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Abeersingh Aug 2022
I'm living my teenage like I was 25 screaming "draw your eyes off me"
Abeersingh Aug 2022
Hide in from that yellow mark
The grove of their Helms burnt for an Anthem of your name
The stars bleed and mark these voices of some distant kin
Hide from that charm in an audience of dense clouds
Crave some crude love or hate to run away
Crawl to rescue
Abeersingh Aug 2022
The rain is finds me in any sedated fashion
It grooves and moves but not a shy dancer
Its the arrows that make you feel sick and alive
I hate rain
Abeersingh Aug 2022
In the dark, something about you screams foe and werewolf
Can I be true?
Abeersingh Aug 2022
Looking for rainbows and traffic on the street
The voice and faces that fade away
The comprehensive talk before night bleeds into day
Or when there's too little to look at and not much to say about it
That's the only thing to fear
Abeersingh Aug 2022
The lunatic is on the floor with all the drugs and cigarettes on the grass
Abeersingh Aug 2022
Romance is only shred human in our love
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