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Dred Erive Nov 2015
Come, child, let us play,
Let us feel the the world together.
Let me be your friend.
Forget about them.
Their mean words hurt?
Yes, that's why I'm here, child.
To ease the pain.
To release the anger.
To them, who always hurt you,
Where was mom anyway?
Oh, there she is.
Screaming with dad as always.
Something new?
Leave them, child, and come with me.
We won't be far.
Just near, by the river,
With no one but the two of us.
Child, come, let us jump.
No, it won't be long.
Come, child, you'll see.
Something darker than usual. I just want to touch the side of suicide and depression. In how depression really sinks in the minds and actions of many of us today.
“Crazy isn't being broken or swallowing a dark secret. It's you or me amplified. If you ever told a lie and enjoyed it. If you ever wished you could be a child forever.”
― Susanna Kaysen, Girl, Interrupted
Dred Erive Nov 2015
I can't seem to do it.
Can I take a breather?
Should I move closer?
Do my eyes bother?
Nervous as I am,
I'll try, okay?
Here we go..
Am I being ridiculous?
I don't know what to do.
I'm lost in your eyes.
Can I move closer?
So I can hear your heartbeat.
Yes-- this seems better, dear.
Love, I couldn't say it out loud.
What? Closer?
Here, any better?
Because you just got me bad.
Dred Erive Sep 2015
The best of her were merely
Her worst was the very thing
It fell for.
She paints with her heart,
While It writes from its mind.
It loves with its heart,
Yet she loves with her mind.
This girl who took a chance,
The soft touch
Which melt the beast away;
Wondering if this is real.
Wondering if she should stay.
Whether or not to stay away.
From the beast that had swayed
To her side.
For the beast had been tamed.
For the beast had fallen.
Dred Erive Aug 2015
Where would you be
In the next ten years?
In the arms of another?
Or the arms of your lover?

Are you well off the days
going through the maze
of the world painfully
to be reminded shamefully

Of your past mistakes
your shameful response
to that one person
there was no pardon

Lost as we seem
Can't we see ourselves?
In the arms of our enemy.
Shamefully, painfully
Reminded of the past wars
To see as clear as day
That there was nothing to say
But it didn't matter now anyway.
Dred Erive Aug 2015
Do I deserve to be happy?
The constant reminder of my failure
Makes it less than so.
Do I?*
The question seems to arose
More boldly than the word
Did I?
Memories make it certain
That the answer
So it seems to be.
Will I?
I look at another
To see myself smile again.
Is she?
Dred Erive Aug 2015
The thing I love most in life,
Started with a thought;
Where everything seems lost,
but eventually,
You'll smile
As you think,
It was surely worth my while.

We lost it,
But found another.
We had it,
But we gave up.
Was it really it then?
When we both threw it away,
Was it really it?
Or it had lost its meaning?
Is it really me? Or is it all you?
No more answers, just questions.
No more decisions, just routines.
No more us, just... Memories
Moving forward step by step
  Aug 2015 Dred Erive
Justin S Wampler
Saying goodbye was only the beginning
of a whole new world of hellos.
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