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  Jun 2015 Peter Aguilar
Haley G
Type this,
Double tap that,
Tweet this,
Post that,
Like this,
Like that,
Face Time here,
Face Time there,
Search for this,
Search for that,
Constantly searching on your iPad,
Too engrossed to even look at
Things that are in front if us,
Typing away on our keyboards,
Getting things we can't afford,
Insert slang here
Insert slang there,
Cuss word here,
Gonna tap that there,
So many words we dispronounce,
Walking in and out
Of doors and places,
Gotta go,
In a rush,
Typing away here and there
Up and down,
What has happened to this crazy town,
It influences
Peter Aguilar Jun 2015
Every last hymn a damning sentence
Those moments before the goodbyes
When all is aired and all is said
Brute honesty and pure rancor
Those moments before the goodbyes
When the gloss of love, that sweet deceitful shiny sugary layer
Melts, gives way to the green mold beneath
Make no effort to hide your hemlock juice
In that moment before the last goodbye
No mystery is left, just a naked stab
Impunity unrestrained, yes, we let each other have at it
My truth versus yours
My memory kills yours
But if i survive, the victory is pointless
Because you'll never admit to the times
When you colored beyond your designated lines
And trespassed your paints into my veins
And made yourself a home in my pains
In that last moment before our last goodbye
I promise, this time, you will acquiesce
Or i shall keep you alive, ever in blissful torment
And keep you wondering what drives my love
Is it pure and whole, or an emaciated soul
Patiently planning your last painful goodbye
Peter Aguilar Jun 2015
All hail the grand demise
Yes that's what they expect
Astonished, they wept, aghast as i arise

Death came, welcomed, as they sought the prize
Survivors without guilt, with laughter they
All hail the grand demise

Defiant, i stood behind my skill and guise
A Patient witness to their slaughter
Astonished, they wept, aghast as i arise

Discounted, forgotten by my past allies
They didnt think i'd make it from behind
All hail the grand demise

The few who stood before my eyes
Swelled with anger and pure contempt
Astonished, they wept, aghast as i arise

Their efforts made vain, empty, they despise
My skill and talent, at none's expense
All hail the grand demise
Astonished, they wept, aghast as i arise
Peter Aguilar Jun 2015
Accrue many a delicate deep smile
Never knowing when the next tear will come
Or when the wails shall shadow over
Plethora of reasons, those intent on joy

Collect many a simple style
Never knowing why the time ran out
Or why the trend became a crawl
Become forgotten just as it begun, replaceable

Stand by many a word, written souls, alive
Never knowing how far their reach can touch
Or how long its power can fire, spark, alight
Cavernous minds to accept them as guides

While time remains graceful
Disallow the procrastinated, wasteful
Urge to leave masterpiece for tomorrow
It may never come, then be overrun
when shadows cast over
Trends crawl backwards
And the fire be dimmed
Banishing us all to caves, hopeless and slaved
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