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Eden Elizabeth May 2014
Its okay friend,
i know it hurts, i know

your heart sang sweet tunes when you were near?
his embrace was paradise?
your eyes were a gateway he used to sneak, cheekily into your heart?
every physical gesture made was a memory saved?
sometimes all you wanted to do was sit ?
no talk was needed, just two souls that loved
it made you happy knowing he was infatuated by you
didnt it?
you! you! you! he LOVED you!

i know you woke up this morning
a dream created by memories
those memories
i know you sometimes still see each other around
with a distance dividing you of corse.
All that has remained is his determination to forget you
well thats what you think, dont you.

i know, he looks at you dear friend
a stare? a stare that speaks a million words
i know that feeling of tension yearning to be made into something once more.

i know you think he hates you
i know you want him to run to you once more
i know your doorstep is waiting for him to stand their again
i know your heart is dripping with hope, that one day he will once again, sneak back into your heart.
i know you ache for him to say once more " I love you"
not to anyone else but you!
it seems stupid that he cannot just say how he feels!
i know friend i know.

i also know that someone else loves you
more than anyone could ever love you
he wont leave you or forsake you friend
wait on the love of the father
trust, hope, wish
good things will flourish when you wait on father
dont wait on the boy
let the boy discover true love through Gods love
let God show the boy how to love you like he loved us
thats when your dream may become reality once more
Eden Elizabeth Feb 2014
He did not look at her
Nor did she to him
They hadn’t in a while
Silence was all they had In common

She remembered the Youthful years of eye fluttering
stares across the room
running in the rain
but that ended in silence

She dreamt of words
Streaming from his thoughts
But he, well only god knew what he dreamt of
Silence was whispered whenever they passed
No gently gestures or soft hellos from either
For it was too hard to acknowledge the silence alone

She dreamt of seeing him one last time
Not just plainly seeing him but really seeing his soul
But what did he dream of? Did he even know?
Love slowly slipped away in silence  
Time was said to cure it
But what is time when impatience is your norm
Silence was spoken between both
And love was wished to be the first words spoken once again

— The End —