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young woman Jun 24
why do you flee from me?
when i called you my dove,
i did not mean to give you wings to fly away
what will i do? how can i forbid you
your freedom

love is the wings clipped
because of the grounded lover
love is the willful descent of the high

and the exultation of the one lowly
wrote this a long time ago. i edited it a little so here it is now. still rings true to me
young woman Jun 24
your kindness terrifies me
love ever defying
all that i know
young woman Jun 24
how can you
find it so
around me

i leave a gap
   between     us
i     dont      want       you
to             be             far      

i act like i do
trying to be comfortable around people i truly love is hard
young woman Jun 15
i have forgiven you
because i am worthwhile
we're done wasting time

forgiveness in your eyes
it reflects in mine
but i have detached myself from you

forgiveness from the heart
there is no need
to pour it out again
moving on
young woman Oct 2019
I've had several break ups
all of them with you.

first we said goodbye.. or you did, i didnt believe it was true

then came the silence, 0 messages, no one to talk to, my heart eschewed truth.

i checked my phone (i shouldnt have..) your twitter is gone, so is your tumblr too

theres a deep sadness, the realization and accepting of the breakup, i didnt realize how many breaking ups it would take
for it to get through

that im better without you
and yes, you too are far better off without me

in your separation and in my bereavement, we have grown, grown, grown.

and i have nothing but love and appreciation for you
young woman Aug 2019
im so afraid to
offend, but worse still if you
dont remember me
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