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1d · 205
veil of night
sometimes in green but mostly black
a crying baby is like a kitchen faucet
who cries missing when we painted our toes the same color
or picked beautiful wild flowers together
1d · 31
unable to say
how a tire swing can hang around
from the tip of the crescent moon
but that is wear  the ****** wears on me
burns me to try and jump through the hoop
somewhere i roll down tired
as a car window and shoot
Dark Fjord Oct 11
the deaf moment we deal  
  the air as what we breath vis-a vis-a argued
  i'm sorry but how can i stop?

just being sorry you can't carry forward a spring  
  deal with what affects are the burning of jet fuel and
unsold seats half filled planes modern travel is
  has more to do with the quality of our air
than is being sorry is as necessary

stopping one is more than stopping breathing
  the first farewell is one of conscience
Oct 6 · 43
seeing me
Dark Fjord Oct 6
promise me i wont want to be hurt
Oct 5 · 29
hard nursing
Dark Fjord Oct 5
my good nurse
   takes no phone calls while you nurse
cons or bets and milk formulas
   and to just say "later... to holding me to your *******
   a hardened ear to eat until you call me baby
my mouth wonders,
then wanders away by wunderlust
to the other side of your chest
Oct 5 · 36
Suits me fine
Dark Fjord Oct 5
Sitting alone like a truth
Smiles Mona Lisa smiles
Oct 4 · 38
blackless glasses
Dark Fjord Oct 4
i wake from dreams and want just cake
eat eat and eat with snow falling around me
Sep 29 · 23
never ask
Dark Fjord Sep 29
the sister who says
*** how cool is this guy
strokes your ego
and by a heart beat
can end it
because you are lost in asking
Sep 29 · 39
ill is nill
Dark Fjord Sep 29
drinking helps with anything
i gave up one god for many
Sep 28 · 152
be kind thighs
Dark Fjord Sep 28
you rub them like a headache
beyond from the the other side
put away all your misconceptions
life says to close in joy
are you wanting just to be ok
just dance then the night away
Sep 25 · 54
a lucky girl
Dark Fjord Sep 25
miss miracle
that hug melts in my arm,
i press  my nose into your head
and you ask
do i believe in miracles like you

even doctors start somewhere
Dark Fjord Feb 2018
down and innocent
    grip end of the road stranded
be original.
Jan 2018 · 118
achilles anckles
Dark Fjord Jan 2018
blossom red petal
      by soft ways the earth glances
carries deliverance.
Sep 2017 · 115
Dark Fjord Sep 2017
these lens ache waiting
through the rain innocently
anchors my bare feet
Sep 2017 · 107
to become normals
Dark Fjord Sep 2017
eyes below the waterfall
scratch the long hallow barrel
waterbugs raindrops moving
look out and wonder
how long a milenium takes
to become normal
Sep 2017 · 92
Dark Fjord Sep 2017
Emerald flora,
Puerto Rico kisses- tore' tore'
natures human qualities
Sep 2017 · 223
oil barefoot bridge
Dark Fjord Sep 2017
Creek smiles between boards
odd dimples dare back, chin up
oil barefoot bridge.
never too old
Aug 2017 · 68
the ward
Dark Fjord Aug 2017
blue flame dyed sides
matchbox wheels grip the orange tracks
crisp shaven headlights.
Jul 2017 · 70
about the grass
Dark Fjord Jul 2017
Sun quick convince me.
What's more cared for, then believe
if your's more is cash.
saved by the sun
Jul 2017 · 96
Mad sex
Dark Fjord Jul 2017
F-wasted eddy
Somerset is bittersweet
lower me lower.
Somerset England
Jul 2017 · 65
the last laugh
Dark Fjord Jul 2017
places I go fill
crows ring my ear circling
belly's laughing sore.

Jul 2017 · 56
heart therapy
Dark Fjord Jul 2017
don't complain! having to be kissed
    by a pink Barbie EMT;
as a senior frog
who only wants the clear puddle
to come... but by shock! of her paddles.
Dark Fjord Jun 2017
My pain is in the landscape
with just a look
I carry a cougar on my shoulder,
and there is a lot of you in me.

You paint my the spring
with just a look
you are speaking
my backpack
    you are missing
    and I have to go back...
and You will have to leave me.

speech not well enough for the country
my no is like a yes
    and you laugh at that dead
my shoulder is my ability.

What I don't know, does not hurt me,
nor am I limping, light has left this place
and to where did the time go?
it is far as the eye can see.
and is where you are.
Jun 2017 · 70
my Sweet life
Dark Fjord Jun 2017
taken swift life selfie

From Alahska
to Illenois
or Ohaio
let's go to a Farest
ow pounce upon you
   loud vibrates loose fairies
foreign love,
my shadow in thy mascara
run deep in you
shaken all thy nighties.
Jun 2017 · 79
Dark Fjord Jun 2017
in plastico flip-flops riding to los lamos
to the other side find johnny darko
singing to Baja sol-a-ding-dang
turned to eating in your fringed shorts
bananas and me in my pajamas.
Jun 2017 · 64
missed bus
Dark Fjord Jun 2017
until the stars burn out  
I won't die  
and wait into eternity
and here, that skin suit- suits you.
Jun 2017 · 131
a tootsie rolls in the sun
Dark Fjord Jun 2017
one day,  i stuck my little footsie
out into the sun
and they melted! then got all licked up
by your tongue

still, a nice day
for such was my little tootsies
loved it in a deep dark chocolate puddle

the smoke took to these ribs
into aloud  
I thumbed the fire to just a lick
by a song

and wood stood still, my skin turned
mashed treats in the sun
your copper arms were very long
as my sweet tootsie rolls.
Jun 2017 · 65
drive in dies
Dark Fjord Jun 2017
My drive-in hides me
   in sully lanes, a hole to punch it  
as with funny jokes of this body of mine,
  up there, you are a lot of face;
for golden screening of minstrels
and that blood is very essential,
to throwback to that place.
the griffin society
Jun 2017 · 58
Sunny, my heart in tune
Dark Fjord Jun 2017
purr I'm in a pickle
you are in
my little red type
my mason rubber,  a ring of jars
hide the awes slips, salad perfection
smacks my dilly ****
for lovers only
of my summer sound.
May 2017 · 73
Dark Fjord May 2017
ON all four paws, running
I made faux pas, in my stepping
I now am hanging on to forgoing  
but forgot, when to make the easy lay up.
May 2017 · 129
O is for old
Dark Fjord May 2017
A is for al'zheimmer,
    -the mighty forgotten hammer of Al;
B is for bed,bathroom&beyond+,
    -where moms go to lose their minds,
C is for the singing we are going to the Clinic song,
    -just another timeout with shots,
D is for dinosaur,
    -a fossil.
An alphabet book teaching about life.
May 2017 · 58
md.Rogers bif naked
Dark Fjord May 2017
upon it is plain, your trolley warped me
May 2017 · 68
To light we gathered
Dark Fjord May 2017
Once upon a midnight dreary
we dyed our shyness sweetly  
and to hide my blushing nearly
I hid my in my ringly
slapped our friends merely
time sordidly
cherry cordial
whatever missed I'm friendly,
I give you my courtesy.
May 2017 · 319
my castile is fury
Dark Fjord May 2017
why can't I speak my native tounge
when you get to speak yours
in the belly of a fury

no matter what you say
i believe mechanical issues
this is mine,  yours yours

no language comes between us
May 2017 · 125
Sally Loyd
Dark Fjord May 2017
does it matter, to what's living
space loves in you
once I lift its bells
does it matter, to what's running
art summons in us
once the field in us becomes lazy
does it matter, to what's troubling
times rebel in you
once a test fails
does it matter, what's calling
home is solid,
once you've yelled
does it matter, what's a matter, once
oceans walled or these trees have felled
in these celluloid islands of you.
May 2017 · 167
Covenably May
Dark Fjord May 2017
The beating of my cicada  
ooze gutter grinding on a leaf in nyght
I can't wish nor understand, the nymph
we did your emergence, slept in your
      Summer room
we have grass for blankets in our fires
the gleam of your dark eyes.
May 2017 · 108
legal ease regions
Dark Fjord May 2017
science named (scratchin myheadulus)
   circa duh dynasty,  of lordship
homevalley ties it up somewhere
between this is not over... near the dog dish
circular table of embarrassed posts
plain tiffs  de centralized combats
questions and rebuttals
May 2017 · 446
Officer Happy
Dark Fjord May 2017
I am in an office that has to be happy
  but butter defines my happiness better
When asked if I was happy happy?
Au contraire, just that...
....I am happy happy happy :)!
Thank you to HappyHappyHappy
May 2017 · 121
something else
Dark Fjord May 2017
you must have felt
yo are beyond this nothingness;
belief in the perhaps
what if there is something else.
May 2017 · 105
join a runaway
Dark Fjord May 2017
way down the runway
we go
a desert every mile
you mark me with your smile
pulling that ring onto another
flattop highway
and this  backseat spring meant for no other.
May 2017 · 126
Dark Fjord May 2017
on the radio, they said yawns were contagious
athletes, performers all yawn just before.
it raises the awareness and the heart rate.

they said pack animals -lions, dogs, your nieces or nephews
they trust you if you do... and then, they do it back.
it prepares us for the hunt.

I tried with someone at work, but
they did  not kindly yawn back;
will I stop believing in the radio,
or that I really don't like co-workers.
May 2017 · 92
Then- when, you look away
Dark Fjord May 2017
then- when? do you see me.
an anonymous angel.
May 2017 · 678
the white owl
Dark Fjord May 2017
just staring at me
i've seen it alot
like skyscraper cranes that cant lift a load
or bears black or grizzly eating up
my entire family the meadow is missing from our eyes
blue black never changing
I am not alone
the white owl
has visited other patients
may I cacoo to you
so that my blind dear recognizes her mommy
May 2017 · 666
animal jumping
Dark Fjord May 2017
this is the only place
left on earth that they can come

who had you but destroyed me
and all hope
jumping upon a prey animal
as the cross that divides
us from it - a score
May 2017 · 512
will you stop believing
Dark Fjord May 2017
The self we present to the world is not the only power at work within us or words of narration. . You Know when to tell true stories And know what stories are true. . . Are you robust in what you are doing, by kissing, celebrate wickedness? Are you the light, at times angelic, And at times demonic? . . If the rules you follow to get her to a kiss If it got you just 'a kiss', and that testifies That what we were doing by it at a moment, we were not really here… because it wasn’t me doing it... who got me to kiss, at this tip of 'the kiss'- is the point. I am not a passing or possessed by just Being a thought. . . I am the light or space within that Complexity that took shape as a kiss And then fragmented.

will you stop believing
May 2017 · 1.2k
starry eyed
Dark Fjord May 2017
in thy loneliness
my  red antler hotel
my bony legs, a velvet wonder
just a ring and a cape
and a rood of trees stalking me
taking their turn into the milky book
and the lucky ones that did escape me
on her red carpet ashes layer with
everyone else
fear of loneliness
May 2017 · 173
snap rant
Dark Fjord May 2017
I love the game
don't step on the ground
it's hot lava
I lol times infinity
this is my viral hate  called forever
what do you think about my perfume?
    Well! you are not my friend.
May 2017 · 172
tin foil on my head
Dark Fjord May 2017
the young shun me
I think of movies might be showing on cable
a day later, they appear,
I know it is not me but I point
to  the  body snatchers
the 7th sign
no matter how futile my order in a long line
at Chipotle
and the cooks eating  my order
creates caos in me.
May 2017 · 162
anxious feeling
Dark Fjord May 2017
I'm hung over, I didn't have a bed to my name
I could not sleep in the slumped over state
without a chance that my degree can make me
my modern room takes 2/3's of my wage
I will sell myself for little more than
a cheap handshake can make.
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