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Daniel 5d
That awkward kid
sitting in the back
of the class room
is holding on for
dear life
and the pencil in its hand
seems so heavy.

But nobody is helping the kid carry.

                                                         ­                                                  Danny
Daniel Sep 10
have any
person close
to me, a person
I can turn to when
things get tough &
I have no place left
to             call home,
no             roof´s left
that could be above
my head. Not even
the door of a friend
would be willing to
open for me to enter

                                                          ­                                                  Danny
tried something new
Daniel Jul 12
Please stay patient.
You may not believe me
but the right people will come along
and turn into your home.

Even when the corners of your lips forgot
how to raise themselves upwards,
they will slowly learn that again
because these people will dive right
into your heart.

Their arms will always be
wrapped around your body,
their scent always there,
just like their laughter echoing
in the back of your mind.

You will gladly hand them your heart
and show them your vulnerable side
because you know they would never hurt you
and always keep you safe.

- even when that means
protecting you
from you.

Daniel Jun 15
That sweet orange juice
dripping from your
rosy lips

makes me imagine how addictive
their sticky taste
could be.

Daniel May 11
He´s the guy having fun
rolling down the fresh green
and ignoring the aftermath.

He´s coloured with
the brightest reds
of european sunsets

and has a smile
so bright
it shines all your problems

Daniel May 11
Places untouched by human beings
will cease to exist
for the human kind
will never stop destroying.

Daniel Mar 6
I suffer
In the most beautiful way possible.
If you break my heart
You will see
How beautifully
You have broken me.

And I know already
that you will enjoy
the words
I will force out of me

until the moment you realize
that with my words I
threw a huge responsibility on you
too -
I made you the pen
I wrote my suicide note with.

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