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Sometimes with the Heart
Seldom with the Soul
Scarcer once with the Might
Few—love at all.
A wisp of breath
The brightest of smiles
A case of theft
A set of trials

My heart to take

Garden in my mind
Flowers in the air
Formerly blind
Eyes like Eyre

My heart to break

Hair like sunset
Beauty like light
I'll never forget
Our brilliant night

My heart taken
My palms are shaken
butterflies airborne
no longer fore-lorn
My heart is smiling, I've never met a girl like this.
I surrounded myself
in the walls
of her

and suffocated
Not necessarily bad, but when you can love someone so much you wrap yourself in it, and in a sense suffocate happily. Yet at the same time, it could hurt you in return.
Cigarettes and Starbucks
I'm living life
I promise I won't pick up that knife
Reading your old books
And speaking of you kindly
Wondering about you
You keep your head held highly
I would bow to you in an instant
I would forgive you no resistance
I could give you more than that
I mean let's just face facts
I'm falling in love with loneliness
But your love was stronger than it
There's this message and I want to send it
I had something real with you
We had problems Yeah sure
But your love was so pure
I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss you
I felt alright when I was with you
There's no girl in my mind
Other than you
You're all I ever needed
With you so heated
Warm fuzzy feeling
With my heart on a string
I'll come like a dog with a bell that rings
I see your blonde hair right
Bleached of the memory of me
Drained of the thought of me
And that's your choice
I'm lost of my voice
I remember when we used to laugh together
Nowadays we only look away
And I miss that smile
I hate that anger
And maybe I'm in denial
But there's one thing I know
Is that your moving on
And I'm giving up
I do not question whether I am happy or unhappy.
Yet there is one thing that I keep gladly in mind --
that in the great addition (their addition that I abhor)
that has so many numbers, I am not one
of the many units there. In the final sum
I have not been calculated. And this joy suffices me.
How do you know the full story if you haven't heard both sides?
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