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DrJohn Nelson Dec 2016
I'm not tired being a great friend
But I'm tired of being nothing more...
I'm not tired of being the perfect option but I'm tired of never being the perfect choice...
I'm not tired of choosing to be there for everyone but I'm tired of no one choosing to be there for me...
I'm not tired of fixing and fighting for others, and being there but I'm tired of always being alone at the end...
Im not tired of loving and giving my love but I'm tired of not having someone other than myself to love...
I'm not tired of being alone but I'm tired of not having anyone to be alone with...
I'm not tired of being strong for others for that is my gift but I'm tired of it also being my curse as well...
DrJohn Nelson Dec 2016
I write from a place within me where they are not words but dreams, dreams about a loves soft tender touch, dreams about the kiss of love, sweeter that the best honey, dreams about a smile that brighten my darkest day, dreams about the warmth of love's caress that it makes my soul warmer, dreams about a face so beautiful that mere words cannot describe it, dreams about a love so pure and strong that it transcends your life forever...
DrJohn Nelson Dec 2016
Touch me there first.

Run a fingertip along the edge of your fantasies.

Learn where the sharp, unexpected edges are and revel in the feel of each curve.

I will only let you kiss me if your lips
are so full of intention that every
brush of them feels like
you’re writing a novel on my skin.

I am a wild lover.

Love consumes me.
I will let go.
My soul boils
inside me.
My kisses
will stain your skin
My eyes
will burn your heart.
I will break you
and I will fix you.
I am addictive.
I am yours.
DrJohn Nelson Dec 2016
I want soul ***...
I need to taste your thought process
I need to hold the nakedness of your soul with my every breath...
To slowly rub my fingers along those thoughts that linger deep within the darkest recesses of your mind

I want soul ***...
I need to ache for you.
To feel the warmth of your embrace with every passing breeze...
To bathe in the fragrance of our loved soaked skin like kids in the rain

I wants soul ***...
I need to see you feel the ****** of love as your soul bits its lip in share ecstasy...
To slow jam to your moans and sighs like the sweet ballads of years past.
The euphoric high of our souls flight from beyond these mortal plains...

I want SOUL ***...
DrJohn Nelson Dec 2016
He loved her with a messy heart

He hugged her with fragile bones

He touched her with scarred hands

He kissed her with bruised lips

He whispered all of his flaws

And inhaled the possibility of

The storm they would create together

For their love could be that strong .
DrJohn Nelson Dec 2016
I crave you.
do not mistake my words, as something of lust because,
I crave not your wandering hands, but your wandering mind.

I crave not your eyes, but your eye contact,
I crave not your lips, but to watch the slight curve of them when you speak to me,
I crave not your body, but to carefully watch the way you move.
The way you talk, laugh, the frown when your sad, the way your eyes are lit when you're happy, the way you walk.
You, you drive me so crazy.

I crave you in the most innocent form.
I crave to say goodnight and give you forehead kisses and to say that I adore you when you feel at your worst.
I crave you in colours that don't exist.
I crave you in words wished and dreams sung.

I crave you in ways where showing how beautiful you are, is easier than breathing.
I crave in the spaces between your dreams and your reality that mean most to you and nothing more or less.

For a crave is a need only satisfied in the soul...
One day the looks will leave you, but I, will be able to say that I adored your mind and possibly your soul, to say that in you I looked for and saw what I could not see in myself...

— The End —