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Jul 2015 · 385
A solution
Drew Jul 2015
The doctor wrote me a prescription
after perception
“This will help”
Help? I want a cure
“Try this one”
Try? I want it to work.
"This may come with side effects”
Side effects? I’m suffering enough!

I don’t want this
hard pressed
foreign substance
with random numbers pressed in to it
and a
ritualistic need
for me take force it down my throat
twice a day
I don’t want it.
I am in need of something so much more

these pills are about sacrifices
treat this, get that
it’s *******

So I wrote my doctor a prescription
“prescribe less, help more”

No prescription ever did help
enough for me to stick to it
I would rather suffer
this pain than
experience those side effects
and feel the need that I am reliant upon
a pill to make me

so the next time I saw my doctor
I was told a short story
and by the end of it
I was laughing so hard
I forgot about my misery
Oct 2014 · 200
Drew Oct 2014
bodies age
minds dulls
eye sight fades
but long lives our souls
Drew Jan 2014
nothing makes college kids happier than
nothing rambles them up more than a friday night of drinking
a party is not complete without some herb and
hopefully a keg, maybe a 24 pack, hell even a 4 pack of
would do, if only one of those was in my fridge but all I see is a single, lonely
if only I could grow a *******
then maybe I could buy some more ice cold, refreshing
Jan 2014 · 411
A thought about thinking
Drew Jan 2014
you started thinking
that you knew everything
so you just started doing
and stopped thinking

and that is what ****** you
doing without thinking
because you thought you could
without thinking about it

but you couldn't
think about it
Jan 2014 · 925
familiar stranger
Drew Jan 2014
I love those
unspoken connections
with strangers

whether it be a simple smile
a nod of your head
or just brief eye contact

you have no idea who this person is
but on some level for just a moment
you understand them
Jan 2014 · 1.8k
Love from socks
Drew Jan 2014
it’s pathetic
how easily
I think I fall in love

a pretty girl will sit next to me in class
and I see that she is wearing
some cool socks
immediately I think
this is the chick for me
I make connections
on assumptions
about this girl
who I have no idea about
besides her cool socks
and I am happy for a moment
because of this slight potential
for love

so I study her
a band t-shirt
     I dig
skinny jeans
and a very pretty face
she doesn’t dye her hair
     always a plus for me
she is focused on her notes
and just like that
I’m in love

I start imagining
our future together
how incredible she is
her laugh
...which I haven’t heard yet
I see she has a wonderful smile
and I have so much hope
that she will like me
as much as I like her
well, what I think I like about her
based on her socks

she starts playing with her necklace
there is a heart on it
with wings
is she taken?
maybe she just got it from a family member
hopefully she did
     probably not
should I still talk to her?

I have fallen in and out
of love
in a matter of minutes
sadly enough
I’m pretty good at this
I do it almost everywhere I go
Jan 2014 · 509
Drew Jan 2014
This class is boring
you're the highlight of this hour
let’s continue this

Your shoes are groovy
your character wonderful
I’m sure there is more

You free after class?
to learn more about each other?
smoothie of coffee?
I gave this to a girl after class because we had been talking for a while. We did get coffee and she turned out to be really cool, but she moved away. :/
Jan 2014 · 1.6k
Bare Beauty
Drew Jan 2014
What is it about a woman’s naked body
that is so beautiful to me?
there is nothing complex about it
it could be described simply
nearly uniform in color
with soft curves and small dips
light shadows emphasizing
her beauty
and tan lines 
showing if she is expertly ****
or lack there of
showing delicate new nudeness
muscles showing determination
or fat showing satisfaction
and the look upon her face
that says she is proud of what she has
or a curve in her back
that shows she knows what she’s got

I could see a thousand naked ladies
and still want to see a thousand more
do that with anything else
and I’d become sick of it
there is one simple thing
that has to be fulfilled
They have to be naked
stripped of clothing, makeup,
and shyness
because those takes away from the natural beauty
the most beautiful part about
any woman
is knowing that she is happy
with her own naked body
Jan 2014 · 305
the parts of me
Drew Jan 2014
part of me
wants to see you in love
and happy

another part of me
knows you will be
knows it will not be with me

a different part
hopes this isn’t true

most of me
still wants you
while some part of me
is done

all of me
misses the fun

part of me
was left with you
and try all I want
I can never get it back
Jan 2014 · 567
Drew Jan 2014
if I would’ve known
how much a heart aches
when it finally hits the floor
after falling in love
for such a long time
I don’t know if I would’ve started

they say
for every positive
there is a negative
and from all the
days we were together
I'm spending just as many
sewing my heart back together

I know only one is feeling this
we may have shared the love
but only I am suffering the bitter hate

you picked up your next love
like he was waiting for you
I put down your heart
like it was melted on to my hands
from the long hot nights
when it was all new to us
but now
that’s old news
more time has passed than
we were together
the hot has long turned cold
with you on to you next man
and my heart finally stitched
back in to place
Dec 2013 · 278
time to wait
Drew Dec 2013
How hard it is to wait?

We do it all the
like growing a seed into a
or standing in a
you will be just
like after a glass of
and as time begins to
you will see that what you
was well worth that long
Dec 2013 · 611
New York Streets
Drew Dec 2013
subway coupon
subway coupon
subway coupon

this repetition
every hour
continuously occurring

how can these people stand this
it is not even a cycle
it is not even a broken record
it is madness
it is like a infinite knock at the door
by someone who is life dependent upon entering
and won’t give up
just knock knock knock
knock knock knocking
knock it the **** out

city bus tour
city bus tour
city bus tour

this repetition
every hour
continuously occurring

ten ******* minutes of repeating the same phrase
over and over would drive me nuts
I have no idea to how there are those people
who stand outside all day
holding a sign
dressed in a gold suit and hat
waving to every other car
that drives by
and tipping his hat to the rest
the people must be insane
these people are insane
insane, insane, insane I tell ya
they drive me insane
by thinking that they do this every day
they are in desperate need

spare some change
spare some change
spare some change

this repetition
every hour
continuously occurring

there’s no challenge
there’s no difference
it is depressing to think that they sunk to that level
for a ****** wage
these people need help
more than help finding a new job
but psychological help
either they are so mentally strong they can handle it
or so mentally disturbed they know nothing but
how to pass out flyers, hold a sign or a cup

subway coupons
city bus tour
spare some change


spare me the sadness
of having to hear you
more than once as I walk by

spare me the sadness
of knowing you do this every day
and will continue to every day

spare me the sadness
of thinking that some people
need to do that to make money

do I have to repeat myself?
Dec 2013 · 833
unknown variable
Drew Dec 2013
I didn’t see it
but she saw it
it caused our end
it broke my heart
I couldn't see it coming
yet, she pointed it out
I refused to acknowledge it
she choose not to emphasize it
it was inevitable
it came
it happened

I can’t define what it was
it tore up my heart
and it did not do me well
I could not escape it

I cried about it
I moped about it
I dreamt about it
I talked about it
with her and without
even after it was all over
and with how much it
changed me, effected me
I still can’t define it
**** it.
Dec 2013 · 425
Drew Dec 2013
You left me with no one to call dad
I can only say he was or I
A life not taken but thrown away,
I don’t remember your last words to me
You half assed your good bye
You had two sons
not one
were your minutes that limited? or just in the
wrong place?
Was I not your mini me?
same hair, same eyes
What else do we, did we share?
I don’t know
I won’t know

— The End —