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Jun 2020 · 83
eby Jun 2020
**** anyone who tries to tell me
that "holding onto anger
is like drinking poison."
because id rather drink poison
than forgive and forget.

i will burn eternally,
brighter than any flame
anyone has ever seen.
Burning everything
and everyone
that stands in
my way.
May 2020 · 254
On the run
eby May 2020
off she goes
running as far
as her feet will carry her
towards nothing and nowhere
in particular
forever running
and never stopping
not even just for a second
to think
Jan 2020 · 155
Just out of my reach
eby Jan 2020
Disastrous jumbled up words
scattered across the sky,
reaching up
trying to grasp and
trying to understand.
and trying...
Oct 2019 · 291
Midnight sky
eby Oct 2019
Stuck in a well at midnight.
I look up to see the moon and stars.
The wind whispers to me, and with each whisper chills run down my spine.
The well is deep, impossible to climb.  
The water gently caresses my lips with cold hands, but i cant feel.
Shadows creep over me from above,
i look up to find them watching.
I dont scream for help.
I dont need it.
At the bottom of that well,
i wait for nothing.
And nothing does happen.
Apr 2019 · 459
For Lila (My Little Angel)
eby Apr 2019
with your tender
blue eyes
and gentle little soul,
are the warmth, and sunshine
in a cold and dark world.

You bring my life comfort
with your calm purr,
and your soft fur.
I love your
every little claw,
on your every little paw.

And i envy your tiny innocent heart
full of endless,
unconditional love.

You are
the most pretty,
and the finest little kitty.

Thank you
for being my best friend.
This poem is for my soulmate, my little kitty Lila.
Apr 2019 · 153
eby Apr 2019
It seems that i keep searching for love,
in all the wrong places.

I beg for love,
from people who do not love me.
i beg silently.
©Elif Bilge Yavuz 2019
Apr 2019 · 315
eby Apr 2019
I yearn
for something i cannot name.
So fiercely,
that my heart aches.

It might be,
that i want to feel
the unconditional love
i never felt.

That i still cant feel.

Or maybe i want to feel
a connection,
a bond so strong
that it is unbreakable.

All i know is
the hole
right in the middle of my chest.
Refusing to be filled.
And the sadness,
that keeps me company
on my loneliest days.
That refuses to leave
no matter what i do.
©Elif Bilge Yavuz 2019
Jun 2018 · 249
eby Jun 2018
When the mind regains serenity
The darkness will vanish
And there will be light
Once again
©Elif Bilge Yavuz 2018
Mar 2016 · 945
eby Mar 2016
Even on the sunniest days,
Im stuck freezing...
I've forgotten the feeling of warmth.
©Elif Bilge Yavuz 2016

— The End —