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Eden Quinn Apr 8
You´re like an ill-fitting piece
of clothing - a fabric which
doesn´t feel
like a soft layer of
protection or like a
fluffy source of warmth.

Against my skin,
you feel rough and
and I apologize for
not liking you
on me.

I can´t appreciate anything you´ve
because you
forced yourself
on me.

You shouldn´t have picked
the unique petal
when the other petals
would have turned you into
a gorgeous flower.

The unique petal could never deal with your presence
because you were growing
without permission

Eden Quinn Mar 21
Worth so much
that the weight of you
around my neck
would destroy me
and I
would choke for good.

Eden Quinn Mar 6
I suffer
In the most beautiful way possible.
If you break my heart
You will see
How beautifully
You have broken me.

And I know already
that you will enjoy
the words
I will force out of me

until the moment you realize
that with my words I
threw a huge responsibility on you
too -
I made you the pen
I wrote my suicide note with.

Eden Quinn Mar 6
And for one second I thought
that maybe you could feel the same
and now,
my heart is shattered
into so many tiny pieces
that I simply don't know
how to pick them up.

Everything I can give to you
are the shattered pieces of my heart.
Pathetic, isn't it?

Eden Quinn Mar 6
I am a little light
barely able to keep myself alive
but sometimes - I write.
My thoughts are like a sudden drive
that mostly hit at night.
And let me tell you - there's no way to survive.

I hate rhymes.
Eden Quinn Mar 6
How many times
did I try to hold back my heart
when it was clearly
craving for yours
to crave mine?

Eden Quinn Mar 6
let your fingers linger
on my face
just a little longer.
Touch me,
treat me like porcelain.
I'm so vulnerable
and I hate it but still,
if it's you
I'm fine with being this way.

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