying
what was that noise, honey, honey, what was that noise.. go look
the husband was sleeping
the husband was buddha'd
i ran to my car
locked the door
put on the shipping forecast
slept on the backseat

morning came
Edward Laine Apr 2012
Ride your bike at night with no breaks & no lights
no street lamps in the country & PEDAL
as fast as you can so everything is a deadly blur
believe that the road knows where are you are going
& that it loves you & that it is soft & that
'pain is just weakness leaving the body'
//meat-head *******//blah
I no longer wish to write like jazz
but to only be honest
alas, once again my hands are a opaque swizzle
of pink flesh & I find myself wanting to voice my
words with my bones & scream GALLEEB SHIMB CRANK ROARR-
EEEEEE like I always do

Friday night I danced in the dark with great humiliation
& not caring(much)drank down brown ale & talked to no girls
I realised that music was dying & what then but eatsleepdrinkfuckdeath again&again;&again;&again;
spoke of films I knew nothing about but nodded anyway
like I always do
once again attempting to walk the 25 miles home for lack of pockets & broke in to the train station where we slept & smoked under the milky light of no glasses.
Edward Laine Feb 2012
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