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dreambeliever Jul 2014
I see you everywhere.
Colorblind to my surrounds,
You're more vivid than this world.

The colors, they are so brilliant,
In this life of black and white
But then I saw you in a different shade of light.

You kept it all to yourself,
took it all away from me.
I asked you to color in my world,
so you turned it all gray.

You took it all away from me.
You never wanted me to see the colors.
You thought seeing more would open my eyes.
You thought I would find meaning past you.

So I watch the seasons go by,
unaware of the abundance of time passing by.
Oblivious to the Summer radiance, the serenity in the Fall.
The delicacy of Winter, and the vigor in Spring.

I watch the winds fly by over the water, just another shade of gray and white.
Unmindful of the chill in the air.
A lifeless world.
Because you never wanted to share it with me.
dreambeliever Jul 2014
The pulse in my veins,
it trickles down
With every beat of a heart.
Keeping in harmony
Until it all just sounds a little more scattered
Until it falls into turmoil

You're changing the paths,
and out of the norm we go.
Losing our way,
Never looking for our way back.

My temper, it's rising.
Frustrated, distressed.
The pulse is getting stronger.
The heat in my body pulling me further from familiarity.

You make me lost.
Why do you let me go?
How did we get here?
Can we ever make it back now?

No, no. I'm never coming back again.
dreambeliever Jul 2014
You're a fatal poison,
A repentant temptation
Lethal to my instincts,
Compelling to my greatest desires.

I'm sick at your touch,
I'm sick at your taste,
but without it, I go hungry.
This life, I can't endure without you

Why do you have to be so cruel?
You're making me go mad
Why do you entice me?
I can't get you out of my head

Fire or passion?
Love or hate?
All I'm seeing is red.
Disillusioned by your charm,
And there's no way out of this.
There's no way out of your bed.
dreambeliever Jul 2014
It's a beautiful world
When you can see the beauty.
It's a beautiful life
When you see past the *******.

So pick your head up,
And look around you.
This is right now,
And you're never going to get it back again.

What do you get out of looking down?
Why shut your eyes?
What are you looking at when you can't really see?

You give away too much,
You give it all away now.
And when someone comes searching for it,
You'll have nothing left to show.

So take a look.
Open up your eyes.
And realize you still have something.
Understand that beauty will always be there,
As long as you are looking for it.

Give them all something to find,
Than they will never make you feel blind.
dreambeliever Jul 2014
Shame on you
For dragging me down this empty road.
Shame on me
For getting on the ground.

You used to drive me,
And now I'm on empty.
Now all you do is drive me away,
But I've got nothing left to get me there.

This power, it runs me.
But the miles are wearing me down.
Looking for a way out,
But only finding myself looking for the hand that pulls me.

You have this energy,
Peaceful yet spiteful.
You use it against me,
You know when to use them.
Knowing which way I'm trying to turn.

So now I've lost my drive.
I let go of the wheel.
Heading off course,
Heading towards a crash I can see coming.
But I never stopped pushing the gas.

The shame, it's all mine.
Down to the ground again.
Down to the ground.
dreambeliever Jul 2014
Ask me about the first day,
And I'll let you know.
Ask me about the last day.
Just try asking.

I watched.
I watched it all.
Because I feel the pain in everything.

And I drank it all away,
I thought I was waterproof.
And I let it all go to flames.
Though, I knew I wasn't fireproof.

Life on edge is no longer for the thrill.
No need to ask me twice.
Life on edge is no longer a risk.
No need to ask at all.

**** me before you thrill me,
I can't take anymore.
**** me before you thrill me,
I can't love you anymore.
dreambeliever Jul 2014
You kiss me while I’m down,
Kick me while I’m still standing.
You’ve got it all backwards,
You’re turning me upside down.

What do I have to do to stand upright?
Thinking on my feet is useless
When all the blood is rushing to my head.
So I keep my eyes on the ground, and I go on.

Legs to the clouds,
Head underground.
None of this makes sense.
None of this is ordinary.

Time is of no essence when you’re always looking down.
Never back, never forward, never right now.
You believe in your own perceptions,
And I am only what I can see from here.
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