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summer time
I vividly remember from being a child
the front door wide open, I felt the heat of concrete
strike my tiny feet and the cracks where fire ants gushed out like a nasty wound only to attack my soft flesh
I remember the feeling of the sun, so bright, so radiant.
How it would make my skin glow and burn
I remember my body draped in warm air
and how my skin was wrapped with gusts of gentle winds
with flowers blooming through my veins
summer time
I only live to remember those memories
that meant the most to me
because now,
the sun does not touch my skin.
I do not get a glimpse of the bright beauty
I am draped in my covers and sheets
my skin is wrapped in thick black
and weeds are growing through my veins
because now,
every season feels so dull, so bland
summer is no longer summer
summer is what I've turned summer into
every season is numb and emptiness
summer is no longer warm enough to thaw my heart
winter, spring, summer, fall.
they are no longer seasons but words,
to claim what one is feeling
Emptiness is my summer
my winter
my spring
and my
i love you enough
        to want to love myself too
I ****** all the love I can get
        out of myself
and I poured it into the depths
                 of your soul.
I decided that only loving you
                 would put my love
                         to good use
because I am woman of scars
              and traumatic memories
when I heard my
          heartbeat pound in my ears
slipping away from reality
          and when the pages of the
only heart-filled words
                    I can ever say
       were smeared with my
reminding me that the only
                          love that I'd feel
was the love deep within me
              slipping away from
   my grasp
        only to fill your empty
spaces that I couldn't
                     do for myself.
you, my love
you have walked through hell
and still you are an angel
If you never came out
you'd make hell my home.
when I was alone,
I looked up to see the stars
and told them about you,
I told them that somewhere
in the vast number of galaxies
and in all the space and time  
in the world
somewhere in the universe,
would be our home.
I think about the day
when I'll melt into your arms
and stay there,
for all eternity.
My love for poetry started with pen and paper
and the thought of you
If I could tell you all that
you bring into my mind

I would say

You can put out fires
with your ocean eyes.
You can outshine the sun
with your radiant smile.
Your laugh can instantly become
the soundtrack of my life.
You have me behind your back
following the scent of milk & honey.
You are the art i've hung on my wall
and stood staring for hours
You make me want to stuff sand
in your eyes to stop the flood
Your name reaches my grasp in the
endless love poems written for you
You make up every star that creates
the constellation of love I have for you

If I could tell you all that
you bring into my mind
Remember the past when you thought
you wouldn't make it to the future ?

Remember those memories that
you thought were just dreams ?

Remember the feeling of death when
you thought you were losing your life ?

Remember seeing hell at every corner when
you thought you wouldn't make it to heaven ?

live to remember
that you are stronger than ever
The sound of your voice is baby blue
and your laugh is all kinds of yellow
Your smile is aquamarine
and your eyes are every shade of brown
You smell like magenta when you are close  
you are every color
that i think of
when I am
color blind
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