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Abeersingh Nov 10
Thoughts are oozing out of sunshine
In some nerdy way
Trying to die heavenly
In a blinding golden way
Watching by the very distance
Of my pretty anxiousness
Sinking in that brief smile
Of my Pink Floyd bliss
There is some cold and distant air
Over this ugly day
Its hits me like a single mother
Digging her babies grave
All i see is peaches
In a sharp and heavy fall
Elliott Smith whispering
"man mitski makes me tall"
The sirens of the bridges
And those soldiers over bay
Dying of bombs less louder
Than the men they slay
Once i had a beautiful dress
Soaked in victory wine
Resembling that tempting feeling
To tear you apart and make mine
But that dress was torn from the town
Town torched by those men
Elliott Smith whispered again
"why are here? For some plan?"
Now i see the younger door
Hanging from a mine
Skinny and anxious waiting for someone
Hinting that brief smile
Never before has he smiled
Abeersingh Oct 20
The shape slides off in every second
The haste shift of my mood with odd friend
Tired of the sunshine sinking on a sullen breath
Please let me touch you in relevance

Consider me
What is the point in believing that soil is falling?
When the earth flirts with my sins and innocence unleashes, unhinges
And then consider me
For i will kiss you properly
Then consider me
For then i will hold you properly

Swans floating with tears dripping
Springs in far distinct veiled galaxies
For it is dark not because i want it to be
Because no kindness is ever lurked with quiet and gentle symphony

Consider me
What is the point in burning pile of pride?
When the water mocks the wood and names it unredeemable and crude
And then consider me
For i will love you properly
And then consider me
For i will feel you properly

Paradigm i would hold you properly and gently
The tale would hate her page and beg us to be born free
Plead the same we wish our results might be
But oh lover, i could feel the burning breeze
But oh lover, i could feel the willow disintegrating
Abeersingh Sep 28
Now see the door hanging from a mile
Its pass the ash tray of promises for sweet divine
The change from a creature of crime
The beast of yesterday's oil soaked with victory wine
The change from devoured limbs numb to ride
To finally the door leading to pride
Abeersingh Sep 15
Does it help to linger in barren soil where none laid before and sail with the captors of our happiness?
Abeersingh Sep 7
The last of the folded star's light
Dines with a knife in someone's kitchen, once
The silver glow blinds nobody else but the silverware
She waits all too much for that night, that glow
She can't wait and travels east of east in all sums
On the train she finds kites and ribbons hung to cupid, the voice
Who asks "what ere sunrise does not look liberating to your misery?"
The knife doesn't matter to them, the sharpness hollows
Deepens the whisper among the sooth
Makes shifts to riches of cupid and his whispering winds
She leaves for east
Too long she longed east
Nothing felt, nothing sung, nothing bled, nothing called
At the edge of the world she says
"Call out your name love, it won't be long"
Abeersingh Aug 28
holding death for misery knells?
shiny werewolf, love, niche, far from day
count mistakes, feelings, run, believe in something
come, pensive poetry, locks, notes, might
say yes, cathy's clown, crimson and clover
kind, no vacancy, dined on the moon
Abeersingh Aug 20
The mark is supposed to be
The clad of them, a heritage of the endless sea
They drown in diamond jars of kings and queens
The heritage is lurked in purge of glee
Helms of the sea are naught like nyx
The sky was stretched to the golden fleece
The mark stretched to frightened Selene
The mark is going to be the pike, pyre, pride
The fuel to burn your enemies
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