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our love may be messy
and confusing
and unstable at times
but it is real
and it is whole
and the way i love you
is yours and yours only
because i have loved before
but the important thing
is that they didn't last
but you,
you're still here.
and so am i
and as far as im concerned
i always will be
i am in love with you. 100% you and only you.
once upon a time

there was a bear
who was hungry and lost
and alone.

the bear trundled about a field
of wildflowers
smelling the sweet breeze
and hearing the buzz
of the bees.

one bee landed
on the tip of his nose
she was tired
she hated her job
she felt like she didn't fit
into her hive.

the bee saw the bear
and the bear saw the bee
and they saw each other's sadness.

the bee continued to come to the field
to gather nectar
hoping to see the bear again.

eventually they became friends
and they learned things about each other
the bear looked rough
but he was gentle and kind
and the bee looked small
but her sting was fierce.

the bee loved the bear
but she never thought he could love her back.

she was a bee from a farm
and he came from the woods.

but hope bloomed in the bees heart
when he said
he loved her back
and she vowed to be his
through it all.

she stayed by his side
through the winter when he slept
and in return he stayed by hers
when summers were too hot
and nectar too heavy.

lets get away from this field
said the bear
we can find somewhere vast
and floral and buoyant with life.

the bee went.

they discovered long streams
and slept in dark valleys
and they traveled the world

because the bear loved the bee
and she loved the bear
and they both loved
i guess it's meant to bee <3 i love you bear
im starting
to not like my own work.
or myself,
for that matter.
i am
too much
too loud
too exited
too much
going on
i need to

c a l m  d o w n

i have
to let
you breathe.
i have
to breathe.

R   E   L   A   X

calm yourself
you are
being too
loud too
too much
of everything

i think im coming off as wayyy too strong. its so incredibly stupid but im trying to change my personality back to the quiet calm person i was 3 years ago because i am too much for myself right now
he is my dream
he's the cutest thing that i've ever seen
mr. sandman
he's a delight
leaving his side is a losing fight
mr. sandman
i'm not alone
i love him from his skin to his bones
thank you mr. sandman for bringing me a dream. he's stuck in my head like the song (which i claim no rights to)
i don't know what i'm doing
where i'm going
what id do without you
i can't tell when i'm  breathing
if youre leaving
if i'm living
i don't know
what i’
have no

are you stil here

am i?
i saw you
the way you were acting
was scary
like i might lose you

i cant lose you
because i might lose myself

lost in sad slow songs
in a depressive spiral
aren't we all?

whose idea was
to rely so many emotionally
people on each other?

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