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유레카 Nov 2018
you burn me.

and it isn't


i gave you
the match
in the first
i told myself i wouldn't let love in again, yet here i am, getting burned by the same flame twice.
유레카 Oct 2018
Yesterday's tragedy, today's truth,
and tomorrow's hope.

Love is nothing but a wicked weapon
meant to destroy you.

The wolves are howling, and they're
coming for you.

Why am I always not enough?

We were doomed from the start.

How to have a soft heart and be kind
and be able to forgive and forgive
and forgive.

The nights are getting longer
and I miss you every hour.

What a mistake it is to bare your soul
to temporary people.

There's an empty, hollow feeling in
my chest and it's eating me up and
I don't know how to get rid of it.

Rip this heart out,
silence these thoughts.

I don't want to admit it, but God,
am I worse than I ever was before.

I've learned how to bear my own pain.

I need to stop living inside my head.
A collection of attempted poetry in a single sentence written back in 2017.
유레카 Oct 2018
3 AM thought: I just want to be happy.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Her thoughts are as deep as the ocean
and sometimes she's drowning.

Pouring my heart into the abyss.

The shadows of the past
are haunting me.

Don't let your demons drown you.

Dead eyes, tired heart. Tell me,
am I even still here?

Oh, but believe me when I say that
I barely have it all together.

Don't let the light leave your eyes,
darling. (Don't, don't, don't).
A collection of attempted poetry in a single sentence written back in 2017.
유레카 Oct 2018
Nostalgic for a love that never was;
for a person that came and went;
for a fire that never ignited.
6th of August '17. It would've been worth it if you stayed, but you didn't. You never would, would you?
유레카 Oct 2018
There is a strange comfort
in sadness.

You know she's happy when
she won't shut up about it.

There would only be ruins
in the aftermath of us.

I guess that's all I can do
now—talk about you in
past tense.

Oh, and my god, internally
she's screaming, "I am not
good enough!"

I still have not forgiven
myself for the mistakes
and faults of yesterday.

Blinded by the illusion
that everything's going
to be okay.
A collection of attempted poetry in a single sentence written back in 2017.
유레카 Oct 2018
And in the midst of all the chaos,
my darling, I would have fought for you.

But you raised your **** white flag
and welcomed the striking blow of a sword
with open arms before I could even run up
to you to save you from the menacing blade
that so effortlessly took you away from me.
I would have helped you through with your battle against your own demons. We could have made it—we could have.
유레카 Oct 2018
Kiss me hard like a long-lost lover.
Pin me down like I'm a raging wild animal.
Make love to me like it is our first and last.

Baby, please.
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