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21.3k · May 2014
Ms. Pencil
Dreamer May 2014
There she goes,
dressed in yellow
wearing a gaudy red cap.
Standing tall,
standing proud,
high on her shiny black heels.
She steps onto that lacquered white floor
As the girls around her
stifle with silent envy.
She leaves her elegant trail
everywhere she goes


She broke her little heel.
(Written in 4th Grade)
19.5k · Apr 2015
Of Grace and Beauty: Dance
Dreamer Apr 2015
The crowd fades away
As chords in every melody
Rings in our ears,
And shivers downs in our body
It vibrates in every muscle
A musical fusion
Almost everything didn’t matter
It’s you, me and the beating rhythm
The graceful posture
The sway of every gesture
It’s a motion adventure.

Feeling the adrenaline pulsing through
Pervading the entity
Beating rhythm pounding, it electrifies the body
into graceful art, emancipating the sound of the music
Captivating the mind, liberating the young, reckless soul
covertly hidden inside an indifferent exterior

A freeing beauty
of movement to the rhythm
A therapy to the mind and body.
Dancing to the music,
feeling every tune
every beat
every breath of every movement,
with Explosions of Euphoria
how about that! :) I'm so proud of us, we did it! I'm having that totally awesome post-poem feeling you know? So incredibly honored to be working with you, dear Pax :) We did a fantastic job, woot woot! (((hug))))
7.3k · Apr 2015
Desire & Longing
Dreamer Apr 2015
if you truly want something,
your heart will chase after it.
6.5k · Apr 2015
Dreamer Apr 2015
It is both, a gift, and a burden
to feel everything
oh so deeply
You know who you are.

This sort of gift allows us to see beyond what mother nature allows us to see, to perceive what others cannot, to hear what other's can't hear, and to FEEL, what other's can't feel. We are beyond feeling, we are beyond words. This is why, we are called 'artists', we are the reason for art.
5.9k · Mar 2015
Dreamer Mar 2015
Dreams are imaginations that set you free
Dreams are the stuff that emancipate fettered hearts,
meandering absentmindedly

Dreams give hope and last till infinity
Dreams are a rope to cling on to sanity
For when the world hast been tarnished and depraved
dreams are but a cascadence and showers of grace
washing you gently ashore,
into another chimerical world
in which is only soon to fade
4.5k · Mar 2015
Dreamer Mar 2015
Keep wishing for a miracle,
and you'll get nothing short of that
I just needed something more uplifting,
something optimistic in my life,
I think I found it in you.

This is an extremely simple poem,
but i really needed it, I hope you understand :)
4.2k · Mar 2015
Dreamer Mar 2015
She creeps quietly
into the dim lights of the city
inundating gentle delicate thoughts
into a deluged gray haze,
lingering vacantly in fragile minds,
and drifts over towns like an overcast of curtains
like a nebulous blanket
for she leaves with an air of mystery
on little silent cat feet
Fog comes and goes as she pleases,
on silent cat feet

I hope the weather here get's better,
it's been raining nonstop for two weeks! It's so depressing outside :(
3.0k · Feb 2015
The Mind is Never Silent
Dreamer Feb 2015
But the silence speak louder than words.
Sometimes, the silence screams.
2.9k · Jan 2015
Beautiful Smiles
Dreamer Jan 2015
The most broken people
always have the most beautiful smiles
those who are the saddest, always have the kindest hearts, the most kindred means. Those who are the saddest, always have the most to offer. Embrace the beauty in which we call melancholy.
2.5k · May 2014
Hot Cocoa
Dreamer May 2014
Hot cocoa,
so saccharine,
so sweet,
Warm me through the bitterest winter,
the iciest claw of the wind

Hot cocoa,
melting on tasteless tongues
warming my tiny, gelid hands
You trickle and run down numb throats
leaving milky, brown streaks
on colorless lips

Hot cocoa,
rolling and tumbling in nippy stomaches
as my belly rumbles and thunders for more
Written in 4th grade! :)
1.9k · May 2014
Dreamer May 2014
Blue is the color of the baby sky,
fluffy clouds meandering the limitless heavens
Blue is the smell of the salty salty ocean;
the deep mystery alive with overflowing lost souls.
Blue is the whimsical whisper of the ocean’s song,
caressing the heart, pacifying the mind.
Blue is where cerulean skies
conjoin with caressing crisp breezes,
as I listen to the roaring debris of the surf.
Blue is the sight of purple waves
crashing gently against each other,
stretching afar
with no limits, no boundaries.
Soft fingers curl around jagged rocks,
whispering traces of blue.
Blue is the marvels of wondrous possibilities
etched by the sea;
It’s cascading waves marking time,
washing emotions onto the shore.
Blue is the feeling of eternal faith and fidelity;
candor eyes speaking your soul, seeing blue.
Wash me away, wash me away,
for I have yet spilled my thoughts and then my mind,
into the perpetual mystic heart of blue.
1.8k · May 2014
The Name Alice
Dreamer May 2014
(Written in 8th Grade)

As I grew up along-side of memories, I realized that my name grew with me; shaping and morphing itself into who I am today. But wouldn’t it be fun to not be me for a single day? Not have the name, Alice? I could be someone smiling bright, maybe Melina. Or might I try on the name Jessie. Nah, too laid back and chill; so I take the name off and put it back on it’s hanger. I could be haughty and proud, with my nose in the air; I could be a Penelope. I window-shop for more names, browsing among all the different personalities. Fern seems fun, friendly and cordial. Or I might stick around and act as a Sam. Boyish? Aw yeah. Just maybe not for me. I’ll be Stella, all book-sharp for a day or I could be a Chloé, exotic and beautiful. Or switch my style into the retro girly Natalie. What would it be, to have the name Katie, just for a day? Zoey, Liana, Stacy, Diane. Isabelle, Marilyn, Delia, Hannah. Maybe give my name an exotic twist, Alyssa? After trying on names of all kind, some just weren’t for me. Too ‘krazy’? Shy? Ecstatic? Cool? Like a huge circus parade with different costumes, the loud gaudy colors blinding me. Like all the different shoes at Aldo’s; sky-high heels, wedges, sandals, boots. I slip out the shoes, I peel off the names. Because for now, I’d like to stay in my own skin; as a plain old Alice.
1.6k · Mar 2015
Dreamer Mar 2015
Where you can perfect the art of being
absolutely and ridiculously lazy.

I mean, is it not? ;)
1.4k · Mar 2015
The People.
Dreamer Mar 2015
Ignorant are the people,
who brush off the most sincerest of hellos
or the genuine gratitude of someone else.

Apathetic are the people,
who has seen yet have not done.
Witnessing so much
yet reluctant to take action.

Cowardly are the people,
who inundate their catharsis
on the well being of someone else.
A life so useless they find joy
only in the torturing of others;
spending futile days
living as sad, pathetic sadists.

And myopic are the kind,
for they are clearly aware of what’s bad for them
yet they are too blind to listen to their heads
only to follow their hearts.
stupid hearts.
Sorry, this poem is rather pessimistic but
I just had to channel some candid thoughts
#i thought you should know
1.3k · Mar 2015
Let Beauty Shine Through
Dreamer Mar 2015
Your beauty shines especially when you help those around you,
I can see your inner light shine brightest
when you are standing dearly beside him,
and let him know that you will always be there.
Let him know that you will stand by him
even at times when he's given up.
Let your beauty free, let your beauty roam,
Let your beauty shine through,
for I know that you're beautiful.
You know who you are. ;)
Not really a poem, but I think it does the job! Best of luck, dearest. I know you will do great! <3 ((((hug)))))
1.1k · Mar 2015
Glass Walls
Dreamer Mar 2015
I once had
my sweet little girl ask me...

          Yes dear?
Is the little man in the snow-globe, is he happy?

She looked up at me with bright blue eyes,
eyes so deep they were bottomless oceans.
I could stare into them forever.
I took my rough, calloused hands that were sanded with age,
into the gentle palm of her own.
"How could I ever tell her?" he thought
with a gaze so lovingly at her.  
Clutching the snow-globe ever so tightly,
she shook it twice so that light, beautiful snow-flakes
gush in all directions, inundating the glass city..
I smiled, and told my darling:
                                     Don't worry sweetheart,
                           it is only trapped in a perfect world.

                                She didn't seem to understand.
1.1k · Mar 2015
Beautifully Broken
Dreamer Mar 2015
The black of mascara
creates a stark contrast
among a beautiful, perfect face,
while her heart is devoid
yet consumed within.
She sits in a dark lone corner
gently sobbing with feeble fingers
folding over ashen lips,
where no light can reach her
no touch can near her
and wan lips whispering silently
into the echoing of empty long halls,

*"I only wished to have someone love me..
as much as I loved him..."
1.0k · Mar 2015
Unbroken Windows
Dreamer Mar 2015
What we need to do now, perhaps,
is learn to look at each other
through unbroken windows.

I wonder what it would feel like
to rid,
of my own body,
and travel hovering around in my soul,
to see myself through the eyes of someone else.

I wonder how others perceive me,
I wonder how they see me now,
as opposed to how they would see me
in a world of unbroken windows
Just some thoughts, probably going to edit it later
962 · Jan 2015
Dreamer Jan 2015
You put your feeble fingers
on the small of my back, just like that..
and In that instance,
I completely forgot your name.
I forgot where I was,
who i am,
and what to say.
I looked over to you
and the sun was beaming on your face
the tips and edges of your hair glowed brown
almost like an ombre halo.
In that instant, all I could think was
"god, he's so hot."
All I could think of was
"ben.. ben.. ben..."
and your name pounding through my mind
like an unbroken incantation.
This is for a boy who I loved, who never had the nerve to love me back
911 · Jan 2015
Dreamer Jan 2015
You're the first thing on my mind to wake up
and the last thing when I go to bed
907 · Mar 2015
Insidious Nightmares
Dreamer Mar 2015
Insomnia is an insidious thing.
It creeps into your mind,
twisting and curling crooked fingers around dark branches of the brain
altering, deforming your thoughts
its such a simple thing! Sleep is only but essential!
yet it haunts you every night
only to wake up again into the exact same nightmare.
Not yet finished, a work in progress! :)
Just wanted to get some thoughts down
895 · Jan 2015
Dreamer Jan 2015
Skin on fire
Eyes ablaze
Sparks igniting
scarlet in the night.

Sins melted in lava
The light hurts
when you've been lost
in the dark

widen your gaze
and find your path.
This choatic menace
is just another dire fervor.

ethereal flames
inundating your soul

Ignite! oh ignite!
From the smokey abyss I will rise.
Tranquility found at the surface
where the sun enlightens the blinded
Destinies renewed
Hearts imbued by the warmth of the Golden light
shimmering above

tickling on your skin,
blazing in your heart.

See it glow,
for it is passionate,
it is undying.

It is Inferno.
My first collab ever with the amazing, Jamie King! I would like to genuinely thank him,  Check him out, he's the best!
891 · Apr 2015
For the Charmed Gentlemen:
Dreamer Apr 2015
"I prefer my men like my coffee;
strong, dark, and smooth."
789 · May 2014
Just Like Her.
Dreamer May 2014
I always wanted to be that girl, the girl with the long locks with tips that curled, locks that tumbled down her shoulders in a sea of strawberry blonde. That girl who had a shock of Caribbean blue eyes, and you could get lost staring into them. Her face was the equal of any storybook princess. I always wanted to be that girl who sauntered down the hall with all eyes on her, her fragrant of zest and lemons pervading the room. The girl all of the guys chased after, and stood in that same invidious position that aroused envy in the coveting eyes of others. The report card brought home was a chain of straight A’s and her parent’s never had disappointment scrawled across their beaming faces (so unlike mine). She wore her smile like she wore bracelets on her wrist and gained the adoration of teachers since second grade. Oh, how I wish I was that girl. How I wish I was just like her.
But no, reality defeated me. I was always the kid who sat in the very back of the class, her head swimming with thoughts that could never be true. I walked alone, among a whole ’nother world that belonged of my own. I sat at my desk, eyes staring out blankly with one hand under my chin, and was soon lost in a sea of my own imagination. My innocence was palpable, evident in every move; all I thought about was the marvels of the wondrous possibilities. A tall chair that manifested out of thin air, I kindly took a seat and surveyed everything that traversed across keen eyes. The world beamed radiantly upon me and everybody would soon know the  covert talents I obtain. Nobody knew my fervor in the arts, nor were they aware of my sumptuous world. All I’ve ever been was the ‘quiet girl in the back’, but they don’t know the thoughts that swam in my mind.
Friends tell me ‘Get your oblivious head out of that world and into the stupid game called reality.’ Mom says, ‘You can’t find your socks in the sock drawer.’ Lil’ Bro goes, ‘You didn’t save me that cookie!’ Then Dad hollers, ‘Alice Wake Up!’ every morning.
I was never the perfect daughter, ideal sister, teacher’s pet, and I wake up late on mornings but I’m still testing out my wings and one day I’ll be able to fly. I’ll make sure of it. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m working on it and someday I’ll exceed her, being the closest thing to perfection you can get. I need to stop saying ‘one day’ and start saying ‘I will.’
I’m not who y’all think I am; just some crazy girl with a crazy imagination. Dreaming is your first baby step, and if you can’t dream, where else can you begin? Still, I wonder when my innocence will be shattered; maybe it already has. Until then, I’m still endeavoring to become just like her.
(Written in 8th grade)
755 · Jan 2015
The Mind is Dark
Dreamer Jan 2015
Buried secrets,
take on terrifying new tolls
754 · Mar 2015
But When I Wake.
Dreamer Mar 2015
The bed is only half empty,
it is not half full.
as i clutch the wrinkled bed sheets
beneath my tiny balled up fists.
Black mascara staining my tears
that run down cold cheeks,
cold from not having been touched by your lips
cold from waking up
only to find you gone.
This was written a while back, but I hardly had any minor changes. It's funny how nothing really ever happens and your imagination becomes so delusional that we're able to transfer it onto paper where as it becomes amazing works of art!
717 · Apr 2015
Love like a Princess
Dreamer Apr 2015
walked on broken glass
let a whole lifetime pass
fell in love with a hideous beast
vowed her marriage to a common thief
ventured on land above
Snow White
barely escaped the knife

Because bearing a life of LOVE
**means overcoming all aspects of strife
Dreamer May 2014
Has tall tales
that the mirror so precisely reveals
Reminding us
of the things we’ve done
the people we loved

When I look into the mirror,
I somehow
still see my childhood self
that carefree little girl
who painted the skies blue
and didn’t have to worry
about eating that last piece of chocolate
The kid who sat
in the very back of the class,
her head
swimming with thoughts
that could never be true.

I walked alone,
among a whole ’nother world
that belonged of my own.

I sat at my desk,
eyes staring out blankly with
one hand under my chin,
and was soon lost in
a sea of my own imagination.

My innocence was palpable,
evident in every move;
all I thought about was the marvels
of the wondrous possibilities.
A tall chair that
manifested out of thin air,
I kindly took a seat
and surveyed everything
that traversed across keen eyes.
The world beamed
radiantly upon me
and everybody would be aware of my sumptuous world.
I was that kid
who returned shy whispers and smiles
from across classroom aisles

Now i sit across from you
because I don’t recognize my reflection
all I see is a product of
society’s deception
and wonder,

you’ve changed.

never seemed to understand
that fleeting moments still
gather in the end
and the only regret is having regrets

I have no words to further explain
how absurd life is
how funny time is

who are we, to imagine ourselves
as being so high and mighty
when it is the
children so small
who can see thousands of things
men can’t see at all

so I smile,
a genuine, happy smile.

Because nothing has changed
yet everything
has changed.
601 · Jan 2015
Isn't it ironic
Dreamer Jan 2015
we love the ones who we can't have
and hurt the ones that do.
2 lines
573 · Apr 2015
Dreamer Apr 2015
Where are you
when I need you most.
I always listen to other peoples problems,
always comforting
always giving.
giving. giving. giving.
but when I need someone to listen to mines..
where are you.
I have no one.
Do you know how restless I become?
        you dont'.
Do you know how many sleepless nights,
how many prayer's I've sent for you?
       you don't.
Do you know how exhausting it is,
giving up ALL of yours, to save someone else's?
       you don't.
517 · Jan 2015
No Way Out
Dreamer Jan 2015
I can't sleep. I can't sleep.
I can't sleep. I can't sleep.
All I can think about is you.
My broken heart is whispering to me,
this was not how it was suppose to be
I don't know if I'm ready
but I keep falling and falling
head over heels
into a world in which they call love.
And I have no way out.
Will you come and save me now.
486 · Jan 2015
Dreamer Jan 2015
Yeah I borrowed it.
Stole it.
Temporarily misappropriated it.

(to be further edited)
443 · Mar 2015
Dreamer Mar 2015
There was once a mentor
whom I dearly admired
I told him the darkest inner-workings of my mind
he listened gently with good intent
and last I said,
"There is no one in this world
who is going to give a **** about yourself,
There is no one in this world
who will genuinely take on the role
of make-believing your hero,
pretending to be everything,
that you truly wanted.
I've come to realize,
no one gives. a. ****.
I am going to be my own savior."
I let a genuine smile reach my lips

he remained speechless
the silence and tension was palpable,
seemingly endless

Slowly, he looked up.

he stared hard into my glassy eyes
held my gaze firmly,
as I struggled to keep mines

my own savior?

"That's impossible", he replied

There was a quiver of my lower lip
a collapse in my chest

I could feel myself shattered.

With trembling hands
I reached out and asked the question I so constantly asked
and yet never dared ask,

Venting, yet again.
443 · Jan 2015
Dreamer Jan 2015
I look you deep in the eyes
and whisper beside your ear
that sends shivers down your spine,
you're so beautiful...
Then cup your face and kiss you
on those perfect lips
421 · Jan 2015
Your Embrace
Dreamer Jan 2015
Each time I catch you glancing at me from across the halls
i smile and run to you
you embrace me in a hug
gentle but firm
and i don't ever want to let go.
I just want this moment to freeze
and there is no one else but the two of us
and may it forever remain this way
384 · Jan 2015
Dreamer Jan 2015
Everyone says she has the perfect lips
those cheekbones
and the eyes that slightly flare up
like a cat-eye.
but why can't she see it
why why why why
299 · Jan 2015
I can't say it
Dreamer Jan 2015
I don't know what it is,
I don't know what we are.
Head is spinning,
drying tears,
so confused.
Why do you curl your fingers
around my waist
skin on skin
bare at the pool.
Why do you lie next to me,
my head on your chest
If you dont... I can't eve say it.
283 · Jan 2015
Dreamer Jan 2015
I can't say I love you..
I'm so scared of falling in love,
getting my fragile heart broken all over again
but I'm going to love you like I've never been hurt before
244 · Jan 2015
Dreamer Jan 2015
You need someone to wrap their arms
tightly around you
never let go
and just look up at the stars each night.
I turned my head away
so you wouldn't see those
flushed cheeks
rosy smile
and silently hoped you don't notice
how absolutely happy
you make me

— The End —