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Under the falling rain
Like heavenly showers
But this rain is from Victoria Falls
Swallowing me up in mysteries
I can't perceive, I don't understand
As I am wrapped in embrace
Of the awe of wonders
And splendor and majesty
That commands glory
Cascading in rapids
Catapulting me into the unknown
Coverings in favour unending.
 Dec 2022 Abeersingh
 Dec 2022 Abeersingh
soft and whispering
your words
like a stab in the chest
make me feel
(about singer-songwriter Elliot Smith)
 Dec 2022 Abeersingh
poinsettias and
pine needles and
cranberry spice and

the golden lights reflected in your eyes,
your hand rising to touch my face, and


you dissolve back into the pool of my daydreams,
our memories swept downstream in the river of my mind
gone as quick as they came, cold, unforgiving, never mine
You are
the constant
I struggle
to be
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