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 Apr 2019 Edi
She was sad,
She needed someone who cared.
She went into her room
Just like every night
And held onto him
She cried her heart out
Though she never spoke
He could understand everything
He knew her better than anyone else
People would think she's crazy
But she knew better
She knew he knew
He'd been watching her from a child
Yet he never judged her
Teddy was always there for her.
People who hold their Teddy bears for comfort will understand this
 Sep 2018 Edi
 Sep 2018 Edi
There is only 1 thing on this earth that represents hell.
My hate for you that is.
It's a sin says the man but to me its like a spell
Its bursting as flaming lava overflowing my body and soul.
Starting to blame everybody for what I've done behind 4 walls.
I know it isn't right I've heard it all before but at least I've got rid of this hate that I behold.
 Sep 2018 Edi
Human errors
 Sep 2018 Edi
There’s many errors in a human mind that’s why robots replace them from time to time, if we go on like that, family’s will die and children won’t get fed, what has happened to human minds they can go crazy from white screens sometimes.
 Sep 2018 Edi
Left in despair
 Sep 2018 Edi
Hope the father has pity for our souls,
when young ones are dying quicker than the old.
What have we done and what have we not
to deserve mortality suffering and aught.
Someone tell us what’s important now,
before it’s too late for this world somehow.
Generations after generations
wondering about the future
but where there’s no actual care
there is no future, we’re left in despair.
 Sep 2018 Edi
All paid
 Sep 2018 Edi
Rip your tights apart, cut your top in half, spray that cheap perfume, ready to get laid, all your bills are paid.

— The End —