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Apr 30 · 21
Ann The Day
Derek DM Apr 30
In a wisp
In a way
we come together

we stray

An ethereal run
is our bond,
fortune's fun
is our song

Yet in words
and in strokes
fill paragraphed

Ends of the days
harrowing ways
Keep drawing us in
together, not fitting in

We set forth
in service of love
in the mud

Never together
Never apart.
Jul 2019 · 123
There is no why
Derek DM Jul 2019
Those minuscule moments of clarity and purpose
Fill my days with longing
To die knowing I can’t live there
Apr 2018 · 152
The End
Derek DM Apr 2018
I think I've reached that point
Where giving up and going on
Are both the same dead end to me
Are both the same old song

I think I've reached that point
Where every wish has come true
And tired disguised oblivion
Is everything I do

Please stop loving me
Please stop loving me
I am none of these things

I am none of these things
None of these things

I think I've reached that point
Where all the things you have to say
And hopes for something more from me
Are just games to pass the time away

Please stop loving me
Please stop loving me
I am none of these things

I am none of these things
I am none of these things

I think I've reached that point
Where every word that you write
Of every blood dark sea
And every soul black night
And every dream you dream me in
And every perfect free from sin
And burning eyes
And hearts on fire
Are just the same old song

Please stop loving me
Please stop loving me
I am none of these things
Why write at all when Robert Smith says it so perfectly?
Apr 2018 · 85
The Glory of Being
Derek DM Apr 2018
Show me your scars
Let me kiss them
with knowing
then add to them my own
For breathless screaming
Is the kindness in your heart
The release of your soul
The payment of your being

Where the whip **** alone
Into the whitened pillow
That is buried the center
Of your pleasure, and pain
Now markers of the honor
We pay to this reality
The golden broken core
of your hidden apple's
seeds now splayed.
Dec 2017 · 187
Nowhere to go
Derek DM Dec 2017
The Front
A muddy black line
of demarcation
In the filled
treads of boots
Trudged through
the rain of your
tempers and
lost intentions
Now stuck between
making a peace
and fighting on
a losing battle
where holding
our arms
is the only
yet wrong
place to go
Nowhere to win
Nothing left to lose
Every day is a struggle.
Nov 2017 · 149
Be Alive
Derek DM Nov 2017
We point our bold fingers into shelves of our dangers and horridly
plow Through the triggers of now where we only can serve the the
greater number with nerve in old style blue steel in which nothing
can heal            only
take it                back
now I think they
are ready to
know that
the greater
the number
the quicker
the slumber
So sick of the violence
Nov 2017 · 327
Today's Note
Derek DM Nov 2017
A green angry
bottle of ****
Nasty ogre of
endless remiss
In oozing
Hammers in
breathy credence
Defy we they
Her that say so
And he that
cowers in every show
In so much greater
they number
The mess of my
horrid old lumber
Most definitely
It's all that they

Despite from
this efforts
Being nice and
Laid comforts
An exhaustive
dumb repetoire
Of convulsive
nice quagmire
It is never enough
Just an affliction
of being
A car on the ice
Another monsterous
In each day fro
And so it must end
There's no way to stop
never to mend.
My poetry has really gone to ****. It doesn't even matter.
Oct 2017 · 191
Derek DM Oct 2017
we lay there on cotton
betwixt each limb of thread
woven covers of soft
Fibrous fingers touched
the light skin mellow
in window-diffused light
where spun yarns and yard
pull us down into the flats
along valley floors of arms
and legs crossed in hope
of feeling the lightness
bound by the pressure
of your breath on my cheek
Luxurious soft air
brushed by soft shuttle
atop my body and soul
Oct 2017 · 156
Just Freedom
Derek DM Oct 2017
I see them play there
A wild open affair
Through chain links
pressed to my cheeks
They climb and they shout
and Slide and they pout
Fell into the sand
Again pulled up by hand
And back down again
like clumsy young men
Over and over they go
Like an enchanted show
I watch through the grate
And weep at their fate
They cry and they crash
In a bundle they mash
Ecstatic each minute
I wish I was in it.
Oct 2017 · 175
Derek DM Oct 2017
Fingertips to palms
Forehead to forehead
Noses are the rub
Lips part between
Solemn breaths
Magic tastes
Like luck
In rosy skins
pressed together
In darkness
The floating peril
Lips and arms
Tender me
Sep 2017 · 107
The Here and Now
Derek DM Sep 2017
In a loop flung far
Golden whisps or air
slide in the nothingness
A day-dreamers stare
The end of a tale
A start to our death
The moment we're born
Our first gasps of breath
It's a slide along gravel
Each stone has its pluck
A bed that's well traveled
Yet impossibly stuck

This air's all I know
These shoes on my feet
In two moments their gone
Two moments too sweet
Let us now clasp palms
And together steal along
In blustery loops
Until we are gone.
Sep 2017 · 166
Fight for Nothing
Derek DM Sep 2017
Set Aloft in fabled scale
Our heroes fought and they wailed
Ascoff at the heretic way
Against which he'd kneel and pray
In Sordid aerial ritual fashion
Deposed with an aural passion
That helm against Helen goes
While little fingers and toes depose
Those who fight to stay aloft
crushing those with figures soft
Continued on in settled aims
Some will settle with only fame
For at the end, blood becomes dust
The floating hollowness of what is must.
Aug 2017 · 163
Derek DM Aug 2017
There is no art.
Only the scribblings of madness
Bled onto a paper or canvas
Dying to run out
To cure in the heat
Of our own light
Where it birthed
And died
In the same breath
Of each stroke
In each every hue
The story of us
leaks into the air
Onto a medium
That is set before us
on long sodden sheets
Originally white and pure
We then set apart
To begin
There is no art
Only Sin.
Our expression is part of us. Quit judging it.
Aug 2017 · 189
Walking In the Night
Derek DM Aug 2017
We walk ever into the night
Hands unclasped
Heel to toe
Trying not to stumble
I can only hear your breath
Sense that you are there
But otherwise
We walk ever into the night

Our fingers collide and mesh
Matching steps
Into a path of darkness
Where I feel you
And your breath
In cadence with mine
Into the darkness, sublime
Aug 2017 · 87
It's a Release
Derek DM Aug 2017
Sign here, please
To be on your knees
Scraped by my tongue
Tied to your lower rung
It's just time to let go
Go with this flow
Don't decide how to please
I will set you with ease
Because you can't even move
Without me to approve
Or rather set you in motion
In your sallow little emotion
A cut just to feel
At the **** of my heel
We will come together
And make our own weather
Jul 2017 · 276
Derek DM Jul 2017
Bless me here now
On my knees I shrink
To their benevolence
In the shadow of shrines
Where soundly sleeps
the Hypocrisy of time
The sage loss of knowing
That nothing is new
Under the sun

So speak to me
In your new tones
and tell me the story
that Changed it all
For you and for me
So that we care
Or wouldn't you dare?
Bring me so forth
To the altar of time

Where I have cheated
and stole, and pressed on
This flesh for love
Of my own time
In the mornings of light
You and I will see
Where the bodies they lay
And where they go on.
Jul 2017 · 306
Derek DM Jul 2017
In sweeter hushed tones
across your own lovelied zones
We walked along in Fields
Where tall lavender shields
Our toes from the sun
Into soft dirt that we've spun
Where you lifted your skirt
As we crossed this fair earth
Into a meadow of grass
Where one word would sound crass
Against the buzz of your bees
The shuffling of our knees
Through this spring thicket
We tread on further in it
Unto your laughter we fall
Into a deer-bedded wall
Where the sun catches so
Forever here I will go.
Jun 2017 · 257
Derek DM Jun 2017
The lash
It cuts
With each blink of your eye
The swat
A welt in your thigh
The pull
Your hair
Drawing us back in
The whip
Beach blanket skin
Come back
For each word
We never have to say
Just mind
It matters
The reasons we stay
May 2017 · 235
Make It Stop
Derek DM May 2017
A constant buzz
Lies, just because
There isn't a truth
In being uncouth
It is just how I am
A feeling of ******
Even if I did
Still just a kid
In the gooey middle
Of every day's riddle
To stand up and be
Or finally flee
May 2017 · 291
Nisi Dominus - Cum Dederit
Derek DM May 2017
No little script
That I have wrought
Could be so perfect
So tightly fraught
With such tones
and Temperament
With your bones
And subtle inference
Yet there you hum
Whilst I write
To catch a crumb
Of your in-finite
Sing a hallow
Gold, cold refrain
So I may swallow
And remain in-sane
For the aria, my dear
Splays my soul
And such, I fear
Might that, be all
Il Supremo, Vivaldi
May 2017 · 186
The Conundrum
Derek DM May 2017
There are no such thing as rules
Only consequences, fools
To which will you obey?
For life here is Okay
Each is a line in the sands
Within our own lands

There is no curfew
Or end to what is you
Just a floral curtain
that waves as you peek
Into what you crave
The cursed outer wish
A sedimentary dish
Layered in part
by the path to your heart

So how do we go?
Past the pain
I don't know
We only subside
In the dramas we hide
Under a line in the sand
Buried deep by our hand
We've buried a goose
That's become our own noose
and Now that we know
The deeper we go
Until we decide
No longer can we hide
Can we unleash our soul?
Let everything go?

There is no one to be
There is nothing to see
Just the thing that it is
the joy that we miss
But only you see
If we can let it be
And not let it care
The scorn and the stares
of those still caught
For those lives are still fraught
With the lines in the sand
The invisible hand
Where we spend our whole lives
sharpening knives
Lost to the drum
Of lives never won.
May 2017 · 187
The Line
Derek DM May 2017
What did you say?
Come here you, pray
I tell you the truth
With deniable proof
That you are just fine
Because you are all mine
Those bites that you feel
Are all that is real
Let me tell you
There are but a few
Rules in the end
The kind that I send
At the end of a rod
There is only God
I know you will see
What it is to be me
With unlimited love
And hands from above
Just do what I say
And together we'll pray.
May 2017 · 174
Your Place
Derek DM May 2017
It's a cute little cut
at the bottom of your lip
Where the blood flows
Purple and pink

Now take my hand
and let's not plan
Just walk down here
With all your fear

My rings don't mean
Really... anything
Just a shooting sport
of the cutting sort

You try to be suave
All wrapped up in gauze
With your eyes all lit
With that last hit

There's no where to go
Where you won't know
Exactly what I mean
When you try to be keen

The scars of our trust
Don't seem much like lust
But we know just how
We like it to be now.
May 2017 · 195
to do
Derek DM May 2017
It's a long list
Bullet points
Of inanity
That reaches
Into the ******
of each day
and pulls out
The results
of my workings
May 2017 · 324
Derek DM May 2017
Show me yours
The Energy
Behind your ideas
Your love of what is
With that sprightly mind
Boost our hopes
Of importance
In something that isn't
Create it within
Your cells
Show me yours
How we can be
Than what is without
The mark of your
Fake it til you make it.
Derek DM May 2017
For days we liased
Along lines and trains
Til we came upon a town
Wet with rice paddies
Steeped in Uji

This area is famous
He said
For centuries we make tea.
I nodded and drank.

To the sea
We marched slowly
Along busy roads
Crashing waves
to a small family shack

This area is famous
He said
Teriyaki and Eel
Eating a delicacy of spine

Into the mountains
Fuji welcomed us
To orchards
And High spirits
In the snowy dome

This area is famous
He said
The fruit basket
Drown in sweet wine

So we fly
To electric billboards
and modern architecture
The pride of industry
In hazy skyline

Hiroshima is very famous
He Said
Really, Why is Hiroshima famous?
For Atomic Bomb!
May 2017 · 1.0k
The Great Spirit
Derek DM May 2017
Every atom here
is connected to yours

If we'd only listen
Not with ears
Or see with eyes

Not with brains
or Skin
Only within

You are not there
and I not here
We are one

In a blazing sun
Of colliding
and confiding

It's your being
and mine
May 2017 · 264
I lie
Derek DM May 2017
On my belly
I conspire
To Live
A life of crime

Glory above
There is no
Such thing as
No Values

All fortunes
and deeds
become dusty

On the horizon
There is only
A legacy
of old jokes

Passed down
through births
and marriages
across towns

Held up
by gunpoints
and finger

Pinned down
by church
and Casseroles

Propped up
by war stories
and movies
About heroes

Brought down
by their own
In the dust
May 2017 · 192
Derek DM May 2017
They are there
Under the stoop
With a brown paper bag
The familiar buzz
A mother's gift
Grandfather's watch
With a familiar tock
Rocking on high
With familiar cries
Smiling now in spite
of what's wrong
Or what's right.

I can see the wheel turning
The consciousness
There is nothing else here
No choice but what is
Down deep in his
Buried deep in his brain
Tis but a grain
Called the truth
Of our being
May 2017 · 209
A Memory
Derek DM May 2017
It's raining outside
There's no one about
Just droopy eyes
and forever shade
Pushing deep breaths
Into a wet shiver
That wash clean
The salty drops
Of  a morning empty
Except the shiny dew
Of when I met you.
May 2017 · 221
Just Wander
Derek DM May 2017
Just to be
Beneath a sea
Of ice and whiskey

Atop a bar
Somewhere far

Or, Miami Beach
Within arm reach
Or to beseech

My new friend
To go round the bend
To find the token

See the sight
Spend the night.
Get in a fight

All on a plane
Hills in the rain
The palm of some Jane

F'ever roam
Never home
Only a Stone

A black mark
Forever Dark
On my life's chart.
Apr 2017 · 190
The Brain
Derek DM Apr 2017
When you are engaged
In a practice of whole,
Concentrated madness
Where nothing else
Is with you. Now.
This is real life.

Shut it off
Impulses fire
In lies and ire
Only to Keep
You Home.
My brain is a ******* compulsive liar.
Apr 2017 · 1.0k
Derek DM Apr 2017
When did we call become so

Infuriated by the rain
and the sunshine

Impatient to run
and wait in line

Insecure of space
and empty time

In days where the end
was made by the farmer's hand
pinching the flame out

There were only rows
the sun and rain made
over a season grow
Apr 2017 · 224
Derek DM Apr 2017
It's not about me
They are busy

Making ends meet
Chasing a hidden dream
Digging out of depression
Caring for their wife's cancer
Raising three children alone
Watching parents lose their minds
Raising a child with epilepsy
Grieving a suicide in the family
Recovering from an accident
Sleeping next to an unloving husband
Coping with social anxiety
Waiting for death
Being afraid

That's why
A call isn't returned
The bill wasn't paid
They showed up late
Their part wasn't prepared
She snapped at me
He cut me off
They didn't answer.

They put up a good show.
Competence is their cover.
So when they slip,
It must be about me.
Apr 2017 · 151
Derek DM Apr 2017
Quiet inward wail
We inexoribly rail
Against the russet
Stench of ourselves
The waving dismissal
Of reality kills

But here is our flesh
Here is our blood
pressed against glass
Pressing on the gas
Hoping to go fast
Always hoping

The stars shine
Do you see them?
Those tiny moments
In the skies
When We stop
and When we lie

We can stop
The horrid chase
The banal case
Just shine on
In your own skin
Through your own din

Scars and wrinkles
Pecks and prods
Nebulae and nova
Smear color
Into the voids
Of our days
Apr 2017 · 564
Derek DM Apr 2017
It is a tiny little box
To write a poem in.
Like a frame before
The painter begins.
But such as it is.
I am but the guest.
What can I care
But hope for best.
In starched white
Blessed chair
I sit the *** of my
words down here.
I am usually pretty good with change... when they are positive. I guess most people must write their trash on their phones.
Apr 2017 · 586
Thin Raised Line
Derek DM Apr 2017
While plucking, prodding, pulling
Defacing the nature
Of our own wildernesses
Apr 2017 · 526
Derek DM Apr 2017
Laced betwixt each knuckle
Of hardened, crafted hand
Villainy laid buckled
Etched in ink and sand

Hostile thoughts, now yearning
Against each ***** so new
Till each hand left burning
Everything left was you.
Apr 2017 · 921
Derek DM Apr 2017
When you think the battle's ever won
By hundred spear, sword, or gun
In slashing, pillaged mortal right
Come together, for now we fight
Think not upon your mortal dread
Will fail you even when you're dead
The battle will for ever clatter on
Praised in joyous kinds of song
By gruesome men in drunken seige
The fight for the end is your liege
Not your pitiless sacred stone
Or the loved one left back home
But to fall upon the largest stage
The coming of the end of days
Honor and sacrifice is what will tell
The lasting sequence, the final bell
So stop ye now your idle chatter
Sharpen that what really matters
Try to remember what was done
The Sword, the Spear, or Gun.
The fight never ends.
Apr 2017 · 494
You Are Now Connected
Derek DM Apr 2017
O'er lakes and ponds, skyscrapers too
With lashes, hooks or skyward beam
Furious synapses sparked and they grew
Systems of masters and slaves team
To recreate what the earth already knew
As told by the heavens and the seam

As cool rivers flow and airy winds blow
The lights and the sounds reverberate here
Calling to us in broad spectacular show
Til it is no longer the darkness we fear
Blades of leaves and the grass bellow
But what they say is no longer clear

On, forth, the improv of our sale
We trudge onward with no regrets.
Now each connected by our grail
Lost, except within hearts of poets
The stars still shine and tell their tale
Obscured by the lights of our sets
Prompt: Write about the internet
Apr 2017 · 399
Why We Write
Derek DM Apr 2017
There is a never ending toll
Down, in the deep pit of our soul
In a constant, trembled churning
A house-fire e'er brightly burning
While we, trapped scramble inside
As the smoke and heat, they rise
We stand to face the black smoke
Move forth, stumble, cough, and choke
Eyes squint in blearied raging reds
Yet we must shuffle on ahead
With our loved ones right by our side
Together press to find the rise
Where the air and heat are clear
To Stop and move beyond our fear
Finally, fresh breaths fill our sides
Til we find, someone was left inside.
Derek DM Apr 2017
It's really a ruse
Not to confuse
The body with
the Mind.
In cold, disparate spaces
In careless, drab faces
Pushing us
to lose that behind
But really it's knocking
what's under that stocking
hat that you wear
all the time
You know who you're fooling
When this drive starts cooling
You can't push this body
without changing your mind.
Mar 2017 · 193
Derek DM Mar 2017
I don't ever see
the reasoning
behind your knee
or the beat you'll be
in reckoning
when you come to me

But bent in holy
S wept in time
Along the trees
but not in mind

Keep me here
Beckoning to be
in houses of the holy
to be free
Mar 2017 · 261
We Can Be Different
Derek DM Mar 2017
I can see through
The way you put it
In drab olive tones
Like sketches of people
Drawn in invisible ink
Where the page is the only color
And the lines are a haze
of forgotten notions
and history

Today lets make a line
Perhaps only in pencil
H8 with light strokes
And erasable mistakes
An outline of your heart
On rosy-rolled papers
Create soft perspectives
until the day
We draw in ink.
Mar 2017 · 269
States of Being
Derek DM Mar 2017
I sat in my morning chair
The newspaper in my hands
As my fingers creased the print
I saw no words or story
But instead wondered
What will become of us?
Mar 2017 · 185
Derek DM Mar 2017
Hold on tightly
Then let go
A top spinning
Grateful pirouette
Above, in the sky
Til one toe lands
Unto the earth
Twirls into dust
A blurred joy
Of balanced brazenry
Unto ***** knees
And bloodied palms
Beckon downward
Until your hands
Pull the string again
Mar 2017 · 219
Derek DM Mar 2017
Is there any thing that holds so dear
With the constant clucking in my ear?
In a coursing heat pumping through
Till fills my chest when I see you.

Nothing so much tho brave engendered
To gaze upon this curve so tender
Where the force of life and living grows
Behind thine eye and ears and nose

Supple sheet of melting wax caress
In covered stone beating now in excess
The moment and means of all my fill
Joined and released in a silken still.
Feb 2017 · 681
Derek DM Feb 2017
In a moment of glaring dead ecstasy
The foothold edge wedged down
The world spun into oblivion
Awakened into creamy havoc
On graveled hands and knees
Bludgeoned crevasses
In a dusty cowl of contempt
Toes betray ****** bow
A rocky curtsy of know how
Shake and stand in disdain
Our own dignity stained
Feb 2017 · 148
Space and Time
Derek DM Feb 2017
Let there be just the air
The drift of suns and moons
Across arms and backs
Through lips and lungs
Down into souls opened
Within windy spaces carved
Caverns of certain depths
Shelves of vague sets
Assembling nothingness
Along lines of long eras
Only leading to the end.
Feb 2017 · 213
Nothing at All
Derek DM Feb 2017
Nisi Dominus Frustra
Scant legible tantra
Muscled marbled muse
Adorned, confused
Standing in Massivity
Before us, behind us.
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