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Jan 18 · 18
My trophy
Abeersingh Jan 18
I found a secret trophy
Hiding from the herd of men
Secretly floating in some sea
The label just asked "when?"

The trophy was gone and so was the thought
That a puppet could ask for more
The master looked away, to the hounds that were chained
And said "it isn't much you bore"

I saw a dream through the fires
Secretly camping in your eyes
The ventriloquist grew tire
Drew his hands out in quiet

And that was the moment, that our worlds caved in
And you crumble right on my knees
But the timing was wrong, as i crawl to the top
And we missed each other completely

The priest walked in to the bar
Asked "where are the others?"
The bartender said "not that far"
Then some monster killed him and his troubles

Then there was the moonlight, shining on the kitchen aile
Hitting nothing but a lonely knife
The knife melted off, it just couldn't stop
To catch the fiery sun die

I still remember when i told you
I still hold on to that moment
It calls for a blood-rid fortune
And sorry that i couldn't sing

And that's just the lullaby, that just wouldn't die
And the moments before it grew
It took under our castle, the realms of anxious
And whispered "i love you"
Mhmmm and it whispered "i love you"
Jan 2 · 26
Sad bastard
Abeersingh Jan 2
Ellie asked for candy and coffee and told me about his new lyric
"They see me smiling,they think it's a frown
Turned upside down"
We laughed it away
Jan 2 · 36
Wind's gonna kill me
Abeersingh Jan 2
The winds are so icy
Texture are of dusty fences and
There is a tree so large
Facing some windows and agony
They scream while he plays in his head
The thing they ought to say to survive
Then closes his weary stark eyes and holds his breath for the pause longs to its ugly peak
Then he's walking past the headlights
Wind messing with his hair
And this he sees
A window about the very tree with moonlight
Lit like Prometheus' fire or a very happy dream
But striking nothing but a knife on a kitchen counter
He moves through a medow and past the windy symphony
He witnessed the knife cutting itself to match the sight of the tree
He's on his way to ask for help
But he's too stupid and prideful
Just like his father before him
He hates him the most and still isn't free
Abeersingh Dec 2022
The walls they are standing still
Unusual traffic bestowed upon my heart
I need to catch my breathe before i lose it
Again and again i don't look for realism
Just a fantasy where my frowns are not met with screen faces and laughter that creeps
A fantasy where i become perfect and I'm loved by you as much as you want to love me. Just heard my father say something mean and i left the room mumbling words i personaly kept to support my weight
Am i going to be something big or a candle burnt in heavy winds? Am i to **** myself or just to live for your sake in agony? Am i to be a kick in the eye or in the dark where only you see me?
What if it happens to me on a different day and bridges collapse as sun starts to fade, birds scared, scattered and windows drawn to the waist. It's a village which quiet houses and a rusty swing, a seesaw which ducks painted in red there's a wire with clothes too many for drying staked in form of desperation like someone as sad as ellie wants me to say "come on you stupid *****"
But the bridge was down and so was i, in the end the village was shifting up my horizon like my god wished some time to laugh and say "haven't laughed this hard for so long better stop now before I start crying"
Abeersingh Dec 2022
Hold on to some quietness for heaven's sake
****** nose ring mixed with some
chocolate wedding cake
Poisoning a pill thats kept with a 100 more
Degeneration of subprime mortgage loans
Now the air cools down
Sun starts to choke
Reading some fictional story
About Richard the 4th
Walking past the green light
Heated with misery bells
Shouting everywhere
"Cry for help or death knells"

There is it is again that funny feeling
Oh that funny feeling
There is it is, again that funny feeling
Oh that very feeling

There is some hyperfixation of this very day
It hits me like a single mother
Digging her babies grave
Nature feeling high
rebel against pain
Like crisis that some god
anxiously paved
My cold hands touch
the burning sand
The snows creeps up from the inside
and consumes all land
Perfecting the capture of romance and love
Trying to make sense
feel some ungrateful worth
Now I'm feeling just fine
we were kissing by the way
Tell me I'm here and everything's okay

There it is again, that funny feeling
Oh that funny feeling
Do do do, there it goes my
Body struck to this feeling
Do do do, there goes my
Soul struck to this feeling

Halt the quietness
for the sky starts to rot
Run like headless chickens
In a parking lot
Sink the saddest blues that
you dearly love
High five to the sentence
You secretly bluffed
Build a Lego Gotham city
With your bare hands
Still waiting for that reply
From your only friend
Sinking in that brief smile of
My pretty anxiousness
Slightly dissolving within the range
Of moving abstinence
Dec 2022 · 42
Heaven from hell
Abeersingh Dec 2022
Hold it, the sighs of creme and ****** lips
The sower, kindly drop some shadow
Just hold us deep into that slow breeze
The tainted red would move us together
Imm in deep voice, stark fingers touching
Heaven and everything, it goes against me
Feel some valency, worth, your beauty and
The card that bleached into the lost night
Of moving against the spirit of flowing tides
Crashing between the pores of sand
Around these fingers that crossed some of you so preciously
Now come to me millions of times for the sky breeds some time to die, again
Under the tent of that weird surrounding, the low-sighted buildings, found a hotel named metropolis, and Clark was brooding, flirting, and singing a song
It went like "I had a thought dear.." moving like flashes of sudden melting under the sweet whispering straight at your mouth as I crawled to your face and your lips and your eyes, we moved so quickly
Suddenly I remember, I don't deserve this and a rush of sadness scales down my spine as hell breaks through my eyes while the sky creeps and dies and dies and it screams and dies for time is over and nothing else moves but Clark fidgeting thinking about something else
Nov 2022 · 67
Waiting for someone
Abeersingh Nov 2022
Thoughts are oozing out of sunshine
In some nerdy way
Trying to die heavenly
In a blinding golden way
Watching by the very distance
Of my pretty anxiousness
Sinking in that brief smile
Of my Pink Floyd bliss
There is some cold and distant air
Over this ugly day
Its hits me like a single mother
Digging her babies grave
All i see is peaches
In a sharp and heavy fall
Elliott Smith whispering
"man mitski makes me tall"
The sirens of the bridges
And those soldiers over bay
Dying of bombs less louder
Than the men they slay
Once i had a beautiful dress
Soaked in victory wine
Resembling that tempting feeling
To tear you apart and make mine
But that dress was torn from the town
Town torched by those men
Elliott Smith whispered again
"why are here? For some plan?"
Now i see the younger door
Hanging from a mine
Skinny and anxious waiting for someone
Hinting that brief smile
Never before has he smiled
Oct 2022 · 35
Public immolation
Abeersingh Oct 2022
The shape slides off in every second
The haste shift of my mood with odd friend
Tired of the sunshine sinking on a sullen breath
Please let me touch you in relevance

Consider me
What is the point in believing that soil is falling?
When the earth flirts with my sins and innocence unleashes, unhinges
And then consider me
For i will kiss you properly
Then consider me
For then i will hold you properly

Swans floating with tears dripping
Springs in far distinct veiled galaxies
For it is dark not because i want it to be
Because no kindness is ever lurked with quiet and gentle symphony

Consider me
What is the point in burning pile of pride?
When the water mocks the wood and names it unredeemable and crude
And then consider me
For i will love you properly
And then consider me
For i will feel you properly

Paradigm i would hold you properly and gently
The tale would hate her page and beg us to be born free
Plead the same we wish our results might be
But oh lover, i could feel the burning breeze
But oh lover, i could feel the willow disintegrating
Sep 2022 · 52
Abeersingh Sep 2022
Now see the door hanging from a mile
Its pass the ash tray of promises for sweet divine
The change from a creature of crime
The beast of yesterday's oil soaked with victory wine
The change from devoured limbs numb to ride
To finally the door leading to pride
Sep 2022 · 44
Abeersingh Sep 2022
Does it help to linger in barren soil where none laid before and sail with the captors of our happiness?
Sep 2022 · 27
Lady Glow
Abeersingh Sep 2022
The last of the folded star's light
Dines with a knife in someone's kitchen, once
The silver glow blinds nobody else but the silverware
She waits all too much for that night, that glow
She can't wait and travels east of east in all sums
On the train she finds kites and ribbons hung to cupid, the voice
Who asks "what ere sunrise does not look liberating to your misery?"
The knife doesn't matter to them, the sharpness hollows
Deepens the whisper among the sooth
Makes shifts to riches of cupid and his whispering winds
She leaves for east
Too long she longed east
Nothing felt, nothing sung, nothing bled, nothing called
At the edge of the world she says
"Call out your name love, it won't be long"
Aug 2022 · 32
misery knells
Abeersingh Aug 2022
holding death for misery knells?
shiny werewolf, love, niche, far from day
count mistakes, feelings, run, believe in something
come, pensive poetry, locks, notes, might
say yes, cathy's clown, crimson and clover
kind, no vacancy, dined on the moon
Aug 2022 · 208
The mark in the black sea
Abeersingh Aug 2022
The mark is supposed to be
The clad of them, a heritage of the endless sea
They drown in diamond jars of kings and queens
The heritage is lurked in purge of glee
Helms of the sea are naught like nyx
The sky was stretched to the golden fleece
The mark stretched to frightened Selene
The mark is going to be the pike, pyre, pride
The fuel to burn your enemies
Aug 2022 · 171
I exist I exist I exist
Abeersingh Aug 2022
I'm living my teenage like I was 25 screaming "draw your eyes off me"
Aug 2022 · 154
Abeersingh Aug 2022
Hide in from that yellow mark
The grove of their Helms burnt for an Anthem of your name
The stars bleed and mark these voices of some distant kin
Hide from that charm in an audience of dense clouds
Crave some crude love or hate to run away
Crawl to rescue
Aug 2022 · 149
Abeersingh Aug 2022
The rain is finds me in any sedated fashion
It grooves and moves but not a shy dancer
Its the arrows that make you feel sick and alive
I hate rain
Aug 2022 · 35
hozier and math
Abeersingh Aug 2022
In the dark, something about you screams foe and werewolf
Can I be true?
Aug 2022 · 42
Home, Home again?
Abeersingh Aug 2022
Looking for rainbows and traffic on the street
The voice and faces that fade away
The comprehensive talk before night bleeds into day
Or when there's too little to look at and not much to say about it
That's the only thing to fear
Abeersingh Aug 2022
The lunatic is on the floor with all the drugs and cigarettes on the grass
Aug 2022 · 260
Date in Arkham Asylum
Abeersingh Aug 2022
Romance is only shred human in our love
Aug 2022 · 50
Abeersingh Aug 2022
Some trouble with your sleep? Is it really it?
The whole of this world spun into an acolyte in your dreams
Tell me
What holds you in the grasp of power? The crux of a faded star?
What binds you in pride and certainty? The love for the lonely dark?
The evil got sick of us let alone care
You have nothing to fear
Aug 2022 · 61
The Dark Side of the Moon
Abeersingh Aug 2022
Falling apart, Are you?
Was it worth it?
Why is "The Dark Side of the Moon" on repeat
Home, Home again?
Where are you? Are you trying to escape that burning weight?
Are you dead yet?
How do you die so deathless?
Aug 2022 · 153
Abeersingh Aug 2022
I feel that late run in the bones of her
It dreams and screams like a little kid with bare skin
Aug 2022 · 55
Nothing is
Abeersingh Aug 2022
Let's escape from the past
The blues of tomorrow in shade of yellow
Whats Orpheus doing in trench of this haunt and forest of fires?
Ms Misery calls for some aid looking like Batman
**** a dream of me Mr. Sandman and sprinkle my sand into the endless sea
The punishing cult of Death, swallowed by betrayal
Oh sunlight, die die die. For the long escape of Icarus isn't in dark
I imagine the last shred of truth to be pillar of some pride
Let's escape from this horrid destiny? You and I?
Aug 2022 · 163
Known to me
Abeersingh Aug 2022
The distance of ashes of some
Apple tree,
I have been lost tonight,
I need myself back,
I exist you have to believe me, please.
Eurydice in the absence of dark on a rusty steel swing dreaming about Eden?
Aug 2022 · 80
Abeersingh Aug 2022
The chivalry,
"May we dance?"
The knights were dancing in arms
Then stabbed their ladies and switched places in the sweetest of waltz
Aug 2022 · 73
Abeersingh Aug 2022
The bliss in for the morning
Really pushed you over my space
Negligence and 'Bye' sounding
"Put the money in" and this he says

The lights don't flicker or twist
Rain water slows and it gets ever so cold
The valiant queue fades in the mist
He kills you ,steals that you once sold

Forgive me, hera
There wasn't any way
Please send your lame little mirrors
I need to show how you looked

Lines for buses or just the heat index
The quick glance at my wrist,it's time
The breeze stopped gushing for the best
The ground wasn't as dry or sublime

Sirens in lane like crime wasn't born yet
"I'll work the nightshift" and for true love
"Agony Aunt was burnt alone", you bet?
I left my dreadful seat for a run

And i ran to my rescue
Far away from worldly affairs and fear
The gun the gun the gun
That the bad men used as i slowly ran away from you
Abeersingh Feb 2022
There once was a person
Head over aerial, but what for?
He terribly glanced over the view of statues
Then back to his shoes once more

Hiding from his eyes
He stumped the glories over words of gold
Read it with his anvil sharper than mine
Digging his own words has cost him his bold

Now the man starts to wonder
The meaning of tears and ****** remorse
Blazing in the thought did the man once more
Looked down to the soil his words bore

Now says one in all of thunder’s will
"Bury the Jews...”, and little does the ****’s mind knows
The man had no words, no glory nor blunders
'Death without a handbook' is what he brought

The earth now crumbles in the passion of ****
And now the god vilify to him for words
But now he smiles in hopes for tears to ricochet
Why god? Why be cruel without a pulse?

In the end, that's all he can do in the mist
The heartless compassion to level the soul
Bury a soul or two for you to judge
Why hasn't the man buried himself already?.....
Feb 2022 · 43
Escape velocity of beauty
Abeersingh Feb 2022
The worldly care of the piece of lead,
Today was stary and icy, as i glanced over death.
Choke to ricochet the secrets of living with a head,
'The scream of a wrecked soul' while you bled.

And vigilance of that mask isn't to be heard,
It is the most of evergreen if leafs were hurt.
And Robinson Cursoe isn't that far from my words,
As i am from painting that vigilance in red.

And scenes of fire and the torched sky,
You didn't like my heart to poetically ask "why?".
Exploitation of that very distinction is mine,
A demon isn't a true portrait or art but I'll try.

Be the nobody to digest these claims of glee,
High is the heaven if my god don't fancy me.
Now i rest with the stary mess of a dream,
Am i beautiful knowing that the leafs never bleed?...
Jan 2022 · 56
Autumn bliss
Abeersingh Jan 2022
At the distance of the high autumn requiem
The diary was all he had, unfolded
Words and distinct meaning of the fierce
Wrath of that distinction is that of her

The wrath is the warmth of the morning
It is the sweater from a heart that wishes solitude of good fortune
Fortune so twisted in knaves of his command
It is o'er the blood of blues to imagine him

Leave him, cause a deary heart is too dreamy
Dreamy and flirty, it might ruin this autumn
But a soul is broken if only the rule isn't pretty
The rule was over death but was no more

This feast is neither tasty and nor is it poison
Neither is the epitome of oppression nor power
Neither the women nor the demon
It is the most of him with empty will of existence

So leave me for good as i don't own him
Is the night the sunny day without the eyes
Or is it the vengeance of the god to make me die
Without a last dream.
Apr 2021 · 43
Abeersingh Apr 2021
The empty glitters that rise in doubt
Without the blue of scraping through
The art of kindness in their mind,if any
Was flaunt of being so close to beauty

High on highness that tempts the blee
Toxicity and then closed sealed remorse
Nerves that raise the cliché state,if any
Were far-fetched in the very best of least

Harsh of tolerance and reluctant of interest
Still these glitters rise in doubt to be
Something close to wonder,if any
Were left that we didn't doom instantly
Apr 2021 · 37
Hold me down easy
Abeersingh Apr 2021
Driving so keenly,
glancing at the back
Oh I see you comfortable there,
unlike my past

On the road of the town,
gently unspoken
Raging against my luck,
but celebrating for this win

Remorse of this shyness,
dreamt inside so pretty
I can't hold you down easy,
my arms are already heavy

On this light so bright,
I count the glitters that fit
Because my own is not sure,
if she buys it
Feb 2021 · 93
The rule is pretty
Abeersingh Feb 2021
Bleak in your highness, i disagree
Remember the shrine of drunken hades,
Kind in species of the honest spies
Like the dead Hephaestion, Alexander's lover.

So fine love is, sweet to ceto and the sea
Dancing in shadows of the high lords
Is a lonesome girl, without any lover or trust
A girl with childrens of blood and death, Medusa

"Feel so cheated by love "said Amphitrite
Its not her fault but is, as she loved the lonesome ocean
She fancy the misery of Oizys and the darkness of Nyx
Because the rule is pretty
Oct 2020 · 151
The lonesome moon
Abeersingh Oct 2020
The winter is long and dark as the moon stares down the earth
He glides over clouds to peak at the gods heart but it was black and burned,  
He sensed the way to reach glory along with flowers and gingerwine
But troubled with the heart of gods, his tongue was nervous as words might slip and yeild his hidden sin
The lonesome moon met my gods and prayed to their souls but senses were not dead for the eye
They said" it was heavy"
Oct 2020 · 149
Sailing away
Abeersingh Oct 2020
I have been sailing away my own true love
I have been sailing away since morning.
Though my hands were tied and skin lost its grip,
Though my eyes that burn were blind in faith.

I have been sailing away my own true love
I have been sailing away till dark
Oh, My body was broken and they trudged up my soul
They slayed my heart but it was tear-downed by hope.

I have been sailing away my own true love
I will sail away until you show up.
Oh ,Light in the beacon is a light for all,
Light in the wrong one is only a sin for gods.

I have been sailing away my own true love
I will sail away until you show up.
Oh, fear is a place where dogs shrink away,
Not for their temptations or sharpness but their ability to pray.

I sailed away my lost true love
I sailed away waiting.
Oh my love it's fine,it's all over now
Let's sail away without home.
Oct 2020 · 51
Hanging symphony
Abeersingh Oct 2020
I shout to the clouds of the torned-up town,
They said they were hefty so my endeavors drowned.
The town was drunk to a hallucinated sin,
Like a soul on the swing disturbed by his molested scene.

Obnoxiously lamping the soil to bury the truths,
My wretched life shrieked to the hanged forbidden riots,
Their voices were shut and gits were rolled  out,
The hanging symphony of death left no shadow by their houses.
Sep 2020 · 48
Abeersingh Sep 2020
The people chatter about my soul but couldn't see me dead
I had currency without having a single blood drop by my armor
The thickness of my blood was Humorous for very soil where my grave lied
My heart was stuck  by this symphony named  Dulori
But no love I could recall her senses or tongue could  let loose
A woman who made me bled because she thinks I slayed her
Sep 2020 · 158
Abeersingh Sep 2020
A fine old village with a family but no answer to a phase
The abuse is the only refinement her endeavors could ever dream
A radical thing about her heart  was doomed with a shadow without a glance
I loved the sense of her feel that I never touched completely
A love that wasn't full of clouds or breeze that I adore
But struggle of the pain crawled to very eye of me
Telling me to never stop loving her
Here I rest, a poet romanticizing a single word she quoted
"No...."(with no desire, dulori)
Abeersingh Sep 2020
To the tree that rest on its history
Will have its blood wasted
No good can happen to things with their horcrux not visible to perceive
She the young that could only give me gains and symphony of life I believe
But it was a boring woman, unbearable but a goblet of my mysteries
No wonder I saw the goblet burning with flames and no word but sounds of injustice she screamed
I saw the tree black and wounded so thought I of the lady
I asked the dying soul"what happens to your shed once blacked out"

She with no feeling to despair said"you shall be obsessed with the
idea for a fornite but no justice will we receive"
Sep 2020 · 61
A trust of strangers
Abeersingh Sep 2020
These reckless little thieves that could but behold your command but couldn't question
As there hands are tied with falling goodbyes and sympathy that they swear to taste
No mercy did these strangers receive,
The courage failed and these strangers were killed by the greater pain of lesser fear
They juggled their sense figuring out the tone of their endeavouring love
It turned out to be abuse
Sep 2020 · 244
Abeersingh Sep 2020
No glory or irony for me to seek
Sweet death for you and a rope in hand for your love to hang from a tree
He settled in your arm and soul and his spirit wondered and got lost in the empty sky
Like a thought in this breeze;
No water or love can wash this blood that moves down my spine and rests on my hands
Well no irony did I receive,
I remember he crawled and screamed as the slashes of Blade painted that pain
I do know that pain but there was irony that she receive
Here my soul rests by the crime I never committed or the blood I never tasted
Here I die with no irony printed by this tree
Sep 2020 · 52
Abeersingh Sep 2020
"Her hand was cold, and she cried for the sake of her mysterious unusual love"  said people  
The immortality of her blank face wasn't her at all but was
She the young woman who loved her look ignoring the horrors of her past
They had a family with angry strangers and loved ones
But she was killed by an accident without innocence or guilt
The immortal is the thought dear, that doesn't have a face...
Sep 2020 · 71
Halfway mystery
Abeersingh Sep 2020
The interior of her heart is tuned with glory
Her spirit lived in the void, screaming in the Halfway mystery
Sep 2020 · 103
The talk...
Abeersingh Sep 2020
The dark laughs to the forest of tomb
But it wasn't her faith but doom
The chapter turned no fear of death to her existence
But the gigles and talk of the people wasn't farfetched and close enough to **** her
Sep 2020 · 46
Abeersingh Sep 2020
To the voice that alarm my people,
No wonder she bled recalling it,
There is a lust more like an envy roaring for love,  
It is engendered by the echoes in the chamber of her chest.  
To the fires in the forest of memories,  
And the horrors of the forest  dancing and flirting with her soul,
High as the nerve without pulse or false,  drowning in the very soil
The soil so clean as the lines she drew

— The End —