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Jamie Nov 1
There is a restlessness inside of my body
The rumbling of an uneasy tide against the shoreline
I gasp for air and although my lungs are already full I am greedy
Searching for the road that leads to you
Because I am stuck here,
Restless and uneasy
Wanting to just breathe the same air as you
Jamie Sep 14
I haven't felt my heart beat in a very long time
So long that cobwebs filled the space
A stillness stirred inside my ribcage

Until one night where your eyes met mine, again
And the world became full of color
My cheeks were flushed and a warmth radiated out of my fingertips

A low pitter-patter made its way to my eardrums
My heart was beating;
Butterfly wings kissed the inside of my stomach

And I was sure that I felt alive again,

I haven't felt this way in a very long time
Jamie Apr 6
I dream of angels but I live with demons
A hell that is construed within my home
And a heaven full of wishful thinking
Jamie Oct 2018
Hello, world
It's me again
And I know I'm pretty insignificant
But I'm feeling numb again

And I was wondering if you could
Just stop spinning so fast
Because a girl has to catch her breath

The seas are crashing
My head is exploding
The grass is still growing

But my fingertips are cold
I feel absolutely nothing
Jamie Sep 2018
I have become a shell of myself
And I am in the process of
Following my footsteps--
Tracing back to the days where
I considered myself free
And dark
And when all that was okay
Because all of this fake sunshine
Has my skin sunburnt and raw
Jamie Mar 2018
My body is numb
Crushed up glaciers bob up and down my blackened blood
Leaving a stillness within my veins
A coldness that never was --

But I feel that there is a melting point,
A fire inside me, an ember beneath my ribcage

An overflow of nothingness and all at once,

had a first ever mini-stroke recently. was probably the most terrifying experience I've ever had. good news on the horizon but this just really shook my bones. tired of hospitals.
Jamie Nov 2017
11 o'clock
Is when my body decides to unravel itself
From the stress of the day's
Should I's
Will I's
Maybe tomorrow's
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