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  May 29 eden
If you beat a dog long enough,
it will become mean-tempered.
It will flinch from any hand,
no matter what intent attached.

The world and the people in it
continually hit me.
Even you.

This is accepted as fact.
Beaten animals live in fear.
So why are you so surprised,
when I pull away and growl?

Did you think I would forget,
what being struck,
felt like?

Makes me realize,
I am more dog than a human.
I just pretend to have human qualities.
Walking on my hind legs still feels unnatural.
eden May 29
your touch feels like sandpaper
i flinch when a man gets close

if i pretend there is
a barrier between us
maybe i can numb some of
the terror that
lingers in my body

from the touch of his fingers
and the
tangled bodies
i never ******* wanted
to feel

you're rough
you're unpleasant
i want you because
you **** me whenever
i swallow
you whole
i welcome you between these legs
as though my
heart is what i am inviting
you to know

you would never
be able
to love me
in the ways i love you
where every day it is different
where it grows, changes

im tired of
filling you up and
never giving myself
anything other than empty

im not
one of your dolls

i miss you
wrote this a while ago, it's been in my drafts. I think it's about time now to publish. just got a feeling in my gut someone might relate.
eden May 29
(TW: mention of ****, self harm, ED, abuse, relapse, addiction, drugs, my toxic ex who should choke on a filthy toe, etc.)

I need to write something

to tear my
mind away from you
from your hands
your face
your voice
your smile
your eyes
god, the way
you trace
delicate patterns in my

solar flares
shapes that
haven't been invented yet
you carved them deep
you carved them carelessly
into my chest
so that I would never be able
to forget

I need to write something

I need to write
so I don't have to remember
how you ran up to me
the last time I saw you
as I was walking
towards hell itself
you gave me my
half finished
orange juice
that I was going to leave
in the car
with your dad

you told me to drink it
that you were worried about me
that you cared,
that your father did too

something so simple
shouldn't be this meaningful
but to a relapsing anorexic,
it was

why am I cursed with
these painful
of fleeting and cruel
I can never *******
return too?
why do you exist in
this cassette player you
hand built in my head?
and installed right where it hurts?

why did you put
every beautiful word
you ever dared speak to me
on repeat
on loop
a symphony of repetition
you knew that I would crave
just to walk away?
why would you
do such a terrible thing?
why would you
leave me to suffer
in your sound

you're gone?

that's the reality
so why then?

I so desperately need to write something

I don't want
to think about your stupid
curly hair
your stupid dorky smile
your mannerisms
the way you speak
how you light up when
you start on one of your rambles
of something you're passionate about
or something you've been relentlessly
out of boredom or
it was always different
every time
you captivated me and
every time
you made me fall in love,
like clockwork
you let me down
made me bleed

your ''love''
I can't even count the scars that it left
they draw breath
all over my body
there are hundreds from the time
you cheated
there are more that served to
help me survive
the ****
why do I still think
it was okay, the things
you put me through?

you're the devil himself
I despise your mind games
I hate your temptation
I don't want to remember
such small details
I hate that I am tormented,
haunted by the
way my bed creaks
by the empty promises you made me,
for me
as you held me.
promises I thought
were made up of stardust
and real love

I found were
really just
******* and glitter
you got me high
made me ill
and I was too addicted
I was too sick
to give a ****
to want anything more
than your pretty
sparkly powder
that I inhaled
and overdosed from
time and time again

it's hard because,
I can never get enough of you
and yet,
the more of you I have
the worse I become

I need to write
I don't want
no, I 𝘤𝘢𝘯'𝘵
think about
the stupid
orange juice

I can't keep replaying
the good parts of the movie
and skipping all of the
closing my eyes
whenever I don't want to see, or feel
but you gave me orange juice
and I remember kissing you
when you did
I watched you walk back to the car
and I wondered
if that was the last time
I would see you

I sipped on the juice
when my mom yelled
when the cops came

it kept me sane
I held onto the cup
like it was a life raft
in a tsunami

that was the orange juice
but you. . .

you never
persisted in being
something even remotely
similar to a life raft
if anything,
you were the tsunami

and you gave me the means
to stay alive, sure

but just barely
**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
eden May 10
I can't stop shaking
around my father
eden May 10
of me
loving you at the expense
of my inner peace and wellbeing
to think
I would have
taken every atom within this body
pulled them outside of myself
and placed them in your hands

freely, I would change
these molecules into
something to go up in flames
something to ****

fuel for fire
so you can keep your hands warm
while I die in the most demeaning
manner on earth

the one where you
empty yourself to feed someone
everyone around you
except yourself

you can pour the gasoline
let me burn ignorantly and you can
watch me
watch as I
sacrifice this crude body
to save your soul
although you
choked mine out

you saw the way I invited death
that was the december you took my heart
january reminded me repeatedly
of the millions of reasons
I needed you
and so when you left
when you consumed my body
along with
my entire being
I cried terribly

and when I finally did rot
I loved you so much that it
turned me to ashes
a wicked action
in august
I was shaking uncontrollably
because of the way
I was compelled to
see you
drawn to your arms
I needed to be needed
to be near you
I felt that *** would
bring me closer to

  in the water  
in your hands
disintegrated there

you tried to hold on to my body
just barely
but you couldn't hold my heart anymore
not like you used to
I was empty now
naturally. . . I scattered over time
you never took care

so many parts of me
I sometimes wonder what it was
that prompted you,
pushed you to decide
it was too much work
to sort through
an angry voice mutters
"ashes weren't like
the old you."

sloppily, your bitter feet
kicked them around
in may
eden May 4
where were you
did you imagine it
or was it a part
of your existence that
cannot be denied

what did it feel like
perhaps you heard the sounds
of oceans crying
and the wind whining
in annoyance and discomfort

reach me

at this

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