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Aug 2018 · 341
A witty shepherd
Elkhan Asgarov Aug 2018
Little shepherd, little shepherd,
Where's  your flock, where's  your herd?
Have you lost them in the fog?
Where's, shepherd, your watchful dog?
- Up there far, faaar away,
On that lane where horses neigh.
Keep on walking a little more,
Take no notice of a bear's roar.
Do not rush now, take it slow,
Before you reach the meadow.
You will see a stocky dog,
That guards my grazing flock.
To a little shepherd boy from Oghuz region of Azerbaijan
Sep 2017 · 520
Elkhan Asgarov Sep 2017
I sit, I glare and patiently wait,
I’m angry and tense, I warn you, mate!
Back off! Beware! Don’t push your fate,
One more step, and it will be late!

I don’t fancy blocking yer road,
No, just protecting my abode.
Walk your way now, I’ll walk mine,
Respect my fences and you’ll be fine!
Feb 2017 · 355
It is alright to be scared
Elkhan Asgarov Feb 2017
It is alright to be scared!
Just stay there and face the fear.
Things will happen, be prepared,
Don't we all have problems, dear?
"Life is hard" you keep on saying,
Yes, it can cause plenty of stress.
Will get worse if you stop trying,
Quit adding to it more mess.
Problems are good with friends!
Dec 2016 · 932
Hi-carrying ship
Elkhan Asgarov Dec 2016
You will not be harboured forever,
You are not meant to stay still.
Storms might threaten & hurt, however,
Stagnation, no doubt, will ****.

Get ready, fix all loose ends,
Keep on sailing, flit, explore!
And say "Hi" to all my friends,
If you see them near the shore.
Dec 2016 · 397
Elkhan Asgarov Dec 2016
Leaves on trees become flowers,
Fruits are ripe and full of juice.
Autumn is great, even with its showers,
Dear summer lovers, what's your excuse?!

— The End —