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1.4k · Apr 2019
Edi Apr 2019
A smile so tiny.
A glanse so quick.
My heart just skipped a beat.
564 · Feb 2019
An empty girl
Edi Feb 2019
An empty girl
In an empty room
She doesn't smile
She doesn't cry
I tried everything
It doesn't work
No emotions
I tried to love her
I tried to hate her
But she's an empty girl in her empty room
365 · Apr 2019
My teddy bear told me
Edi Apr 2019
My teddy bear told me I'm too ******* myself. He told me I worry too much.
He said that I'm pretty, I'm smart, I'm a good person with a kind heart.
He told me he loves me, he told me cares.
My teddy bear is my only real friend.
187 · Sep 2018
Panic attack
Edi Sep 2018
Heart's racing, I'm screaming in pain.
What's this?
Everything's spinning, I can't make out my own brain.
I can't hear anything but my own heartbeart.
It hurts. It hurts so much.
I don't even know why.
How did this happen?
I can't keep my balance.
Am I gonna die?
I fall to the ground, tears streaming down.
Can't speak.
Can't breathe.
Oh god, I can't breathe!
163 · Apr 2019
There's no hope left.
Edi Apr 2019
There's no hope left.
The birds have stopped singing.
The flowers have whitered.
The sun has set.
Love is dead.
There's no hope left.
154 · Sep 2018
To you, my loved one.
Edi Sep 2018
Hold my hand. Take me to the land where everything's magical. Where we lay on the grass, watching the clouds. Where we can make love all day and night. I love you.
116 · Sep 2018
Edi Sep 2018
I'm scared of what's to come.
Things won't be the same as before.
Will you still love me?

— The End —