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Earth Shine Nov 2013
let the words of my heart bleed onto the page
you found me once
i knew then i was saved
from this life
from this world
put the ******* aside
everything makes sense with you by my side
thru the tears
thru the pain
we hold strong thru rain
cuz a storm never lasts
the sun shines thru the past
erasing the heartache and anger and sadness
without you my life only feels like madness
i feel you in my thoughts
i hear you in my soul
one day i’ll prove to you
when i stop trying to take control
i’ll be the sun in your smile
the spark your eyes
you’ll never question my love
just realize
it’s you and me boy
all the way to the end
we can’t escape each other now
even as friends
my heart was a locked door
but you found the key
promise something baby
never set me free?
cuz in your eyes i see the light
in your smile i can hold on tight
to the love
oh the love
it's got me twisted inside
untwist me
sep 2012
cape coral fl
Earth Shine Nov 2013
dear mom,
what do you see
when you look at me?
because surely
no mother has ever
looked at their daughter
with the disgust
that you have looked at me with
you give your cats
a life of luxury
yet treat your own family
like strangers
in your home
one day
when you are alone
with all of your cats
you will realize
that you once had a family
nov 2013
chattanooga tn
Earth Shine Nov 2013
i am dizzy
i don’t think i have been eating well enough
my thoughts are clouded
my body, weak
arms outstretched, my hands reach
but no one reciprocates
drowning in my own words
emotions allude me
no filter, only shame
where is the hole i crawled out of?
this emptiness is so heavy
the dark is thick with static energy
my ears ring constantly, a silent alarm
i hear you, do you hear me?
subconsciously awaiting the sign
dismissing all hope and fear alike
content in my instability
tear-streaked and beautiful
nov 2013
chattanooga tn
Earth Shine Nov 2013
one day
i will meet a boy
whose smile
smoothes the creases
in my forehead
whose laugh
soothes my nerves
in every way
whose voice whispers
into even the darkest
crevices of my soul
this boy exists
of that i am sure
where, i do not know
but we will meet
in the most
unexpected way
and i will know
his spirit was the one
who was there for me
when no one else was
nov 2013
chattanooga tn
Earth Shine Nov 2013
i spend my days
sickened by my life
pasting on a smile
at every turn
chattanooga tn
Earth Shine Oct 2013
youre worth every
ounce of love
that i have to give
but if you don’t want it
at least let me
keep it
for myself
26. oct 2013
chattanooga tn
Earth Shine Oct 2013
some people
want the world
to leave them
but some people
want the world
to worship
their ego
wish only
for the world
to see them
and to shine
in return
13. oct 2013
chattanooga tn
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