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TazDaManiac Sep 16
The Attention that you seek...

Is the same Attention you are running from...

The fountain that you neglect...

Is the very fountain from which passion pours from

The path you pass on

Is the same path that possesses your destiny

We are all wandering on a quest for "It"

Do not be so quick to turn

"It" is in front of you
TazDaManiac Aug 28
Something's coming!!


nothing in sight
insane insights always trouble me

somewhere inside this hectic mess
exists profound enlightenment
TazDaManiac Aug 23
It is invisible
but ever present
and ever assertive
your treasure on the other side
your new on the other side
but the wall is content with your old
and will force you to be too
The harder you struggle
The harder it fastens its obstinate grasp
to your soul & the dreams tied to it
TazDaManiac Aug 23
I've seen what could be

And what nothing is

I know what it is like

To be in the center of the void


Outside of it all...
TazDaManiac Aug 20
Here again
A blank mind
A blank page
But an open mind
Can open doors
For new words
new expressions
Must learn to use the empty space
To create within the void
An open mind
A bold heart
The true liberators
TazDaManiac Aug 19
I sit in the chair
The Doctor looks at me
She says nothing...
She injects the serum into my brain

I can hear them
I can smell them
I can see them

The memories leaking out
I hope they weren't important
The Doctor sings the lullaby into my ear
I wake up...
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